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George Hooker Treadwell - It TO M BUD'Af tnCA THIS WKSS A3Tt CAgDTDATka...
It TO M BUD'Af tnCA THIS WKSS A3Tt CAgDTDATka foil Tfta COXXAltOXBSHlP. TTrrCA, Feb. L Th Ctlca posrt of tbe Grand Army ef th IUpttbU. four lit nambef. bare been for many week! UllgMtl preparing tor the rineptloa and entertainment ot delegate to tbe nineteenth as nasi noampment of to IVew-Vork IVew-Vork IVew-Vork Department, which open It sessions in tb Etlra Opera Hous nut Wednesday, Their labor ar nearly otn?ltd, and t eau be safety asserted that everything that reoeroaltjr and enthusiasm oaa do haa been don to render th visit of tb delegate agreeable, and to provide provide ample accommodations far all who may attend attend it. A there are about 60 poet la tbe Bute, aad each post 1 entitled to representation by at least two delegates, aad a th Aelesjata ar expected to be aooomMnied by an equal number of friends, th work of pro tiding suitable suitable qaartor for the comrados haa kept th Reception Reception Committee of th local post busy. As- As- ' suraaoea ar siren that all who com will be oom- oom- fortahly situated, bagg Hotel haa been designated designated fay Department Commander Hedge as hla headaaarters. Several hundred delegate will be entertained there. Other hotels wul be filled, many delegate wld be cared for by personal friends, and the overflow will be supplied with rooms In private house or tbe oboloe of a board ing place. During tbe encampment the room of Post Bacon, McQuade, Reynolds, and Uar-rer, Uar-rer, Uar-rer, tbe armory of tbe Ctloa Citizen Corps, and the Suite armory will be open to tbe oomradge. Tbe work of the encampment will begin Tuesday Tuesday evening with th meeting of the Council of Administration at th headquarter of the Commander, Commander, at Dag?' Hotel. This oounoil consist of Ira M. Hedoea, of Haverstraw, Department Commander; Lester P. Thompson, of Phelps, fenlor Vice-Commander: Vice-Commander: Vice-Commander: James O. Carlisle, of xs ew-x ew-x ew-x org, junior vio-ixmmaaaert vio-ixmmaaaert vio-ixmmaaaert ueorge a. Squires, of Brooklyn. Assistant Adjutant-Qen-eral; Adjutant-Qen-eral; Adjutant-Qen-eral; Adjutant-Qen-eral; Adjutant-Qen-eral; Horatio N. Wood, of Haverstraw, Assistant Assistant Quartermaster-General; Quartermaster-General; Quartermaster-General; John H. Dye, of Buffalo, Medical Director; 8. 8. Ballou, Chap-bun; Chap-bun; Chap-bun; William C Roddy, of 'ew.Tork, Judge-Advocate; Judge-Advocate; Judge-Advocate; James 3. Graham, of Rochester, Inspector, and Robert Keith, of Troy, Chief Mustering Officer, together with Comrades Theodore L. Poole, of Syracuse; John Beattle and Herman W. Thum, of New-York; New-York; New-York; William H. Bright, of Utloa,and L Samuel Johnson, of Warsaw, elected members. This council la clothed with power to manage and dispose of tbe property of the association subject subject to prescribed regulations adopted by the department department la regular encampment. Heretofore the Grand Army Association of the State haa been a voluntary, word-of-honor word-of-honor word-of-honor word-of-honor word-of-honor affair. A bill Introduced In the Assembly by Gen. Barnum provide for its incorporation under the name of "The Department of New-York New-York New-York Grand Army of the Republic." The Council of Administration Administration is named in the articles of incorporation, the succession of It member provided for, and it powers defined. The encampment will, it is expected, express It approval of the measure of Incorporation. Tbe delegate wul meet tn the opera house at 10 A. M. Wednesday In open session. An address of welcome will be delivered by Mayor James 8. Sherman, of Utica. Department Commander Hedge will respond, and addresses ot felicitation felicitation are expected from Gen. Bornnm, Corp. Tanner, Tanner, and others. The