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fort wayne 2/23/1916 - 12 .rn - LL - tiLU" - Wi ENGINEERS ARE KILLED...
12 .rn - LL - tiLU" - Wi ENGINEERS ARE KILLED 'DEMOCRATIC AND FIREMEN ESCAPE (Continue From Pig 1 ) Daniel W Bender 110S Union street, employed a a brakesman on th N Irk la flat had a narrow escape from death , His graphic description of tha wrack . told lsst night irai a follows I wss braking on tha east bound freight and when wa pulled down ,, through tha yard toward tha Columbia street crossing I was standing on t p of tha aacond oar Wa war supposed to nave me ngnt or way and I waan i !, paying very much attention until I heard tha engineer whistle for 1 rnkea An instant later cama the crash ai , tha two locomotive came together At tha point of collision In a sharp n curve eo that but little time win t given but I aaw that there wee trouble fc ahead and threw myaelf flat on tt s 7 top of tha car The hock broke m I grasp and slid me forward but I saved t myself from falling off I "The nrat thing - I saw after that a Titrourn the clouds of smoke am ft ataam was tha fireman on tha pas r eenger engine He had Jumped from his aide of tha rab and was scrambling out from under tha bag - Rare coach which had not left the rails How 1 ever escaped without a scratch Is a miracle The bis; locomotive from Which ha had leaped a momrn befort waa aid e wiped and thrown tr m tl e fails Id overturning - It crushed a box ear ajralnst tha rear wall of a large ariok building "t helped get both engineers out Bottger seemed to be dead and lies eelbach waa gasping for breath when wa pulled him out of the wreck I dldn t see tb fireman on our englno at all . but understand ha Jumped to safety rt Waen tha wrack: occurred Dents Walls of Build I up r Tha brick exterior north a all of the International Harvester company car was hurled when the passenger en fine was thrown against It, was caveJ 1 In enough to break the Interior coot 1 tug The wall Is between eighteen ' Inches and two feet thick Ho far us Is known nothing Inside the building was f damaged as harrows and other farm Implements were stored in that part Of the structure Start Invest gations Company officials were at the ecne f tha wreck last night and started their Investigation as t j whero the blame for the accident falls They Will continue It to day as will Coroi er j B MoArdla, who hopes to have hla witnesses ready for the In (uest by 4 clock this afternoon Clear Wreckage Rap dly 6y midnight tha baggige car v hlcr waa on the aiding and coupled t tie (passenger engine waa placed upon Iho tracks and taken to the yards The switch engine which had been at the weat end of the long freight aiding In pushing the train out when tho . cldent occurred was coupled to the freight engine and had It cleared from the wreckage when the wreck train ar rtved at 1 o clock from Stony Island lit, from where It had been ordered at I II o clock Family at Theatre Mrs. Bottger and daughter Misa Stella, who survive Engineer Bottger at tne jeiierson ineaire at LEGISLATORS WANT "rem Page 1 TUB FORT WAYNE JOURNAL - GAZETTE H - BUl - XJJ ! 'f"'i i'" - Kl J'l am T l" ",' J' - " - - 1 - THURSDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY H tl OVERTURNED ENGINE IN NICKEL PLATE WRECK LAST NIGHT 1 J Special Announcement""" Demonstration and Sale gaaasaaaanr 7rnjrFrFsr - r . mv. r. BsBeafaafF VP ' U T, BBBBBBBBftfV T WM lx , bbbbbbbbbMI. aM ' a,1 , n...iatftanaamaBBV BSJSJSJSJBfHBfJSJSJSJBfJSJSJSJSJBfJBSJ fflTsBBanaBSBaBaWlrWrMraBBBBT BBBBBBBBMaVBgrBBftaBSBal fWttTtttKt ll nmaBanaalPMBfRHsnBBaByM ! BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaBBBBBBBBBBftftftT&fl i i S TaTi fflllTaaTaaafaaaW aaPtiaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaaaBM 1 aftSBSBll aJ WtSBBBSmv. SaMPaMHSggflSwaTglTaaBaBnmJ M W asswaaBsftSBWBanMPIrwIiTsftr BBamsasBSBasinTiT a nv J aW K BBBlIQaBBBBBBSBBBBbiBBBNSBaBBBBaMrTbVlaVyaBdavaVY " " " - - m ESSSSSHSSKBKKBtlBSBKKiBB r5 IC9BieBnSsSsiiSnBRsaflBWnSSSt9B though grave still was a waiting one, and that no final poult Ion would be announced until Berlin was heard from The unl len developments at the tap Itol brought out surprise and gpprehen Ion to the administration leaders. WI1U0 confront! with the possibility of congressional interfereocs with all Hi grave anperti ranging from a defection from the a I nlnixtratlon policy to down right