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Dominating LA county fair - Setting off the rear sector of the Santa Cruz...
Setting off the rear sector of the Santa Cruz county exhibit at the Los Angeles county fair is a series of 11) large 16x20-inch 16x20-inch 16x20-inch full color transparencies with special lighting effects on Santa Cruz county points of interest. interest. Directly above the pic Santa Cruz Again Dominating World's Largest County Fair By Skip Litllefield Pomona Assuming a dominating dominating lead among the cream of California's competitive counties at the huge Los Angeles County fair in Pomona, Santa Cruz won 11 first-place first-place first-place blue ribbons out of 12 agricultural and horticultural entries for 1953. In addition to the produce displays. displays. Santa Cruz county swept the' state, at the world's largest county fair, with its blue ribbon exhibits of redwood burl products and redwood lumber. Final judges' reports showed that top honors for the "Best And Most Diversified Display Of Natural Natural And Cultivated Resources Of A County" were given to Siskiyou county with Santa Cruz the run-nerup. run-nerup. run-nerup. Following this county were Tuolumne and Shasta counties counties in place positions. Santa Cruz county won second place in 1955 and then topped the field in 1H56 and 1957 winning first place honors in all entries including including the exhibit itself. County advertising committeemen committeemen today felt exceedingly happy happy with this county's current sliowing. They pointed out that basica'lv, the local exhibit was little changed from the last two years. The county theme has em-ploed em-ploed em-ploed a hnckdrop of giant redwoods redwoods with a fast running mountain stream coursing its way through lavish banks of begonias and maiden hair ferns. In the dry and parched southland, southland, the verdant greenery of this county has been a never-ending never-ending never-ending source of amazement to residents of smog-smitten smog-smitten smog-smitten Los Angeles county. 1958 blue ribbon winners for Santa Cruz county included: I Strawberries' (J. M. Reiter farms) Rio del Mar and Watson-ville. Watson-ville. Watson-ville. 2 Mushrooms fVv'est Foods Shady Oak brand) Soquel. 3 Artichokes (Santa Cruz Artichoke Artichoke And Sprout Growers association) association) Santa Cruz. 4 Brussels sprouts (Santa Cruz Artichoke And Sprout Growers association) Santa Cruz. 5 Lettuce (West Coast farms) Watsonville. 6 Carrots (West Coast farms) Watsonville. 7 Celery (West Coast farms) tures is the prize winning display display of redwood burl products fuinised by Sinkinson's Redwood Redwood Novelty company and the California (iifts company of Santa Cruz. To the right is the California Saddle Leather exhibit exhibit of the A.K. Salz company. the weather was exceptionally cool this year. The results proved proved disastrous for this county. Other non-competitive non-competitive non-competitive displays being featured at the county exhibit exhibit are: 1 California Sjiddle Leather (A.K. Salz company), Santa Cruz. 2 Raneho Redwood Products (Angelo Cravelli), Santa Cruz. 3 Dahlias (L.N. Marlow) Santa Santa Cruz. 4 Begonias (Antonclli Bros.), Capitola. Merchandising the wares of this county at the Pomona show are Helena Streett (Greater Santa Santa Cri'z Chanilier of Commerce), Mrs. Gretchen Warner (Greater Sa.. Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce), Mrs. Gladys Dixon (Greater Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce), Mrs. Eula Hes-keth Hes-keth Hes-keth and Ann La.Molhc (Capitola Chamber of Commerce) and Robert Robert Spung (Watsonville Chamber .of Commerce and Agriculture). In direct charge of the county county exhibit is John Hesketh, former member of the county advertising committee and past president of the Capitola Chamber. Hesketh reported that during the first three days of the south'; land show 234.0UO people went j through the turnstiles. The fair! runs for 17 days. Last year's at-' at-' at-' tendance was 1.074.000. i Produce and flowers for the exhibit is rushed south via chartered chartered plane on an almost daily schedule through the tacilities ol j Skypark airport and Russell Rice, Santa Cruz county residents unable to attend the Pomona show still will be in a position to see this region's blue ribbon produce with the opening of the Santa Cruz County fair at Watsonville. Watsonville. The local show may be somewhat somewhat smaller and less pretentious pretentious than the Los Angeles county county colossus but its produce bears the reputation of the finest in the state. Arthur Olson Is Soquel Service Club President Arthur Olson, head custodian YAan-These YAan-These YAan-These Are The Berries' ? fi ' , r Li. Gov, "Butch" Powers poised with a giant specimen of Santa Cruz county strawber-riers strawber-riers strawber-riers grown by J. M. Keiler at Rio del Mar awaits permission from Santa Cruz county representatives representatives at the Los Angeles County fair to sample tiie ACCIDENT INJURES SAN FRANC ISC O WOMAN Dorothy Mae Flowerday of San Francisco received minor injuries vesterday afternoon when her car tailed to make a curve on Highway Highway 0 five miles north of Boulder Creek, California Highway patrolmen patrolmen reported. New York Stock Exchange Courtesy ot Baikie & Alcantara Stocks & Bones Dueet Private Wire tftl v Pacific Ave f'b GA h i" Industrials - ,126 60 up 3M Rails i:i!i.,")2 un 1 4 Vfi'.uini- Vfi'.uini- .1 ii'n, nut) NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE American Can American Telephone .. American Tobacco Anaconda Co Alchisur, T. K S. F 49', .iub'-i .iub'-i .iub'-i - Hti's . .1b' . 2 f RendiN 57 '4 I Roth. Steel ... Calif. Pai k. - 51 -4 -4 I Caterpillar HI 1 j ! Che. and Ohio -. -. n Chrysler 5-7 5-7 5-7 7 a Douglas Aircraft . SH'n Dupunt ''O'i Filtrol 4." ' 4 General Fleet! if KR General .Motors 45 Goodyear 94 Homestake .'''',! International Harvester 'M'f International Nickel H7''f k.uti.U. lift! wuiCiiy, prize w inning blue ribbon product that has swept all California California competition in the huge southland show for the past four years. Proudly hanging on to the flat of berries is county exhibit mana of Capitola. John Hesketh DA IRY and POULTRY Fi..m-1-e... Fi..m-1-e... Fi..m-1-e... Fi..m-1-e... Fi..m-1-e... Si pt 1 F.ii'ter (' U , - !, r , ;,; i, T; Til ,1 OUalO I 111. print. 7 "'.: Hv P'"mt -7t -7t ; sec, i.i n.i.i'.tv 1 lb. print ti.-7; ti.-7; ti.-7; ' 1. ? paid ei eft fnoriucers tor live in Francisco lh- lh- . 17-211. 17-211. 17-211. pe 21, to 4'i lbs 1,1: ii. i 'cs ne..v toe 4'j lbs and ov r 2 Fun I iii'ii.r, "it i!"ht tvne 4 Ibi nd .. 1 it' nt tvnes, 4 pounds LP... Heavy types, all r i.' s s iu-a iu-a iu-a - K' and over. 1 vri 'hU, no mo lioi-i. lioi-i. lioi-i. S.iuabs .in Dinks nil tt'ls 45-46 45-46 45-46 Dottiest! rabbits under 6 lbs.. 64- 64- 65 Tut key nil wns . dresstd 5'! M Young If. lbs 4.1 47 young ton): over 54 .'.fi voung bens toins around ia-24 ia-24 ia-24 lbs and Egg Quotations Poultry Ptoducer": nf cli's to tee retail L.uyc Giar AA .. Medium Grade AA Invoicing prices trade .... ofl-fi2 ofl-fi2 ofl-fi2 44-48 44-48 aoai Small Giaile A A Sun h raiiciscr. Larue Gi.rie A FSMN (notations .10-60 .10-60 .10-60 Medium Gl ide A Small (a jiit A . 44-49 44-49 44-49 3U-31 3U-31 3U-31 SHOP IN THE GREATER (if Lee i of mother

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  1. Santa Cruz Sentinel,
  2. 16 Sep 1958, Tue,
  3. Page 13

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