usual preliminary work will follow, after wnich a recess wul be taken, to be followed In tbe afternoon by a secret meeting. meeting. At this session report will be received from the administrative staff of its year's steward-ship steward-ship steward-ship and referred to the appropriate committee. The affairs of the aepartment are understood to be in a satisfactory condition, and nothing is expected expected to disturb the usual serenity of tbe routine routine proceedings. The chief interest of the. encampment encampment centre in the election of o Ulcers, wbloh will ocour near tbeolose of tbe second day' business. The honor and distinction distinction attaching to the office of Department Department Commander are desired by many competent and deserving comrades, and active canvasses for tbe position have been made by their several supporters. The candidates, a far aa beard from, are Lester P. Thompson, of Phelps, present Senior Vice-Commander; Vice-Commander; Vice-Commander; Major John E. 6a very, of Auburn; H-Clay H-Clay H-Clay Halt, of Little Little Falls, and Robert Keith, or Troy, each of whom ha held the office of Senior Vice-Commander; Vice-Commander; Vice-Commander; Vice-Commander; Gen. N. W. Day and John W. iaoobus, of New-York; New-York; New-York; Major George H. TreadwelL of Albany, and Major William H. Bright, of Utica. Major Bright says tbat he is not a candidate In tbe sense of being a canvasser for the position, he is a candidate in the sens of desiring the office office if his comrades see fit to elect him. Tbe post of Central New-York New-York New-York unite in support of H. Clay Hall, of Little Falls, though Influential Influential members of tbe Grand Army here oppose bis candidacy, expressing 'reference 'reference tor Comrades Thompson, Day, or TreadwelL Gen. Hall was a candidate last year, and reoelved 245 vote to 81 for Ira M. Hedges. Tbe preliminary canvass has been spirited, and tbe contest in the encampment promise to be close and exciting. For Senior Vice-Commander Vice-Commander Vice-Commander Northern New-York New-York New-York present three candidates. Gen. Wilcox, commanding tbe United States Post at Beckett's Harbor; Comrade Henry E. Turner, of Lowvlllo, and Gen. N, M. Curtis, ot Ogdensburg. Past Commander C W. Cowtan, of Westchester Post, Brooklyn, is a candidate of recognized strength, and If the Commander is taken from the Central or Western part of tbe State Major Cowtan' chance for Senior Vice are thought to be excellent. For Junior Vice-Commander Vice-Commander Vice-Commander the only candidate as yet beard of is W. 11. Stoddard, of Smith Post, Norwich, Among tbe prominent Grand Army men who will attend th encampment a delegate or In comradeship are Gen, Joseph li. Carr, Secretary ox btate, wno is a memoeror w uiara roet, xroy ; Gen. Henry A. Barnum. of New-York New-York New-York i Gen. John C Robinson, Binghamton; Corp. James Tanner, Brooklyn; Gen. J. A. Reynolds, Rochester; Rochester; Capt. John Palmer. Albany; Major J. M. Farquhar, Buffalo; Gen. Abram MertittT Nyack; James 8. Fraeer. New-York: New-York: New-York: CoL & H. Stafford. Oneida; J. W. Jacobus, New-York; New-York; New-York; CoL Anson B. nooa, Albany; ten. cunton Jucuougali, Auburn, and possibly Gen. H. W. Blocum. Much regret is expressed that illness will detain from tbe encampment Gen. James McQuade, a Past Commander and comrade whose presence always adds to tb pleasures of Grand Army encampment encampment and camp tires. At the conclusion of the business of the encampment, la tbe evening of the second day, tb Utica poet will giv a camp fire in honor of the visiting comrade at the btate Armory on ttieecker-street. ttieecker-street. ttieecker-street.

Clipped from The New York Times02 Feb 1885, MonPage 3

The New York Times (New York, New York)02 Feb 1885, MonPage 3
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