emharranpment of the president an 1 the aeeretirv of state the leaders were confl loot they woul 1 control the; s tuation and h e the executive branch of the goernmcnt free to carry on diplomatic nctfot ations with Germany C leak room Dlaeuselen Only At no time today till the question come out oponljr on tlir floor of either) the house or tho senate but about a score of rongrPMn en who announced1 they were in fa or of warn tig Ameri rana even if it iDolvef a repudiation' of the alminlatration policy if thereby they thought war would be averted, kept both hounftii in a state of tension that pract cally blocke 1 bumness AH the lemonstrat on was in the democratic rank' nn I here was no open how of iicct im nt nng the repub licani It was indicate I however that Republican Loado Mann sympathised with Preni lent W iltion s policy and thst any 01 threak woul I have to reckon to n s forcea. Break Meana War From apparently authentic sources me statements to n irht that the president was determined that the dis pute pend ng with Germany be settled ithout prolonged ncgot at ons He is known to believe howe er that the breaking off of d plomati rotations with Germany means war an I th ru w 11 be no undue haste in handling the iitua tion involving such a i owb I tv The adminietrat on v ew is that a broad and important principle is in t .. - - . oIved in the right of Americans to and wa should avoid It If possible trael on belligerent merchantmen and Representative lecker said No that this r ght munt not be abandoned democrat (s more willing to uphold the Developments are expected m omen tar nanas or tne president than i out i ly Tomorrow may bring Germany - .Of Diamond Doublet a Rings Starting To - morrow Regular $2.00 Values 48c; THESF WONDERFUL RINGS hava aU tha appr - 0 nee nf diamond rings that coat anywhere from $21 jm fro Their regular price Is 12 but during tnis ' ipffciai sale which will continue for a few days onlv wa offer them at he special price of MAIL ORDERS FILLED during mis 48c: Veteran Observes 71st Birthday Tie accorapinjlni pletnrt ihom a clou front vlsw of th paiHiicer racln OTrturnod in tho Mlckal Plat wreck at 7 58 o clock laat night when two men wen killed The blj engine m itderwlpea by eaatbonnd freight No. it on the main freight track two aquarea eaat of the etatlon, as the former attempted to pull to the clear on the main passenger track Both englnee were heads! east, the passenger engine being raadr to start onto the main freight track to spot' a baggage car for No 4, outbound passenger train which Isstss here at S OS o clock rl Fletcher as ambassador to Mexico op , 1 en 1 UOUSanU TIOOU posed by some republican senators who oulterers in Weed think this Is a step that should be r.,l, th - ., Bk. t"; - s1 taken without regard to bis views - Itlve to tha Carransa govsrnment. was a " - i - " - ... ... It then was an 1 our before adjourn ravorably reported to the senate 10 States made last week through Am m.nt tirD6 Administration leaders day by tha foreign relations committee baseador von Bernntorff for aasuran en fearing some attempt would be made It will coma up at an executive session ,rmaA m.v,.n - ,..,.,. m.dA vrv .ffo.t i nvdrl if Ons ers urging confirmation as soon as , re In need of aseletanie according after February 29 does not null fy " - d".d V" VV . i, ,o J ce.Je HSTd TaM Yrom Mv'o previous pledges given in the Arabic ""m l J!"' TTtVoVld haVe oa ifanors Borah and Smith of Michi M Davidson of St Joseph He said nrll..!.)......)... n. ..i - i rougnx up io day n mouia naya pasa ' r.nnKiie... k - i - h. iv mom moat of th i.fT.r - r - .r nvm - u.vl m. uiid. wiuv eai a I rv n milnr fv tT A In I but trt I Germany will reply that pre tout as foreign uffa rs committee report on the !df rfjLkl.n5 PVul ii i . .iJ t. . .L - . .ni..,i . 