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Burometto - S Two Killed, 40 Injured In Second Successive...
S Two Killed, 40 Injured In Second Successive Of Heavy Automobile Accident Tolls In Troy (Continued from Page 18) ^ sti iking the tree with considerable fotce. The car was declared a'total wreck. James Perez, 31, of 1217 Bioadway, Rcnsselaer, ^scaped unhurt but the car he was driving was damaged last v mght when the vehicle skidded on the Hcirick Street bridge in that city and hit a girder ,A Watervliet woman was injured m a two cai accident in -olonie Saturday n i g h t A Colonie patrolman was leport- idly assaulted by two men, one of whom had been involved in .he same accident. Wateivliet Woman Hurt Airs. Katherine : Karinar, 70, of 203 14th St, Watervliet, driver of one of the cars, was taken to Memorial Hospital m Albany ind tieated for slight injuries Police said her car was in col ision with one operated by Robert J. Russo, 18, of Schenectady, and owned by : his uncle, Walter 0. Johnson, 33, of Grounds Road, Colonie. The accident occurred on Albany-Sche- neclady Road near Stop 11. Patrolman Gary Coons of Colonie said that when he ar- ·ived to investigate the accident le found Russo arguing with one,of. the witnesses ,to the incident. He asked Russo to wait n the police cai Russo obeyed Shortly afterward he left and again started arguing Cook said ic took Russo and started to put hini,into the patrol car when Russo's uncle, Johnson, grabbed the officer's arm. Russo joined in .the altercation and the two men threw Coon lo the giound -WALT C A N the" officer said. They were taken before Jus Peace Nordin J. Russo pleaded innocent lo a charge of third .degree assault and another charge of disorderly conduct He was freed in ?150 bail. 'Johnson also pleaded innocent to a charge of third degree asault a n d . h e was freed in $100 bail. Bolh will appear again on Ocl. 28 before Judge Shambrook in Colonie. 'The Kannar .car was going north in Lisha Kill road and had slarled lo cross Route .5 when her car was struck by a truck owned by Johnson and driven by Husso thai was traveling west in Route 5. ' Patrolman Coon said that Russo had telephoned (lis uncle to come to the crash scene. · Two Arrested Two motorists were charged wilh drunken driving in two separate accidents in Schcnecla- dy over the weekend. Released on $350 bail for ap- ENDS TODAY! "WASP WOMAN" '"BEAST HAUNTED CAVE" LUUIUHI STARTS TOMORROW k LOUIS AND KEELYf IN THEIR , \ i FIRST i STARRING ROLES! MOHAWK ALIANT KH'DY ROAD FREE IN-CAR HEATKHS 2 101' COLOR HITS iiKium; fiLKxx HEVN01.DS FOIU) "IT STARTED WITH A KISS" --CO-HIT-- ·!o!m Waynr, Dean Martin; Klckey NHson "RIO BRAVO'' AUTO- I H T Q - F C FREE IN-CAR HEATERS LAST TIMES 2 HOT HITS Hltn llaywiirlh .-- Jlt:im Fnnl U SHOWN AT 7:00 and 10:40 2ND POWERFUL DRAMA! (ilcnn Kuril "Thepin IICIT" film-In Oralinmr. BIU OCA I SHOWN AT 9:10 ONI.V DRIVER KREK. 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Schenectady police said that Rueter's car, "westbound on Nolt street, crossed over Ihe cenler of Ihe slreet and struck a car duven by Salvadore Cimino, 48, of 11 Maple St., Mechanicville that had halted in the east' lane. Rauler was also released in $350 bail lor his appeara"nce later loday. · Girriino and a passenger in his car, Andrew .Wassil, 69, of 248 S Second St, Mechanic- vine, claimed neck and head in juries but said they would see their own physicians. 8 Taken To Leonard Eight persons were taken to Leonard Hospital at 2:15 p.m Sunday for trealment following a two-car accident, at 116th street and 6th avenue. Hospital attendants said thai Ihe injured were reportedly on their way lo attend the LaSalle ·institute- Catholic Central High School football game at Noire Dame Field. Injured in the accident were Mrs. Estella Quinn, " 45, of 5 Richmond St., Cohoes, driver of one of the machines, who suffered shock, and the following passengers in her auto, Joan Quinn,. 14, her daughter, laceration above right ankle; Bruno Amyot, 16, 5 Sunset Ct., Cohoes, bruised forehead and injuries to right elbow and both knees; his sister, Michele, 14, shock; Kathleen Murray, 15, . 