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waughfield 1 feb 1960 - 18 PAGES 18 INDIANA WEATHER Mostly cloudy...
18 PAGES 18 INDIANA WEATHER Mostly cloudy tonight ond Tuesday. Little change Tuesday. Low tonight 28. High Tuesdoy 40. Yesterday; High 42; low 26. Suspect In Slaying Is Held Here Confronted by ten local police officers and detectives detectives who surrounded his home at 1130 Hendricks St. at 3:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon, William Lawrence Waughfield, 59, Negro, surrendered after being- sought since Friday night for questioning as a suspect in the fatal shooting of Thomas Anderson, 31, of 1512 W. 19th St. Waughfield was jailed and is expected to be arraigned tomorrow morning in City Court for -a preliminary preliminary hearing. Search for Waughfield had been under way two days. Following a tip received by Detectives Ray Wilson and William Davis that Waughfield was believed to have returned to his home. Apt. 4, 1130 Hendricks St., a squad of officers surrounded the dwelling. ESCAPED THROUGH WINDOW With officers completely around the building, the police waited for Waughfield to emerge. When he appeared, climbing out a base Rescuers Find Bodies Of 25 Miners Today By JOHN RODERICK TOKYO iAP)-Re;cue workers [reported 'inding the bodies of 25 nient window at the north side of i miners after a gas explosion early the structure, he was confronted I today in an ill-fated coal mine in by Patrolman John Rogers, armed with a pistol, who demanded his surrender. Waughfield gave up without a struggle. He was taken to the county jail under guard and is reported to have told some of the police officers officers that lie had intended to surrender voluntarily last night. He also is said to have made a statement that in the shooting he had intended only to scare Anderson, Anderson, according to Inspector Whitinger. Whitinger. Waughfield told officers that he had been roaming around Anderson since the shooting. He was not armed. Officers participating in the arrest arrest of the fugitive Sunday were Detectives Houston Broadnax, Clem Russell, William Davis, Kenneth Cage. Cliff Carter, Omer Garner, Join- Rogers, Ray Wilson and Don Perchensky. north Japan. Eighteen o t h e r men were were trapped 3,600 feet below the frozen earth. Officials of the mine said they still hoped the men would be found alive, but as the hours went by, fear for them increased. increased. Nine other men crawled to safe-i ty after the first searing blast, and rescuers brought out 10 miners miners despite a fire licking around the pit where the men were trapped. Only one of the 13 was, seriously injured. SLAYING SUSPECT CAUGHT-County Sheriff Harold Goehring, Goehring, left, is shown with William Lawrence Waughfield, 59, right, captured yesterday by a squad of 1en local police officers at his rooming place, 1130 Hendricks St., for questioning about the fatal shooting of Thomas Anderson Friday night. Waughfield surrendered peacefully after he was caught climbing out a basement window of the dwelling. (Bulletin Photo) Thomas Groundhog May See Shadoiv; Event Setn our may the and T , f , . , , , i Tomorrow is Groundhog Day,[tomorrow night. Dr. P. T. Lameyistrong "enough 1 he; flames burned for nearly and according to tradition mjis nataaljiead of te program.jviet i u- ,,,. four hours, then were checked, 'weeks more winter weather caniln Anderson 69 nurses have been, , , i u B Magnums ov One of the miners said his group, be expected if the sun appears; graduated under the seven rviv 1 v r " D f l mo.Ti,^«j i,~ ,, ......... it -- , ------- u:~ _i,.,.i i-,i~., TI ____ ____ ,«^ ..:_i- of seven survivors ".