1 i k - - - M.i Joining with those favo thev annl ed onlv in unnr n - 1 .h - n. "ed only by unanimo s consent nrohablv w II ,k th Am.r.,.n ., special rule But no attempt was raaas '. . , . , " to day to do other then obtain a com ment for its kflu tion of lefensivo mlt, TfrVort and the noUfJ B(5Joumed armament which may bo carr ed by a while informal talk was going on merchantman without sacrificing its! CUn (n Conference pesceful character Aft.r ftdjournment thm demoerata of Little Time la Left the foreign affairs committee were In Tha state department will take noesslon for an hour Present were action pending the receipt of this re CI alrinun Hood Kepronenlatlve Good time of tha accident. It was o clock with Interest the arrival of certain ap tama CHne of Ir llunu Bmith of New when they were ready to leave and pendlces to Germany s most recent dec ork, Shacklefoid of Missouri Rags they then were Informed by mends Urstion which.sre coming from Berlin dale of South caiollna and 3tedman who had Just drlwn up in a machine by mall Only six days remain how of North Carolina of tha accident Mother and daughter evsr before the new order to aubma The chairman was told that a strong ware prostrated with grier and now rme commanders goes Into effect sentiment for the resolution existed in are In charge of a physician There hava been strong intimations, tha house and that it could not be sunn einurr "v . - ' that before tha end of that time the Ignored Ho Htood steadfaatly against gan republicans being the only mem most of tha sufferers trs - voting negative i ana Benmori ienni vn pianiauons memrjer i o 1th those favoring oonflrma tion Administration senators believe favorable action by the senate Itself were negro is assured MAYORS WILL TALK CHI RL BL SCO Ind Feb 23 Mr rai DQCDiRrnNMI John Brvsn Is transacting business to ON PREPAREDNESS day M 8outh WhltIey Benward Pat Pul na Croy of Lotto came to day with her sister Mrs. Jos Hly who were hare vlattlng her grand mother Mrs. Katls Gordon bad been an engineer Plata, and he spent some to that time as a fireman I - or threi or four years he had talked of retir trig and only recently remarked to i friend "I expect 111 go on till In knied." Mr Bottger was a member of dl Vision No. BIT Brotherhood of Loco anotlre Engineers Heesslbaeh Wall Known J H Hesselbach the dead engineer en tha freight engli e resided at 1605 Sandusky street Bellevue O and leaves ft wife and two children one four and the other eight ears of age Hesselbach had been on tha N Ickel Plate Afteen years ten of which he had spent In the service glneer Ha was thirty fls years old and ft native of Ohio. For some time past ha had roomed with L. D Clip ptngar ISIS Boons street on his lay vers in Fort Wane Doesn t Stoa Aervieaa Rsv J A Nipper superintendent of tha Rescue "Mission was conducing aer vices In tha mission building adi in tng tha Harvester company on the cast tha religious services but contlnuod until tha regular program was plated. Death List in New Haven Wreck Is Ten W1TW HAVEN. Conn Fsb 23 Coroner Eli MIX to night had virtually empletsd his secret investigation oi the wreck oa the New York New Haven A Hartford railroad at Mil ford yester nay (a which ten persons lost their lives god over sixty were Injured The oronsr Indicated tnst o mignt an aounea his finding tomorrow The in tatatftta commerce commission and tha state pnblie utilities commission will hold ft puDiie investigation nore to Morrow Officials of the interstate eommerea commission visited tha scene f the wreck today, and made a de tailed Investigation of the condition of tho tracks god signals. The death list still stood at ten to sight with one body unidentified at the Milford morgue The condition of Frank MeNamare of Anaonla was re ported as critical Many of tho In jured left the hour tals for their homes to - tlsy - h.' Oaly On "BROVO QIIMNB gat th nu cm I for full asms LAlfATlva ItHOMO Ol I NIK ft. Look tor qhuve. wurss a twin the Nickel in(tei States will inform Germany ' rcDortina the resolution After mat mercnant snips carrying arms xor lengtny argument it was oec.aea tnat defehse only are considered In the a canvass of the house should be taken same class as unarmed essels and the and the chairman of the house and right of American citizens to travel senate committee Representative upon them cannot be questioned Flood and Senator Stone should report The cabinet is expected to, review that sentlnent to the president, to the situation Friday and If it has ar morrow if possible Representative rived to consider the German renlv Hood was conrifli Try to Exclude Qusstlen Democratic leaders will endeavor to prevent discussion of the question irom DreaKing out at tne capital to ataaalure ( X. la One Par . Took Two Cops to Lick a Reporter over to keep tha peace under I&00 bond to ft Justice court to day Hulas aa aaulted Charles W McCarty a news paper reporter, while another polii u nui said M articles which