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Bascom Automotive  Boston - BaSEM YES, WE SELL 224 eOLUMBUS AVE. BOSTON...
BaSEM YES, WE SELL 224 eOLUMBUS AVE. BOSTON MASS. pelee» on flrst or seconds. BA8C0M. Jißon kwMiäffsWtiiWW KVERY ONE absolutely guaranteed and sold In other store» at $5, and 1» large enough aad »ood enouiih for any car; nothing better naade; will ship C. O. D.; any horn may be returned If not satisfactory; we bought for cash « bunch of these horns and as usual offer you thl» big biirg.-iin cs long as they last; don’t talss this fljarxe. MAIL ÔftÛlfl CAmigUlS WK Ail'ARA.NTEE to fill orders at. prteee qn.iled in any cut-price catalogue yon may have of 1015 edition; send In your orders, will ship C. (». D. and guarantee every article. BAS- CO.M. 20 H. P. DELIVERY $300 CALL for demonstration on this car; it has Baseb map-to, speedometer, and will do the of 3 iKirses. BAiiCOM. 83 Stanhope st $2S METZdXR WIND SHIELD $7.50 WSBEirX SPLITDORF MAGNETO with Ntw ttyl* Bouad Oisb Celt $35.00 Genuine French plate glass, all brass frame, 4-1x28 In. Complete with rods .-ind mahogany board. ' BASCOM BRANIJ NEW and made to sell for $T5; guaranteed guaranteed In every way; only a few left; aUo Kcmy's with eoll. complete for 830; your old magneto taken in exchange. 6 CYL. MABNETO, NEW, $ 20.00 III Al. WITH <'OU.. made to sell for $75; only two at llilw pidcc, HA SCOM PSIR J. M-IHOCIT ä BSÖRBERS $15.181 BSS g H AND OTHER MABNETOIS lihPAIRED b^* oxpt*ri8: all work giiararjtwl; new an^l NPeonfi-liand culls for «ale- BASrOM, PARTS for STEWART SPrEDOHETIiiS fon!» B ASCO^Í^^*’ nearly new Hart- HERE IT IS —AGENTS WANTED FORD STARTER, $ 14.00 Post Paid BKJ .SAVING. aJl prices are jiostiiaid; ilx up your speedometer now; swivel joint, $2.25- flexjhle abafting, conjplete with chain Inside,' $2.i0; pinion small gear, 20c; special Ford Stewart speedometer, $8 complete; we also have psft.s for Jones & Warner’s. HASCO.W. Engines, Transmissions anti Axles IP TOUR ear Is broken down it will pay y©« to look U8 up, as we have 10 or 15 »otors, all standard makes, several 4-speed, tr«BgBjlsa!<» and full floating axles; have In stock now above _ ............ fo‘‘ Ueerless, Fierce-Arrow, Packard, Cadillac, Gonn in some unoccupied'territoryf write todar / »i"'' Goetb. Rambler and fgr cjK-oiars and agent.»’ term». BAHCO'.Vt. others; also radiator frames, steering Tin: GM.y STAUTEH that win turn the engine engine over two comprexslons; guaranteed or money back after trial If not satisfactorv agent* -wanted In Maine, V’t, N H, H I and 1913 FORD TOURINC, $275 2 NEW TniE.S on rear, one on front; this Is a gotxl buy at this price. BASOO.W, 33 Stan- iiope St. 1908 PACKARD RUNABOOr $250 HAS broken rear end, but otherwise OK, good tires, etc; motor alone worth this price Btanliopo Ft. _____ PAKARD RUHiBliiT $250 GOOli RUN NINO OUUEK and has grxal tl Ftrciloiie deinoUDtable rims, glajui front, 83 Stanhope *t. 83 gear», gasoline tanka, etc. BASCO)! «ROWlTIPTArETPcro nice 5-pass, car ,40 n P, fully euulpped, !n gtxxi repair" and a ’ tires. S3 SUnbope ¿t. FORD SPECIALS res, etc. FKONT SFniNGS, $3; fan belt. 25c; foot accelerators. accelerators. $1 ; valve grinder, 30c; valve lifter 3.jc; reg $10 master vibrator, guaranteed, ^.50; plFfoii ring, 15c; oil gauge, 15c; 30-hour clock. ÎΫ «'xc- plus*. »1: tlM COT- err, 8oc; d«xrtorg croBSos, 36 p . iTiVi®*® ignition OUITIT, «PECIAI. ___________• BaSCO-M. FORE DOOR REGAL, $350 WANTEDrTDRnti H F, 5-pnsB,, new top and patnt; a big bar- Mill I SaiJR i VllUv 30 II F, 5 pnsB., new top and patnt ; a big bar- gnlii, H» thè moror ha» bi'cn ov»rbBuie<i ; moke a iiUe family cur, eSKy on tire» «pd gasoline; see this cnr before you buy. IlASOOM. cr WTLI. PAY CASH for © few good touring cars r runaboutB_l9i.3, '14 or '16;Vin Wem la and get yoar cash. BASCOM, 224 Oolumbus av.

Clipped from The Boston Daily Globe25 Apr 1915, SunPage 168

The Boston Daily Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)25 Apr 1915, SunPage 168
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