-earned many' the groundhog sees his shad-lplan. There are 198 girls in which will frighten him backjtng in the state. jgressional hole. Indications todayl The annual groundhog , hours, walking on smoulderin M coal, narrowly escaping continual;into his · cave-in." "We were quite a No. 2 pit where tht inspector Whitinger and Chief j place," sain Yosh'raro Saito, 29,;joyed fairlv mild weather condi I atoitaner sneaker Mavor R a lnh : er in the near of Police John Heidcn, . after jan engineer. "Wedu not hear the '{ions today, with temperature 2 g! allelxlmnel speaker. Major Kalph^m uie .. . , ' werc lhat the groundhog will see|t omorrow w il]"b e featured bv anMohnson of · a disance from, his shadow. laddress by Jack Herbert, Chicago, JU-S.S.R. will it explosion took. Meantime, residents here en.; nal j onally kn(wn humorist and| a lvantage in Ferguson will welcome the jroupi and introduce the visitors. Jlany; sa ' t ' prominent state leaders and local officials are expected at the din- iwe 're |ner. The Rev. Duane Patrick will i t n ink questioning the suspect, said his detonation cud discovered the ac-.at 7 a. m. Sunday's range was statement indicated that a debt indent after obesrving smoke com-; high 42, low 26. The" sky was over- was the basis of trouble between m S into th? gallery The coal and cast this morning. Waughfield and Anderson. The t n c wooden pillars and ties were 00 00 AT ^^^^til^nrS Sr^iexTrr^ new back' ? -TM* « the arm I r l d a y m s h t ' : lhe nor'h-n |TTML £hnrt dinner of the Madison C o u n t vaster of ceremonies. A recep-^g from ,Sens. au( ° Hokkaido A gi explosion killei Grolm£iho g club tomorrow eve"-!"on. will follow at the 40 and 8i! n .R R-NV.i. 160 men there in 1938. The mine :ni "g at Binder's, held under .. · M f - i · i . , - ,. , is nno if 'lip i-imncsi nu-nnd i w sorship of phvsicians of the 40i tne committee in charge of the n t h e h n d a y night shooting af. : *°^ _ . ,,_. . . , . , ,, . . . fray, is at the Leonard .Under-,'.'it"^ 1 TM Colllt: '-' and Steanv ; LL,, n ,,,;,,;,,= nr TM,r»c , nm-'.cluded Dr. James Lanwv rhair.icntics The body of Lavelle foundry Uiderson. employe, killed . finance training of nurses, a pi women an-l^ram s 'arted here 22 years ing for burial. ; the Hokkair'o Colliery and Steam- wood Funeral Home and will bci 5 ' 1 ]? Co ', sent to his forme'- home. Trov.j , . . , l h a n °,° Ala., probably Wednesday .n.TM-!^^^.-TM"^ | news. A cry went up as each fvivor came to the surface, I )!ackened ond hair singed. The Yubari num- area was complete report on the under a .went snowfall : friends and relatives were NEW YORK 'API-Gen. Doug- bl " ldlcd a - sainst ""·' Piercing cold. H,P j n i lro :,cluded Dr. Jame"s Lamey chair-j cr ' lil -' s jgolman; Tom Bearing, Dr."Wendelli said General Improves But Still Serious waitin"' uv ur H W Gante Dr 0 A'clly, Dr. John C. Drake b7 ! sound aTMi orderly. Kopp and Walter Jones. The p'roj-| william Van Ness . Ed Fulton and' Kcal '"S i -. - H i in Dr P T Lamev lhas enou^n nuclear sfrikmc urned - f nitinn bv t h e 4 0 and 8 i The' last traces of Januarv to destroy the Soviet makc a !snovvs vanished from the Indiana addcd im»rnmilandscape todav as moderate 1 -'avi's ----!weather continued with no cold hav TM' ( : waves in sitrht :there is a defense B Sf'rmnl nllSPS i The five-dav outlook for Hoosier-' Mundt OU1UU1 UU5CB i l a n d . nd . catMi above . norma , tcm .| t he defense

Clipped from Anderson Daily Bulletin01 Feb 1960, MonPage 1

Anderson Daily Bulletin (Anderson, Indiana)01 Feb 1960, MonPage 1
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