10 Roosevelt Blvd., Cohoes, contusions of ankle; Sandra. Corona, 14, 43 Younglove Ave., Cohoes, bruise on forehead; Margaret Duval, 14, of 103 Masten Ave., Cohoes, shock, and Barbara Knoop, 13. of 4 Elaine "Ct, Cohoes, shock. All. were'released from Ihe hos- pilal afler treatment Patrolmen Thomas Melner- ney and John Comitale of Ihe radio palrol took the injured to the hospital., The officers reported lhat Ihe other machine was operated by Rev. John J. Hardim'ah, 36, of St. Mary's Church, Ballston Spa. Mrs. Quinn was driving a car owned by : her .husband, Martin; Quinn, east in H6th slreet. The other machinerwas traveling south in 6th avenue. The Quinn auto was lowed from tine accident scene. \ Two-Car Collision Betty Chandler, 62, of Fort Edward, was treated at Glens Falls - Hospital for contusions of the chest suffered about 11:50 a.m. yesterday when a car she was driving figured in a collision-with another.auto at the in terseclion of the Fort Edward and Bluebird roads, Town of Moreau. She was not detained at Ihe -hospital. Slale Police of.. Ihe Soulh Glens Falls station reported that the other vehicle was driven by Samuel Wells, 20, of Hudson Falls. , Six persons were taken to Samaritan Hospital yesterday morning following a two-car accident at Hutton street and 6th avenue. Treated and released at the hospital were ,-Helen Angrisano, .19, 629 3rd Ave., laceration of right leg; Michael Angrisano, 20, 613 5th Ave., facial laceralion; Judy Angrisano, 18, 613 5th Aye., shock; Joan Nesla, 20, 674 3rd Ave., shock, and Joseph Angrisano, 20, 357 Troy-Wesl Sand Lake Rd., injury lo left leg. Louis Angrisano 20, of 629 3rd Ave., suffered a left hip .injury and was detained at the hospital. His condition was described as 'fair." ?he Ambulance Service Corp., and a private car took the injured to the hospital.. Patrolmen Bernard Madsen and Roberl Pasinella of Ihe radio patrol, reported that the injured were passengers in a car traveling north :in 6lh avenue a n d ' which figured in a collision with one operated by Fred Marlok, 19, of 103 Stanton St., Yonkers, who was driving, east in Hutton street. The Angrisano car was towed from Ihe scene of Ihe accident. Struck Pole Robert Tomlinson, 34, of 29 Belle. Ave., w a s . trealed ; , a l Samarilan Hospital early.yester- day for abrasions of the face suffered when a car he was driving failed lo make .a curve in Brunswick road and struck a pole. He was released after being trealed. Patrolmen , Joseph -Elgeiser and H. J. Duby of the radio patrol" reporlcd lhat Ihe accident occurred about 100 feet west of Orchard avenue! Tomlinson was taken to the hospilal by the Ambulance . Service '..Corp. The car was reporlcd Iraveling wcsl in : Brunswick road when the" accidenl occurred. The machine was'towed from the accident scene. Roberl Coonradt, 6, of 54 5lh Ave., is in' St. Mary's · Hospital in..."good.!!-condition With lac- near 101st street. The machine, police reported, was driven by Charles P. Thibeaull, 40, of 53 Remsen SI, Cohoes The accident was investigated by Patrolmen Richard Gatheii and J. L. Foy of Ihe radio patrol. Helen Cavanaugh, 60, of 56 3rd St., ; was reported in "good" condition today at Samari- lan Hospital wilh abrasions of the chest suffered in a two-car accident Saturday night'at Congress street and Brunswick ave- ue. Conveyed to Hospital Patrolmen Joseph West and Frank Brearlon of the.radio pa- lrol, who took the woman to the hospital, reported she ' was a passenger, in a, car owned and driven, by "Emmett. Cavanaugh, 59, same address, which figured in a collision with .a machine owned and operated by Arthur Chatham, 50, of 122 High Hock Rd., Saraloga Springs. Frank Bbright, 18, of 2100 Burdell Ave., was taken to the Samaritan Hospilal late Salur- day nighl with a laceration of the "forehead suffered in an accident, in Sage avenue, west of Burdett avenue. He was held at the hospital and his condition, was described as "good." Patrolmen Elgeiser and. Dudy of the radio patrol reported he was riding jn a car operated by Robert Ashek, 20, of New Jersey. The. car, police, reported; was traveling east in Sage ave nue when il ivenl oul of control and struck and demolished" a fire hydrant The car was lowed from the'scene of Ihe accident: Two Injured Two persons were hurt about about 4:30 p.m. yesterday in an accident involving three cars at the intersection of Routes 236 and" 94, Town of Halfmoon, State Police, reported. The