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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES, FRIDAY, QCTOBER 25, A Bit Of History About Early Settlers By B. P. M. MacPHIRSON LIWIS AND JANR (DILL) LEWIS In 1779-80 Lewis Lewis, the husband of Jane (3) Dill, was assessed for taxes in Huntington Huntington Township, York (now Adams) Adams) County, Pennsylvania, and was assessed continually -- until 1784. The last year he is simply listed with having eight inhabitants in bis household. household. However, in 1790, his youngest youngest child, David Lewis, was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Soon afterwards Lewis Lewis died -a -a resident of what is now Mifflin Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. In 1897 Margaret Lewis Fox wrote of her ancestor: "Grandfather "Grandfather Lewis Lewis was a Welshman Welshman and was born and reared in Wales. He moved to America long before the Revolutionary War and t think he settled in Virginia -- at least I often heard my father, Thomas (4) Lewis, tell of going to market with his aunt in Virginia at daylight and being gone all day in town with her market stuff, and grand mother. "Father (Thomas [4] Lewis) was born the day of the Battle of Long Island in 1776. I often heard him tell that, and that there were 10 children. Two died when quite small. My grand' mother was Jane Dill (a daughter daughter of Thomas [2] and Mary Dill). She was just a baby when net father died, and_ she (Jane IS) Dil] Lewis) named my f» ther, Thomas (4) Lewis, for him. Sometime later, Mary Dill married, for her second husband, husband, Caleb Beals. RODE HORSE AT 90 "A great-great granddaughter granddaughter of Lewis and Jane (3) Pill Lewis tells us that Jane Dill Lewis-Leathers -- Stereny at the age, of ninety years rode horseback, attended by her old colored woman, from Centre County, Pennsylvania, to Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, to see her son, Jacob (4) Lewis, and then rode back. When she arrived,, unan nounced at Louisville, her son, Jacob Lewis, was walking down the street. He glanced at the old lady on horseback, but, not having seen he for many years, exclaimed, however, 'I believe that is my mother.' As a young woman she travelled all over the countryside hi Pennsylvania Pennsylvania with her handsome silk- stockinged husband while he was general surveyor for the Penns prior to the Revolution. He went to Oxford and his per- sonal articles brought back, with dim were marked with the Lew* is Crest. He, Lewis Lewis, is said to have been a-close kinsman kinsman of George Washington." Issue of Lewis and Jane (3) Dill Lewi*: (All -children probably born in York and Cumberland Counties. Counties. Pennsylvania.) 1. Jacob (4) Lewis -- born September 13, 1857. 2. Sarah (4) Lewis -- born probably, J774-75 (no further data). · · 3. Thomas (4) Lewis -- born August 2T, 1776 -- the day of the Battle'of Long Island. 4. 4. Lewis'(4) Lewis -- June -- born'probably in York County about 1778 -- died in 1862 -- married married about ,1814 , Phebe DaVis (born 1795 -- died September 1, 1837) daughter of William Jr. and Mary (Marricki Davis. 5. Caleb (4) Lewis -- born about 1760 -- died unmarried soon after 1815. 6. Guyon f4) Lewis -- bora about 1785. ' , 7. Infant (4) Lewis -- died unmarried. unmarried. 8. Infant (4) Lewis --· died unmarried. unmarried. , 9. Henry (4) Lewis -- born at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in 1789 -- died at Vicksburg, Mississippi, Mississippi, May 29, 1844. Married first to _'_ .(? Nicholson, at Louis ville,'Kentucky. Married for the second time -- about 1840 -- to Mrs. Emily Harriet (B o r a d n a x) Lundie f born Spetember 20,1810 -- died (Political Advertisement) A NEW FACE for REGISTER a RECORDER OF ADAMS COUNTY GeorgeW.Taughinbaugh of Straban Township EXPERIENCED, QUALIFIED General Election--November 5, 1S63 April 9, 1833); widow of James Macklin Lundie. 