humlll McCarty denied writing Of the defeat of i resolution In the committee Neither the McLemore resolution any other of similar nature will be reported out of this committee ha n.n..nt.ti. - . Tin (said Nor will it be possible to get n..i. hi - nr.nsr.rf . . rtiti . - ... I uch a resolution on the floor tnonze tne president to Issus a proc tarnation warning Americans against boarding armed vessels of belligerents which it was said ha may offer from the floor A similar resolution pre sented by Represents tlvs McLemore, of Texaa la before the foreign affatra committee Senator Gore haa announced hla in tentlon of Introducing a bill to morrow which la far more drastic than Bug gestlons made In the house and would prevent A merles na from procuring passports without making oath that they would not travel on armed bel liaerent vessels Republican Leader Mann and Majority Leader Kltchln held an extended conference after the house adjourned to night but both In elated that they did not discuss pro posed legislation on the Subject, Tense feeling pervaded the capital as members began to arrive during the morning and on all aldea there were Inquirtea for a definition of the pros ident s exsct position Boon Repre sentatle Flood was being called upon for an answer Little groups gathered in the house lobby talking earnestly but apparently without any definite plan for precipitating the excitement that followed later In the day Discussion contln ied and then Chair - mar Flood Majority Leader Kltchln and Representative Harrison, of Mississippi held a conference In the majority leader's office Simultana ously came word that a delegation of Missouri congressmen who favored the resolution had called on Senator Stone and insisted that a vote of the two houses be taken on It Tt e floor bussed with rumors of an Impending outbreak from tho advocates of the resolution War claim bills under formal oor slderatlon In tho house were Jeft ti the hands of a few on the floor Hep - resentatlvi McLemoro. author of ths resolution now before the committee, ( h airman Webb of tha Judiciary com m It tee and Repreaentatlve Heflln of AiaiMima were canters of groups seek 4 the house and had conferred with Rep Ing Information Tho cloak rooms fairly hummed with conversation while mem - rushed on and off tha floor rumor that Chairman Flood had DPoralsed Mr MoLemoro a hearing on bis resolution and another that the resolution would bo reported soon created ft wave ot exoitement. Mem bare hastened to Mr Mood only to find the reports were untrue When the conference In Mr Kltchln s room ended tha majority loader hurried over to Speaker Clark office to consult with tho speaker lieturn of tha Miasourlans Representative Representative Igoa Decker Heneley Russell and fihackleford Irons thslr call on Senator Stona waa the signal for another another atlr Desker ay Crisis Is Hsre 1 fear wo ars on the brink of way Y V. V Prescription for IP II II E czema aLrmm - rvf - fcr is vaatra that iisuulard akla - - I I ul4wttWestaraallrWalalnlMfrgBiik:ft , Gmein h " ' rieanim ketps avrwivr turvg .vmimt y tlKlll i pax wwy : wiwii 1st CaJhoun U 1408 Calhoun t - through the committee Wilson Wat Anxious As he talked the telephone bell rang and as Mr Flood responded he asked everyone to retire It was President ilson calling "The president too had heard a re port that we were going to report the McLemore resolution he said later 1 told him there was not a chance of us doing that Ems members of the committee said later that the general opinion In the meeting was that tha Issue Of armed merchantmen waa not worth going to war over They advanced tho argu ment that If It ceine to suoh ft clean cut issue aa thla between tha house and the president tho resolution was certain to pass. While excitement In tho senate throughout tho day was not so appar Senator Stone quently oonaulted informally Senator Gore, of Oklahoma, who recently an nounced hla purpose of Introducing ft bill to prohibit American citizens from traveling on armed merchant ships prepared his measure which Is ft modification of one ha introduced Jan uary 8 and which haa been held up ever since in tho foreign relations com ml t tee His new bill would prohibit travel on armed merchantmen of belligerents belligerents whether armed for offense or defense, whereas his original measure would extend the prohibition to all bel ligerent