Daily Messenger, 29 April 1947, p. 6; re Count Walewski

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Daily Messenger, 29 April 1947, p. 6; re Count Walewski - DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. Central...
DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. Central their the members in a i n , 2. in-' -- Hal Boyle's Notebook -- East in N'EW YORK, UP)--A Polish devil dealer says many people are turning turning to magic as part of the modern escapist trend"At trend"At least 75 per cent of the people people aie still superstitious," said Count S. Colonna Walewski, whose small "esoterica" shop in Manhattan's Manhattan's exclusive Sutton Place section section contains 20,000 occult and mystic curios. They range from a Tiberetan devil trap to a bimetallic bimetallic ring for rheumatism. "Psychologically, superstition is necessary to most people," said Walewski, "it gives them confidence --strangely---for it gives them a chance to "feel they can get power in their life. "It is pure escapism. People who don't have a happy life, who feel they are misunderstood or surrounded surrounded by problems too heavy for them, "turn to occultism and mysticism. This gives them a way of escape." The count, a gray-haired Buddha-shaped Buddha-shaped connoisseur with the largest library of demonology in America, came here in 1916 as an inspector of munitions for the Russian Russian czarist government. He remained remained and invested in the occult. He sells largely to museums, medical libraries and private collectors collectors But a surprisingly large number of ordinary citizens drop in to buy $5 flog images and other age old symbols of virility. Walewski stocks many trinkets employed in the "black religion" of Tibetan monks, including an apron apron of 200 human bones, a tiumpet made trom a human thighbone and a drum made from the skulls o£ an« eight-year-old boy and an eight- year-old girl. "Nice sound--yes?" he said, thumping the drum. On one side of his shop he has some fifty devil masks of different On the other are rang- the same number of religions, ed about saints. Walewski is currently out of n oa chastity belts, invented by knights to J\eep their fair ladies faithful \\hile they hied away on crusades. He also "recently sold his last iron mask for gariulous wives. It was painted led and had a long nose. A funnel forced Jnto the female gossip's paws enabled her to whistle but prevented her from .talking. "It \\as a wonderful thing," said Walewski, pleasantly. "It still ·would be good to ha\e some around handy" Yes, he's superstitious himself and carries three good luck charms at all times "Makes me feel better- logically." -psycho- self in .the name of exercise. The cab driver expects 35 cents above the legal fare merely for knowing the right street. The hatcheck girls regard you as a leper if toss them less than two bits for the dangerous work of guarding your hat and coat. "But the evil has spread throughout throughout our whole system!" declaimed Alpheus. "A hotelclerk expects you to slip him five dollars for putting you up in a $9 hotel worth S3. My building superintendent superintendent used to be satisfied with a necktie on Christmas. Now he expects expects a suit--and for Easter I to dig him up a top ccat that matches it or my garbage isn't removed. removed. "If you want to move to another another apartment you have to shell $200 to $500 on tne side. You to be able to buy a soft drink 5 cents. Now it's 10 cents. If don't leave a dime tip, the soda squirt glares as if you had just shot Lincoln." "The things people will do for money!" sighed Pythias. "What led you to embark on this crusade, Alpheus? These things have been going on for some time." "Today the mailman climbed one flight of stairs to deliver me a special package," said Thistlethwaite warmly. "He stood around waiting --imaging, that, a govemment ploye!--until my wife gave him a 50-cent tip." "What was in the package?" "A free sample of a new toothpaste," toothpaste," said Alpheus bitterly, as turned to leave. "That convinced me. America must a%vaken to its peril." LEGAL NOTICES STATE OF NEW YORK SUPREME COURT COUNTY OF ONTARIO ROBERT J. LINZY, Plaintiff against RUTH MOREHOUSE KENNEY LINZY, Defendent ACTION TO ANNUL MARRIAGE TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT: DEFENDANT: You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint m this, action, action, and to serve a copy of your answer, or, if the complaint is not served with .this summons, to serve notice of appearance on plaintiff's plaintiff's attorney witnm twenty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service. In case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default for the relief relief demanded in the complaint. 8

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Messenger,
  2. 29 Apr 1947, Tue,
  3. Page 6

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  • Daily Messenger, 29 April 1947, p. 6; re Count Walewski

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