Sac Sun (Sac City, Iowa) June 30, 1955

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Sac Sun (Sac City, Iowa) June 30, 1955 - Letter To Editor Written In 1911 Reprinted Here...
Letter To Editor Written In 1911 Reprinted Here The company c-oio.=ir^ o: r . M Cory aad family. Jo='. A .it: r; 7f--eij , aad fv, l.ttie dau^J'-r- Jacob I j McAfee, wife aad four -r.: ·,. ^jns; ' David Metcalte. wire a"i - sou'I and daughter, an J Jo--,-?- -- .^fn., j Editor's Note. This story was printed in The Sac Sun on April 12, 1951. Since it contains a references to Sac County's early history, it is being reprinted in this issue. Carr, youag ". J. Hasch recently brought to The ac sun . a clipping tak- jj unt an old bachelor, anl Evans, a youag man ·; panied Uic'e loe. A later W. V. LaGjrz'a- two little daugh'«'- Cranvford uho w«-*' r start from Jones Courr others left there. «rr From the ran.p a the m^n =*.r* up A to en from the office under the date joca^eci h^ s ci'i-'i of June 29. 1911. It was a letter i ow " o ^ ae d and i from Harvey W. Cory and it COB- -^- Cory. Dar.d tains a ~.o~ of referenow to early a tract" no~th Sac Couaty history. =o we have de- ^ e - "pat i rH--'" " cided to repi-.nt it. th ; p:ace ^"L^ Accord;r,? TO thi= Ktter. the he , en made- Joe. '-. nrst =ett!ers arr'v^d in Sac County '.T, ZS54 wh'r-h mean* tbat 5f- Count" w:n rre '* r ,fe -^".Tiir a rea- ^ -ennia". ce'ebrar,!^ a within a few weeks. He'-e is ihe flipping «ou'h th fa T^. Editor Sac aa: Alter four Ajef Richard-. T" --·ar= of absen-^ from ?ar- Couaty a ad the oM ba T returned for a visit and. meet"*i? so inaTiy friends and o'd «»t- ilers cau=ed mv irand to travel " A Settlement O back to the ea*!y settlement of Taere wa a -v.-1 rh;= co'jrity. aad thiiiXin^ that ft dians ia (2.r~.~ ~ ~ *!i:?ht interest some of your read- tleaieat? a: a pa ' a ers. I -a-iii write some of the been of that, o-ai Criss; Ja-ob 01 t"e now owTieo and W V oa [ y "waite tv in the wlnte" ' l'= S - - o:n:r« I remember In the spring of 12M P. M. Cory, with a wife ana seven sons, started from Hardin County, Ohio. They left the old home with two yoke of oxen on one wagon and mad: t^e journey, crossing the Mississippi River at Clinton, Iowa, Juiy 4. At or near Anamosa, this family stopped six weeks waiting for other pf-ties, who were preparing to come to this new country. a::ed L~ - were very ps · -*t · at that titae. a .r. white aien Af- -" ' Ts-ould be a =ho -' · the game ki!' -c aiaking it a po. it thas lettiag tn- *--'. ' that they v -re z . r This baad o f I r i1 .ir.- famons band of Sioux \ ! Inkapadoto, who .ate- · . their depredation^ tkr- River aad massa' r--0 ' On the fonrth day ot September t a t Spirit Lake the first of settlers j The first wiate-. !So4 ·'. drove iato the coaaty and west J was a very inild or.? : - · into camp at the big spriag east but Httle saow. Taer- ! ·- of where Sac City BOW staads beea sach a win'- r i ' » '

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  1. The Sac Sun,
  2. 30 Jun 1955, Thu,
  3. Page 43

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  • Sac Sun (Sac City, Iowa) June 30, 1955

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