merchant vessels It would require Americans at tha time of mailing mailing application for paasports to make oath that they would not travel on armed veaaela of any foreign power at war It seemed doubtful to night that Senator Qore would get an opportunity to submit his proposal to morrow be - use tha senate took a recess Instead of adjourning Under this condition the senator must get unanimous consent consent to introduce tho measure. Senator Stone would not talk about tha issus further than to say that he had been informed of tho agitation in resentatlve Flood and soma members of tha Missouri delegation It waa reported reported that tha senator had aald ha would bo guided In tho matter by tho feelings of tha majority of tho senate and that he would not make a fight against ft measure that was destined to bo ft losing fight This report tho sen fttor would not confirm Another Armed Italian Steamer her after dm k Sha Is tha fifth armed Italian liner to arrive hero recently Bach gun was manned by two gunners of ths Italian navy and tion Tho Ban Qugllelmo carried 117 second cabin and Its steerage pas seiigera FAVORABLE REPORT ON bualn returned John Campbell of A aa hare on I yesterday Margaret Dillon of Perry Pa oaugnter or air and Mn rieiener uug lay east of town Is here visiting her iter istner is quite Mr a aul H Grlsamer of Ugonler waa In business yesterday Ignlfled their intention of dav attending or sending representatives t jt . oe, ..i u. a i a end Kowlsnd and family ft WsVknnounced to nigh " Mayor " Johnson of Whitley street wi.Wi!?i 1..? h. . v. i, !f.u l l visiting Mrs Edward Fitch a relative MltChol Will neftd the W XOIK dele I Whn nulla 111 at Puni gallon, which Is expectt to number Mrs Slert Hollopeter and daughter several hundred The cities which will Eleanor and son h - mrl of near Hunter be represented are umcugo uosion Cleveland Columbus Buffalo, Spring field and Toledo 0 Indianapolis La rayette wa, and ixuisviira ana eev oral others ASOUlfrTflEPEAfS ENGLAND'S TERMS (Cent nued From Page 1 ) denied that Mr Snowden expressed the day Mrs opinion of organised labor "The allies cannot make peace over tures he eald while the tiger has its fangs in the vitals of Belgium, Serbia and Poland" The house of lorda continued to day tha debate on tha blockade. Baron Sydenham finally withdraw bis motion for a stricter blockade after the earl of Crewe lord president of tho council had further clarified tha government position Mr Snowden contended that pro Ion cation of the war would only bi justified by the reasonable expecti Mrs L, W Jones of Collins who was hers visiting Mra Virgil Brumbaugh re turned home lAst evening Mlai Millred Harris of Columbia City ho aa here visiting Mr and Mrs Ralph Metsger returned horns yesterday Mrs Jacob Vanderford and niece. Oretchel lolf of Auburn came yester , mnaenora ie ctnni lor ner Oecar Hasen weat of town ho la very ill COMMANDER D L BEABER One of Fort Wayne a most prominent and active veterans. Commander D L. Beaber of Lawton Wayne post. No, O A R - to day celebrate tha seventh flrsd anniversary of hla birth Ho was born In Tuscarora county Ohio February 14 1146 and oamo to Indiana In October 1841 residing for many years In Walls county near Blurrton Enlisting at the outbreak: or the civil war when only sixteen yearn of age ha became a soldier In Company a 'inirty rourtn Indiana, a regiment which gained fame aa the Morton Rifles, Rifles, and served In nineteen battles of tha rebellion. Including the closing en gagement of the wpt at Palmetto Ranch Texas, May If 1866 In all Comrade Beaber served nearly four and one half years as he waa not mui tered out of tho United States army until 1868 He has long been active in the ranks of the GAR. and la now serving his second term as commander commander of Lawton Wayne post tinna that through its continuance the allies would be in a position to dictate such terms as to secure ruture jouro pean peace He agreed that the pros ant military altuatlon waa not neces aarlly evidence that ft decisive military military victory might not yet come to the alllM thnuaTh few men who took Intelligent and dispassionate view of tha altuatlon and the lessons it had taught would say that there was any reasonable ground for hope of ft de olslve and crushing military victory for either contending party If Great Britain waa determined to nontlnue In the