The Scranton Truth 27 December 1904 p 12

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The Scranton Truth
27 December 1904
p 12 - SOUTH SCRANTON. Parish House on Hickory Street...
SOUTH SCRANTON. Parish House on Hickory Street Crowded at the Sunday School Exercises. 4 ' Those Who Participated. ' The parish house on' Hickory street vag crowded with 'two 'large audiences yesterday afternoon and evening to witness witness "the "Christma's festivities of the pupils of the German Presbyterian Sunday Sunday school. , The entertainment . was capital.. " ' ' " "Jacob F. Emlck'was Santa Claus for the occasion and he acted the part well. His attire was red with black facings. ft. 3, ,'L.' JACOB F. EMICK. Who Was the Santa Claus. 1 r' v "f ' - iL ' v 'Z, ?: :v'h x ' i. I T : , A ' - f7 cap to match and hiffh boots, hair and beard of white, in profusion, completing the disguise. Mr. Err.iek is Buffering from a cold, but his splendid voice was heard - to good effect in the song "At Last I've Come." "Der WelnachtRmann" was the name of the cantata rendered and all of the children showed the excellent care th: t had been bestowed on them In their four weeks' of preparation. There was a chorus by sixty voices as the first number. Those 'who participated individually individually were: Emma and Martha Kornacher, a duet, "Welcome Christmas;" Christmas;" Helen Schantz, solo, Lo, Santa Claus Coming Soon;" Frieda Gutheinz, solo, "All the Good Things Thct Santa Brings;" Helen Schantz. solo, "I Wonder Wonder if Santa Will Come?": appearance of Sanfci Claus, Jacob F. Emick; Emma Emma and Martha Kornacher. duet, "Santo "Santo Claus Is Here at Last;" Jacob F. Emick, Santa Claus, solo, "At Last I've Come to Greet You;" Marie Frue - han, solo to Santa Claus. "I Want to Sing You a Little Song;" Emma and Fuhrer. two tiny children sinking sinking to Santa Claus, "Listen to Our Little Little Song;" quintette, and chorus, Minnie Minnie Schank, Corinne Wirth. Ann;. Robinson1, Robinson1, Mamie Erliurdt and Carrie Wirth, "Christmas Is Here;" Rutli Nordt, 8olo, "To. the Christmas Tree." At" this point the Christmas tree to the right of the stage, the left hand f ide being decorated with an American flag, burst forth into. a gkiw.of light. Michael. A. Frichtel and August F. Kraft be - lng In charge of the, electrical appll - Newsboys chorus, Orphans Are We," Phrlip'Uewert. Harry Wirth, Herbert Scheuer and Willie Boettger; duet, Helen and .Carrie Peil, ' Dear children singing, "Come In," Esther Zimmerman; Marie Rent senior. Emma Fickus,' Eva Heier, - Rosa Petri, Lily Petri, Rosanna Bender. Mary Miller, Rose Scheuer. Lucy Hartma,nn, Cecilia Hanzelman, Florence Frueohtol, Helen Frichtel, George' Petri'. "Elmer Chase; twenty children singing. "Lovely - lu - jntrtn - I ... " t; , .1 . 1 1 ,i i ... t , . .... 1 1 - i Helm, "Margaret, Mauer. Frieda Fu?hs, Lily Mauer, Jennie Rose. Mildred Knel - ler, Martha Zulegen, Helen Zuleger. Ly - dia Lengler, Helen - Rode, Priscilia Rode, Roy .Heeker. Willie Storr, Alfred Alfred Krayer, Willie Eifert. Harold Scheue WolterMiHer. Rudolph Kunz, John Kneller. All th' children sang "Da Droben, Da Droben." when Rev. Mr. Nordt. made some. remarks, savin? that it . was" a pleasure for him to be among children and the younger a child the more jiaturaLig ,hU or her conduct. He commented favorably on the work of the Sunday school. He spoke of the obstacles that frequently prevented the surmounting of which looked anything but enfcouraging.. To the chll,dr?n he stated that he hoped they would increase increase in virtue with their years and prove to - be good citizens, good men and women in the community. Mrs. Martha Kornacher. superintendent superintendent of the infant class. also spok. She was pleased because of the fact that the children - possessed the qualifications qualifications to conduct such an elaborate programme programme to. perfectly in the German language, and she requested all o lise and sing "O Du Froeliche, O Du Selige." This