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Geo Beacom TX 1999 - A i* rsf* u • t f A diirerent kind or May 11,...
A i* rsf* u • t f A diirerent kind or May 11, 1953, my husband George Beacom Sr., a student at Baylor University, myself and 2- year-old child. Sherry, lived in Waco, Texas. I was seven months pregnant with my son, George Beacom Jr. George worked part-time at the Waco Boy's Club on Speight St. I had taken a leave from Baylor and came to Brazoria County to visit relatives. My sister. Georgia Powell, and mother had spent the afternoon visiting other relatives before I returned home to Waco. George had stayed in Waco. We arrived at my sister's home in Angleton in time to hear the 6 o'clock news. They reported a No. 5 tornado had ravished Waco. It hit at 5 o'clock in the afternoon when people were getting getting off work. I held my unborn son close to my heart and prayed. My sister. an RN. started making calls. All calls, even emergencies, were delayed six to eight hours. We sat up all night and tried to rest, waiting. In the early morning hours, the phone rang. It was my husband, telling us he had survived and of horrific stories of the tornado. We had been familiar with hurricanes, hurricanes, being from the Houston, Brazoria County, Gulf Coast area — but not tornadoes. My husband husband was at the Waco Boys" Club on Speight St., at the time. It had been raining all day, dark as night. He said approximately six to eight older boys were at the Boy's Club to help with repairs and cleaning. He described the loud whistling sounds, the dark of the day turning a tinge of green getting the boys in the hall bathroom and turning to see a large tree near the sidewalk being pulled up by the roots that had grown under the sidewalk, pulling the sidewalk up as ribbons, ribbons, and cars going backwards with no drivers, Our small house on Bluebonnet on the outskirts of Waco, towards Rosebud, had only slight damage. I returned when we were allowed to go back. I understand 1 17 people were killed, many being pulled from fence posts, fences, lakes, and some had drowned in a downtown furniture furniture store's basement where a water main had broken, furniture floating and blocking the entrance. The tall American National Building, downtown, stood bravely throughout. As I returned home with my family, we were aghast at what we saw. One house was saved while the one near was destroyed. Mostly bathtubs remained where houses were destroyed. Construction companies merged in for clean up and build. Horrible stories were told of rescues rescues made of the dead and alive. May 11th is a Memorial Day in my memory. Jane Baker Angleton

Clipped from The Facts11 May 1999, TuePage 4

The Facts (Clute, Texas)11 May 1999, TuePage 4
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