expectation of crushing Germany he declared, her people ought to be convinced that It wss the best method for establishing the International International relatione of tho European powers He, however believed that ft continued attempt to cruah Germany would be the worst basts ror tha aa tebliahment of a Just and lasting settlement. settlement. The speaker declared that alt the nations, and especially Germany were being driven to accept the evidence of this war or ins lutiitiv or. militarism and the time waa therefore ripe for making a movement in tho direction of peace. In particular Mr Bnowden maintained that the German social lets were solidly In favor of peace now that It had been proved that Germany was Invulnerable from ox ternal attack Ft. Wayne Chapter Passes 500 Mark Bight candidate were raised to the degree of Royal Arch Masons last night In rort Wayne Chapter No. 18 Tha warlt waa of special Interest aa tha five hundredth member was ex a I ted A banquet fur the candidates and members was served at SO o clock In the Masonic temple dining POUGHKblLFHlK, N Y Feb It - Announcement waa made at Vassar college to - night of the election of new members of the PI 1 Beta Kappd society society fn m the senior rlaaa. They Included Included Mlram Marsh of Waterloo, Ind. Mill y taeue BAN SALVADOR, Feb 21 Th people of San Salvador to - day held ft meeting In protest against the ratifl ration by tha United State sensto of FLETCHER NOMINATION lhe treaty between th I irtted States - and Nicaragua Ther wa n WASHINGTON, Feb, II President ordsr. nd Mrs M M Carrlger nd Mr re I'mrlev Carriaer or LADenon Ind are here lilting Mr and Mra J O Main street ana mp rrlger west of town MaDuffee, ho haa been g Mr and Mra H O MaDufTee, J town haa returned to her home lar Fort Wayne Mra Huah M I a In of Colllne, who was yesterday her daughter returned home Thai I Innnln hlarhweV hue Una haa OUT chaaed a new car from the Churubuaco Auto company , , The Churubuaco Independent basket ball team Invites games with all sur rounding towna This Is a fast tea n and can give any team a good game Mra Mary Cramer via led friends at Colli na yesterday and Mr Ho haffer were bualneaa vte. .it Mra a.. T forblii of Hunter town were here yeaterday and left for Fort Wayne to vlatt Mra Elisabeth Cor bin at W B Harlan a at Fort Wayne nnhact Tru and daughter Miaa Nellie took the eaat bound train yeaterday to vtalt friends and Miss Zelma fcllngeman went to Qarrett on buslneaa. The south side prayr meeting Tuesday afternoon was held at the home of Mr and Mrs. T H MoCullough Over twen ty were present and a vrr Interesting and profitable time was had Mr and Mra Frank Flak were guests of her pa rente, Mr and Mra Hendereon Clemena near Albion Dr O P Kranka was called to Albion to day to vtalt hla atepmother Mrs. J B Franks who is seriously HL VAN WERT Ohio, Feb. 81 The mem bars of tha Needlecraft club pleaeanlfy surprlsed Mrs Clus D Ferguson, of Hnuth svenue laat evening, the meeting halt g a farewell party as Mr and Mra Ferg ison will leave to day for Pauld Ing where they will realde Needlework waa enjoyed and a luncheon was served to Mrs Pergueoj. by tha club. Judge E. B Matthias baa returned to Miss Marie Car mod y Is at home from ehorus of Islma Ulu Marie C Chicago, whsrs she was the guest of and Mrs William Jonas, of South Mr a Washington Ft rest, have gone to Lake worth ria (or a sojourn Claren e Poling of Basil and Miss Bertha Baylea, of this otty were of this city the bonis of the brldi on West llnln street yesterday noon rled i parents farm In Tullv township Ulaa BsUiabetn uaviaun vim ting nurse with the federation to I jBpgSBBBBS BjBJgW BJH Krf ' BsaaaawN'''"' igsaa! KIoHeI POLICE NEWS Delivery Auto Is Wrecked In Crash f 1 1 an accident which occured yester I day morning at the corner of Wayne and Clinton streets a Merchant a de livery truck driven by Everett Keenan 16S3 High street, collided with ft Ford ouiing oar driven by Archie Sheenan . 