cars were. driven by Mary Louise Hart, 65, of Grand avenue, Sara- loga Springs; .Peter Vincent Damiano, 21, of 108 Eagle St., Albany, arid Thomas M. Connors, 19, of Waterford, State Police .'said. The . H a r t injuries to shoulder and was taken ;to the Saraloga Hospilal. Grace Wood, 17, of 141 Ontario.Si., Cohoes, a. passenger" .in the Damiano auto, received a laceration and abrasion of- the right leg. The accident was investigated, by Trooper J. H. Garrelt -f the Latham stalion of Troop G. A Iwo-car. accidenl in Roule Groom's road, Town of Half- 9, aboul 300 room's road, moon, at 12:40 a.m. yesterday resulted in injuries to three persons, State Police said. John Sherman, 30, of Brunswick Park drive, Rt. 1, Troy, suffered a possible : back injury, bruises of the yfett wrist and right side of the face; his wife, Orcelia, . 28, suffered shock, and. ^David , Dormandy, 34, of Brunswick . Park drive, R.D. 1, Troy, a cut on the forehead. Sherman is in the Leonard Hospital and his condition was described as '{'air." His Wife Was- released after being treated. Dormandy was not hospitalized. Passengers 111 Car Trooper S. W. Horrocks of Ihe Latham station reported thi Shermans were passengers in the Dormandy car. The other car was driven by Charles . oratiions near, 'the, left nnd contusion! ,of ,,'the ; ' eye :l(;ft , ,, thigti suitcre'd 'yesterday; morning '.when "ho wis - reportedly itfuck by i car In St'n m nut lome.(own,address of the two soldiers. Foster sustained a "bump on he nose. The vehicle was ti'av. cling from ;Norlh Hoosick to Sagle Budge. The driver darned Ihe accident or lights "rom an oncoming car during leavy rain, The scene of the accident one where several crashes have occurred in the past. A" Tro'y youth escaped injury 'esterday.when Ihe auto he was driving went off the Plank road east of Route 22 in the Town Berlin and went down an embankment. State Police said that Charles Felter, 17, of 24 Spring Ave., was operating the car and ·ounding'a- curve when Ihe vehicle skidded and plunged down an embankment. woman · suffered the back and feet south of Town of Half- Burometto, Hawk St., , 40, of 107 South Albany. The injured were taken to the hospital by, the Cliflon Park- Halfmoon ambulance. George E. Ridler, 34, of Cam bridge, suffered a possible frac- lured skull and a broken jaw about 2:45 a.m. yesterday when his car lefl Ihe county road between Johnsqnville and Soulh Cambridge, Town of'Schaghti- coke, and slruck a ulilily pole. He was laken to Mary McClellan Hospital, Cambridge, by a passing motorist and later transferred "lo Albany Hospilal. Stale Police reported Ridler was driving south when he los 1 ! control of the machine and it went off the east shoulder of the road. The accident occurred about, four-tenths.' of, a . mile south of the Washington County line. Andrew Hart, 21, of Box 346 West Sand Lake, is in St. Mary's Hospital with fractures of the right hand and a laceration of Ihe hand suffered, hospilal attendants' reported, when a motorcycle he.was driving figured in an accident with a car in the Troy-Wesl Sand Lake road. He was taken to Ihe hospital in an ambulance at 12:30 p.m. yesterday and held for further trealment His condition was described as "fairly good'-' today. Slale Police said Ihe car was operalcd by Raymond Taber of Wesl Sand Lake., Two Air Force sergeants from the Platlsourg bsse were involved in a one-car accident on Roule 22 in North Hnosick yesterday aboul 12:30 a.m. A.car opcraledlby John Foster Jr., 29, went off the high- was at a curve in Dublin Bridge, knocked over -the mail box in front of the residence of John Powers and crossed over Ihe highway where ; the vehicle came to..a slop against the highway; guard rails when Ihe right' front Wheel br'ekc. The fr'ont-cnd'of Ihe car was considerably ; damaged and the auto''wasttpwcd to the Owl Garage! In. Hoosick Falls!' . A pesscngef in the Fester car \Vas George Bliss. 1 The car had Tonrio'sscc plates. - Stale Iro'op- crs (roln Eagle Bridge, who. ill' v.estigatod, did' not secure · the*| r PHILCO at home Polished with tube, 29Hs" ALL NEW WIRELESS OPEN BUY

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  1. The Times Record,
  2. 19 Oct 1959, Mon,
  3. Page 21

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