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Bucktails Defense of Little Round Top Retold  1938 p1 - 1 - 'J : i Buckt;a!ls Part ;in ' Defense of...
1 - 'J : i Buckt;a!ls Part ;in ' Defense of Little Round top Retold . i : - r - , i I ; 1 LANDON TO ANSWER FIRESIDE TALK WASHINGTON, July 2 0NS President Roosevelt's latest "Fireside talk" will be answered next Wednesday night, July 6, by Alf M. Landon, his opponent in the 1936 presidential race. The Republican National Committee announced today the former governor of Kansas will speak over a nation - wide lookup (CBS) from 7 to 7:30 (EST) on that date, under the auspices of the committee. , NAMED IN SWITCH OF il, JAMES RODSEVET IS INHICEUIIT BOSTON. July 2 - 4NS Although )WOU,d neve changed the result of not Involved in the " suit, JameS; tne connict and Gettysburg would Roosevelt, eldest eon and secretary nave bcen tne turning point of the of the President, today had been worbut not j favor lr)e North, namd as the sllegd kingpin In aj Tne gond most Interesting spot switch of an $800,000 account from (n our Cgttmation is Devil's Den, one Insurance company to anothar wncre the Bucktalls by charging by the National Shawmut.bank.' forward regained ground lost by The suit charging breach of con - General Sickles' men and forced tract was brought against the bank It ne Confederates to evacuate. It was by Arthur D. Cronln, Boston brok - npar the latter, spot that Col. Tay - er. seeking to recover W1.750 plus interest he claimed he lost in com missions. . .. . Hearings and arguments in the case were completed before Attor ney F. Delano Putnam, assigned by the Superior Court and he was ex - pectcd to file his findings of fact within six weeks.. Romney Spring, counsel for Cronln, who charged the bank switched accounts because it wanted James Roosevelt to get the business, asked for a trial by jury next fall. He claimed his client had an oral contract with the bank for Insurance business. Spring charged two vice - presidents of the bank admitted they used their Influence to turn a high ly specialized automobile insurance account to the firm of Obrien, Rub - . sell and Company, with which. Roosevelt and his partner, John Sargent, shared, offices, expenses, and profits. Attorney Robert Dodge, counsel for the bank, said Roosevelt was (Continued on page eight) Winner, Loser t ! I 1 t: u in. J..J Helen Wills Mrtnrti. fottav de - feated Helen Jacobs M. frO and won her eighth Wimbledon tine. Msla Jarobt Injured her right Jcg during th - match, v.) 1 i .i . ' I yr in U Mil ' By Kane Republican Staff Correspondent GETTYSBURG MILITARY PARK, GETTYSBURG, Pa., July 2 Although the field of Gettysburg has greatly . changed since those three eventful days of seventy - five years agrf when the. iNorthcrn Army of General Meade, 88,289 strong met the forces of the resourceful Southern General Lee, composed of approximately 75,000, a visitor has but little trouble in getting the - lay of the land and is able to visualize the fierceness of the conflict, which ended the dream of a" Southern Confedorcy and resulted : in federal casualitics mounting to the stagger ing figures of 23.049 with the Confederate losses 5,000 greater. - At any rate, there Is one point of paramount interest to the writer and that is Little Round Top. a most strategic hill which the Buck - tails from the Kane section - prevented the Rebel forces from occupying on the second day of the conflict. The possession of Little Round Top. by the enemy would have rendered the Union line's noKltion so untenable that it likely iori 0f the Bucktalls, met his death. Kane Leaves Sick Bed General Thomas L. Kane was In Baltimore hospital just before" Gettysburg, where he was recover - ling from an attack of pneumonia. but is spite of his weakened condl tion he was entrusted with a mess age from the War Department to General Meade, telling the latter that the Confederates were In possession of the Union cipher. Kane secured the services of a daring Kentuckian to drive him to the battlefield. Stopped once by Confederate cavalry, under Jeb Stuart, their Southern accent enabled them to escape and reach Gettysburg in time for General Kane lo take command of his Brigade on the second day of the bcttie, although he was too weak to fit upon his horse. On the third day of the - Jattle Kane's brigade repulsed the charge of Jack - ,, Id division under the com - mand of General Johnson. The ridge of hills or heights runs southward from Gettyrburg terminating in two hills called - re - snectlvely Little Round Top and" ins k.iw. .h - '.,,ihr .irt. nf r - m - . tery Ridge, which on the second day of the battle was occupied by the Union forces, and northern side of Little Round Top; another val ley between the southern side of Ml tie Round Ton and Iho northern side of Round Top. The northern) end of the ridge Is close to the town of Gettysburg, but bends back in I the ahaoe of a horseshiie. terminal.' ing In what Is known as Kutp's Hill. A mile to the west Is Seminary Ridge, running generally patallel to Cemetery Ridge and the Round Tops, and along this ridge the Con' federate Army was posted. Importance of Utile Round Top In forming Ihe Union Line of bat tie Skk ecorPs; he Third had! been nslruetcd ?o take wi.ltlon on .r.J?k .n"L n' the left of Hancock, and on the same general line, which would draw it along the prolongation of Cemetery Ridge towards Round Top, At thk point, however, Ihe ridge Is not very well defined. The Emmetsburg road runs down the valb - y between Cemetery and Siminary Ridges, being elevated on an Intermediate crest. Sickles, keeping his right in touch with Han - rock's threw his line along this crest, while to prevent leaving his left In Ihe air. he refused if throwing It back through low ground towards Rounl Top, exposing to ,h - .nrmy , salient I which ir carried would place the' entire army In Jeopardy. To make, mailers worse neither Round Top) nor Little Round Top had been occupied, their Importance not hav - Ing been recognued at that time Looking west, from the summit 01 Utile Round Ton. Is the pre - "'P""i tlda of Ihe hill Itself, r ky n' wooded. At Ihe base Ihe ground resembled a marsh, through which, J iO - mtlaued on jvr,e twe "

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