0!9 Buchanan street In the crash J he delivery truck waa overturned . reaklng the glass and fender No one was injured Both participants re ported the accident at police headquar tera Skidding Truck Knocks Horse Down William M Johnson who drives an i to truck belonging to ths Indiana defining company notified police headquarters yesterday morn nig that vhile driving north on Calhoun street n front of the, Orpheum theatre the truck started to skid and before he could control it had struck ft horse and wagon belonging to D Schwarts, 1111 Summit street which waa standing at the curb Th animal waa knocked 'down but not seriously injured ae cording to the report and the wagon was slightly damaged police'notes Minnie Cannon and Robert Smith, drunks pleaded guilty In city eourt yeaterday morning Both were fined II and costs and will serve out the time. Edward Skelton more familiarly known as "Butch Is In trouble again having been arrested for assault and battery while under the Influence of liquor Ha waa remanded until thla morning John Soliskoy drunk drew an Indefinite continuance, and James Shrumm drunk were ordered out of th city Oscar Owens, loitering and Frank O Neil, drunk, were released The calve of Alexander Sandow brought back? from. Detroit on a charge of grand lar ceny waa continued until this morn ing hi bond being fixed at 1 000 WANTETX Girl to strip tobacco. Al Hazzard, 211 East Main. Bunds v with Mra. Llaale Johnaon Meears Henry and waiter Furaley pet t Sunday with relatlvea at Vera Mra Sarah Howards spent Sunday with her mothei Mra. Jane Davison Orvll Orlm was a business caller ta6. and Mra In Bluff ton Saturday evening irvey uinier or tsiumon waa a dusi caller at thla place Monday morn' William Klelnknlght rv Smith Mra Joe Peeper and children of Bluff ton returned to their home Saturday after visiting have several days with Mr Clarence uoenran and family irence Cochran and family ire. juez hum sr . Sunday with their daughter Mi nd Mra Ales Hunt sr with their dauahter a Clyde Shearer and family of Bhel Dannie Michael returned home Satur and D J Miller UNDERTAKERS W Mungoran & Ryan J from I lma, O ra In Bluffton Tues and Mrs Mert Oosaard went to re bualnea oal z. Ada O Saturday to visit relatives for a few days Mr and Mrs Lewis Gibson and baby returned to their home In Klngeland on Tueeday after vlalting In ths horns ot ana Mrs. ba uaunc ana lamny ra Maggie Carton, waa a buslneaa tr In Bluffton Monday ussis J on neon ana granason treatment for hla eyee. Jarvla Bturgla of Montpeller was a iiainses oauer nere lueeaajr evening Oeoree Oletm of Murray attended the K. of P lodge here Tueeday night Meaara. lianrei ureign ana nuoert KLAEHN & MELCHING UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS Fine Funeral Furnishings 221 223 Washington Blvd E Tel 228 Motor Ambulsnee. Tueeday night Erelah and H Coohran attended the debate at Little Ine Tueaoay nigni Mr and Mrs. Clint Studebaksr who J. C. Peltier & Son UNDERTAKERS A EMBALMERS 117 WEST WAYNE ST Beth Phones 20 Tuesday night and Mrs. Clh were married Sunday are moving farm recen west of toi Olll Bui caller In town Wedneeday town Wednesday recently vacated by H B, Shtrey. Ollle Buck of osslan was a business li,v In town Wedneeday Hobert Caurer of Bluffton Measra Leo Wesson and Hanrel Vniarh were bualnea oallera In Fort Wayne Wedneeday afternoon. lta OI IBS 1DDWB KDDOI ir gton s birthday entertainment hoot houae Wednesday after , sensjjBJBBHBB I Getz & Gahill I BJ UNDERTAKER Bj LB 10JI Cslheun Itrnl M H Open Dsy and Night H Bsth Phenee 09 ft Bast ef semlee si reesensble i J ' Pfloee. Meter tervlee. SI JAPS LOYAi AMEBIOANS HONOLULU, Feb. W - Maoh dis - hss been aroused fa the Ha - waiiao ialanda bjr a eelchretioa ef Americanism made yesterday al the WaihwftoB birthday celebration at Uilo br Prerldunt Arawska, of the Japanese Auirrlcan society American porn tispanvw mrm suit Ing to get av.y from Japan," Ara wska said. "They bars found they cannot serve two masters ant the; are loyal Americans The mikado misunderstaadsius by thinking we are Japanese subjects, Wa must stick to American Ideals, Uvea If we should base to Oght our parents In arrniise for bar work while In th. rlly I TT - l EJ - us lu suijj Mm iMvUon spent vasurdar In consul lL Al II.ttsivI 911 li.ilcm with physicians snd ths health tODeXCO. At IluZaTCL a.11 officer A great part of hsr work wiU he 17. ., M.,m done la (he public schools. tMt ITtUIls ffl WT 1L Wellman & Wellman UNDERTAKE, snd EMEALMERt Ell W. Barry ft. Offlse Pheae 171 rrVss. free Chsl, , - ?i iW.t J.. - a .' - - .a - ..

Clipped from The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette24 Feb 1916, ThuPage 12

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana)24 Feb 1916, ThuPage 12
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