was followed by the Lord's prayer in which ..ajl .joined, followed by the benediction by the pastor. Then Santa Claus got real busy and presents were distributed." Among the children assigned charac - ter parts whose names are not given above were: Robert Ballus. Kmma Klein, Anna Kleinschrodt. Lydia Arnold, Arnold, Carrie Neher. Lily Haussner, Daniel Daniel Peil, Willie Koch. MEASURE OF PROGRESS. At the late service Christmas day in St. John's church. Rev. P. J. Boland Indirectly paid Miss Catharine Reardon, organist of St. John's church, a very neat compliment that most people who know this young lady and her work will say is merited. In the course of his remarks the reverend speaker said: "We celebrate today the feast of the nativity of the Son of God who became man for our salvation. It Is therefore, and should be, a day of great rejoicing. From this point we might stop and take a' backward glance at the year that has passed. As a congregation we have made some worldly progress. This is apparent. I trust that we have also made some spiritual progress. Worldly progress can be estimated by worldly values. If we have made any spiritual progress we have drawn closer to God and this progress can only be measured by the value each one of us places on salvation. "There Is one matter in which we should take pride, and that Is thtit in our own midst we have young men and young women who cpi interpret classical classical music in such a skillful 4iid pleasing pleasing manner as you have witnessed In the very difficult mass that they rendered rendered at today's service. Our choir is a credit to St. John's church, and it If a good sign of spiritual progress when so many young men and wonvn d - vote their splendid talents to God's service." service." ST. PAVL'S GERMAN CHURCH. The feature of the Sunday school Christmas entertainment at St. Paul's German M. E. Church last evening. Rev. Gustave F. Hausser, pastor, was the work of the church orchestra. This organization, under the direction of E. H. Hausser. is in its second year and is found very useful. The membership and instrumentation are: E. H. Hausser, flute; Emil Irion, violin; William Naeher, Robert Straub, William Riskie, Leo Ratze'll, cornels; Edward Getz. Joseph J. Johler, Charles Naeher, clarionets; Mrs. William Naeher, pianist. PERSONAL NOTES. Mrs. William Geishart, of Wilkes - Barrfe, Is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neu, of Kirst court, and the latter areiroud of thicr grandson, William Geishart, Jr. Miles Foley, of Cumberland. Md., where he is employed on the Wabash Railroad, is spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyers, of - West Seneca, N. Y.; is spending the holidays with the former's parents on South Webster avenue. Miss Josephine Clifford, a designer In lace embroidery in New York City, is spending the holidays with Her parents, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Clifford, of Prospect avenue. James V. Clifford, manager of Woolworth's Binghamton store, also ate his Christmas dinner at his Prospect avenue home. Joseph MeCann, of Buffalo, gladdened gladdened the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Owen McCann, of Cherry street, by his presence for Christmas. John McCann, Jr., of Pittsburg, after an absence of ten. months, received a cordial welcome from his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John McCann, Sr., of Prospect avenue. Miss Agnes Reardon, of the Strouds - burg Normal School, Is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Reardon, of Crown avenue. Miss Nellie Mangan, of the same institution, institution, Miss Reardon's alter ego. ii being entertained at the home of her mother, Mrs. Mary Mangan, of Prospect Prospect avenue. Prepared under GERMAN LAWB. HlM tat PvHn inr 1 TfiflTHAnHP DR. 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The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania)27 Dec 1904, TuePage 12
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