10. Donald (4) Lewis --' born Carlisle, Pennsylvania, May 4, 1790. John (2) Dill, the youngest son of Captain Mattheyv (1) Dill, the pioneer member of the Dill family in America, was probably born about 1735 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Like his brother,, Thomas (2) Dill, he died in early manhood (about September 1766), leaving leaving a wife and four children. He, (John 12] Dill) married, about 1734 (?) Wilson. His* wife died before December 6, 1769. She was a daughter of Henry Wilson, of Monaghan Township, York County, Pennsylvania. It is quite possible that John (2) Dill married, for the second time, September 21, 1764, Elizabeth Elizabeth Wilson, the sister of his first wife. Issue of John (2)-and -- (?) (Wilson) Dill: 1. Mary (3) Dill -- born about 1755 -- married before July 1, 1774, to Abraham Williams. 2. Jennet (3) Dill -- born about 1757 -- was married before July July 12, 1783, to Andrew William. 3. Agnes Ann (3) Dill -- born about 1759-60 -- was married before July 12, 1763, to Robert Cunningham. 47 Jane (3) Dill -- born about 1762 at nisburg, Pennsylvania -- died April 7, 1802 -- buried in the Ashland Cemetery, Atlanta, Atlanta, Go. She married about July 1783, Dr. Joseph Thompson (born 1760 died July 1, 1802.) Mary (2) Dill, daughter of Captain Matthew (1) and Mary Dill, married Richard McAllister, McAllister, the second son of Archibald McAllister, on F e b r u a r y 23, 1748. Apparently for a number of years they lived in Cumberland Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. In 1764, however, Richard McAllister McAllister took title to a large tract of land, on which he proposed to build a town. He moved his family family to this site and opened a tav era and general store. This settlement settlement later became thetown of Hanover. Of Ann (2) Dill and Sarah (2) Dill, the two youngest daugb ters of Captain Matthew (1) and Mary Dill -- but little is known of Nancy (3) Dill who marriec John Sharp and came to York Pennsylvania, soon after her mother's death, asking for "an accounting of her father'* estate," estate," from her stepfather, who claimed that he had nothing belonging to the Dill children. seemed recalcitrant to the tourt. - · On November 30, 1758, Sarah (2) Dill, aged-15 years, came nto Court and asked that Matthew (2) Dill, her brother, be appointed her guardian -- during during 'her minority. It is thought that her mother, Mary Dill, just died. " Several months later the ourt stated that Mary Dill, widow of Matthew (1) Dill, died. 5. Matthew 2) Dill, son of Captain Matthew (1) Dill 'and Mary Dill, was born, probably near Monaghan, Ireland, in 1726 and died April 10, 1812. He married (first) Jane * Brackon, the daughter of the Emigrant Brackon and sister of bis nephew-in-law, nephew-in-law, James Brackon. Colonel Matthew (2) Dill, is buried beside his second in Lower Marsh Creek Church yard, was the third son of tain Matthew (1) Dill and was known during his father's Retime Retime as "Matthew the younger." younger." He spent most oi his life in what is now York County, Pennsylvania, in the neighbor* hood of Dillsburg. However, in his later days he moved to Millerstown '(now Fairfield), in what is now Adams County, Pennsylvania. His first wife, who was the mother of his twelve children, was Jane Brackon. The children children were: Matthew (3), James (3), John (3), Thomas (3), Armstrong (3), Jean (3) Mary (3) Martha (3) Nancy (3), Abigail (3), George (3) and Elizabeth (3) Dill. Small wonder that the first Mrs. Matthew Dill died at a comparatively early age. To bear and rear a family of on the frontier, without medical assistance, was no small feat The majority of first wives filled early graves. Jane (brack- on) Dill is probably buried with other members of her family in old Christ Episcopal Church yard, near York Springs, this County- These notes on the Dill fam ily will be continued in this column next week ADVERTISE IN THE TIMES

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The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)25 Oct 1963, FriPage 10
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