Joe Massa's first Warren game as coach

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Joe Massa's first Warren game as coach - Eafifles Battle Dragons In Opener At Beaty Two...
Eafifles Battle Dragons In Opener At Beaty Two Quintets Pry Lid Off Court Campcii<|r?: Massamen Hold Edge Over Neighbors liob l eiiimore, RH Years Á90 In Local Sports In 19:1 Gjnii' C-jiiiiiiisijiuner Pilling an- the day's kill oj ueoi' ,iL uuiitcd to foi'iy. 'rhi;i rccoia breaks all marks set in over two ;-;corc yci'i'S. By -'.ual count, tae coi-inr'^i-'ioncr reported thirty• thirty• i' ■ '' ' ■■ . 1 .' i.VO 1 : ; . ; ' il'uiii prevalent rumors, a com- p-i.e roll oi' over ror'a was e.\- pr.-teri. Scribe Picks Arm’ By 2 Touchdowr in Game Tomori o. OliLO U05 ^LI: ts (»\ Xew Yor:., D:- i (.i’l fîoi' the iinal fli; - at t.yi g lo pi’, football v.innors d il?: d<;; chiefly because v.t v^a^it to iet v I:i;gv.- how v; e ^ ,.n A ¡ i Is tivy. ►Surroui.dcd by al! tJir> go d lu^ charms we ccilti colit ¡'i; Ar-my-Xavy Ti\' (Ji^det? ;.-;upposed to m vc the b;'^i;s ;>iid t I^Iiddies tiie hne b'l* Ar iiv'.s !<• \.c;rd wall is u-> v. ;':iklii;y- body h:^i to clear tlie v.^^y or all toiu-. d:wn.s tJiis >-\:ron.‘. Even Tlie Nameless l/i\e is preparing lor Lii^ir opo:iing' bailie at the thc\ r.icet the Moov- S',.cep 2 i's from Eric. Many i;- ».' iaccá will be seen in the War. War. !i lincTip. Gi'orge Pedlow. Loaf.,. KroVv'n, Lvle Ash. Ed Finlev, Al- ! ^ Jeniiins is at iii.^ o- t:. ; t K’iabb, Mush J'V:iv.3ori. Boney ,^; 'ler, Web ►Sochricil. and Alyion Jt;\,eil MO among the youciiiuJ Harold “Johrarv'“ Johnson ■. ill oi'iiiiate at tlie game. .1 Wiiilniirr. 1/Í i’hil linslcy, IJ Navy ® ^ (ieoiqi.i IVch BOWLING After a Day-Long Trek The Gi'ox'e High ¿chool ope::-.d iv,-! cage activity by turn’ turn’ g' bsck tiio Xorth W’arren crev/. i:%20 in a bitterly contested battle ■n the victor’s home court. Wliee- ' .'ck, Ebel, Lanning-, Jewell, Sanon, Sanon, Anderegg-. and Lyw.ion made ]) the North Warren t<^am. ri < .-inni' .-.T ; n (, < I N ÍI.K iai lyi'agu*' V.' .■ 373 , r'’li;ng games o: ( oM.w \\<.() Li:Asi i: •• ‘y M- ^ ’ ' bowiei -^i,- M/ei- nn the Ma'-iJciiir iaxt . Í i'rit” K' r they t-.M.k '-■■H-w.'ncfo L-'ag-v- !cd the v,'hir,er;s h\ ■à'.-. 201 sii-::'e • i Íí:..j' total of tl-; ■ < 2 Î ÍÜ LE AGI L (j.-H r." al! iour poiiU ‘'ron: wo’ll stihig- along v.iili A?-my will not be :rurprii. d if it wnis , tw< ) OJ- illL.'CC L'.:. ■ ■ ii'J.uVv'i:.-. Cic, t L: U ;--Aol-o );)a.:- L' Irli;h iiave last tiitir qU'jie C(ji’ V. year (Army rmu Xav'y). The kS; or.s ha\-e bowciu only to Ohio St-i; Xotre D;-:r.e i’i a el- so <-;"i. ijsorg'ia rc'• i'Geoi,gi.' Tv. n d feats (Xotre Dame ; .’d Dak. i all Tecli is going to t-arry intu tj Orang'o Bov.d. (J;-orgda 'reoij. Others: Texas (’hiistian o\ Southedn Methcdi.'^-t; Tuiarir u\ Jjouisiana Sta‘c: Oklahom;i ia Ray Gerould head.<! the league- Nebraska; Vixginia over No. .eadhig bov.ders at the P^Iks Club. ' ^’arolina; Rice ovct SouthwcstL-. boasting an average of .180 per Arkansas over Arkaiioas Aggi' game. Guy Johnsoji is traihng Tulsa over 2diami (Friday); By. by a one-point margin and close , bridge over :Maxwell Field iSu ]>ehind come.s Mel Johnson, with a day); P't. Pi i.e over Tliird 1 7S per game average. Ed Branch i^'orce (iiumiiiyi. . : dus.v- the ionitli pla'. o post with T 177. I.. 193 » ■ BEHIND THE LINES Joe Fazio, popular amateur box- v- # er, took a decision from Michael Ondrish, Duquesne I’nivoriity xingman, at iSt. .Mai'ys. Fazio .-■o-'cd tluee k’lockdov.’ns andn al tihe anxiously awai._jd deer ti;o end 01 the bout, OndviJih was iilong v.itii tiu- beginning oi I v iy groggy. Among the notables ; j cage tcason ui I’.e.i to attend the match v/ere Lefty this evcnmg. Score.- of buck iiui Grove ar^d Eddi^* ("ollinji of the eis c;rowded the liighv, ay-ii e;n Bo.'^ton Red Sox. a. rn. in a coni.inuou.-i bLrt'ii i of trailic v.'hicn nccounts foj- l The Elks Club and Joe Grot- 'Juz?; of activ^'y during the p. Zinger winll feature another nat- days, ''liie red-conts enttr ionally knov.n billiard expert next v.-oods early thi.s morning OFLAiNG l).\\ Toaa\' i’erdu*-.-i die openrig

Clipped from Warren Times Mirror01 Dec 1944, FriPage 14

Warren Times Mirror (Warren, Pennsylvania)01 Dec 1944, FriPage 14
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  • Joe Massa's first Warren game as coach

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