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July 22, 1894 Page 13 - prom-, prom-, set- a dnc. The following guests...
prom-, prom-, set- a dnc. The following guests are registered at Leland's Ocean House: Hon. James W. Bradbury and family, of Maine; Mr. and Mrs. George Green,'. Mls Libbie Ferris, Miss 8adie Smith, Mrs. H. jV. Pnrdy, Colonel Colonel D. Welglein, Miss L, E. Irwin, George T. Putney, and Hob. 8. Smith, of New York; Congressman J. 7. Aldrlch, Mr. and Mrs. C B. Scoville, Mr. and Mrs. W. Carpenter Carpenter Camp, and Mr. .and Mrs. J. J. Hayes, of Chicago: Mrs. J. J. Fields, Miss Fields, - and .Townsend- .Townsend- Cocks, of Brooklyn; Mr. and Mrs, a Lispenard, William Gerhard, A. H. Gerhard, Miss Gerhard, and Miss Meredith, of Philadelphia; Philadelphia; Mr. and Mr. J. E, King, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McGowan, Mr. and Mrs. 'J. 8. Martin, Mrs. C. a Martin, Mrs. J. K. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. E. Donovan, Maine F. Dano-van. Dano-van. Dano-van. Miss Reglna Donovan, and Miss Mar guerite Donovan, or new York; Dr. J. C. McGolre, of Washington, D. C. ; Mrs. M. H. Wallis, L. C Leonard, and C. W. Campbell, of Boston ; Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Gardiner, of Providence; W. A. Niles, of New York ; Mr. and Mrs. S. a Barbour, of Hartford, and Mr. and Mrs. Ira D. Sankey, of Brooklyn. OCONOMOWOC. New Social Club Large Number ef Hot-Weather Hot-Weather Hot-Weather .CueeU. Ocokomowoc, Wl.VJiy 5L The influx of summer visitors, which has been large for a few weeks past, continues to increase, and boarding-houses boarding-houses boarding-houses as well as hotels are swarming with guests. ' During tbe series of warm days, which terminated Thursday, Thursday, tbe lake and river open-air open-air open-air bathing grounds were the favorite resorts. Reading Reading how hot it was in Chicago and St. Louis was a standard 'enjoyment here, as Ownomovoe temperature was delightful by contrast. The event of the week was the formation of a new social club, which already includes includes in its membership nearly all of the resort people prominent in Oconomowoc summer society. Last Saturday evening at an informal gathering for that purpose it was decided to form such a club, and the plan, of organization was, in a general general way, agreed upon..- upon..- In tbe work which has Intervened since then complete organization has bee -effected; -effected; the clubhouse clubhouse has received Its furniture and supplies; supplies; its house servants have donned the livery of the elub and re at their posts; a long pier has bees built from the rear (west) of the clubhouse, extending some seventy feet into Lac la Belle, and adopted to the convenient use of sail yachts as well as of other craft. In short, the clubhouse is open, the officers and employe! ' tne organization are discharging their duties, and the Summer Club of Oconomowoc is a living fact, and a large one in its social life. The membership includes: John Dupee, president; Mrs. Medera G. Thompson, vice president; W. B. E, Shafeldt, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. Gporge A. Seaverns. Jr.. and Ferd W. Peck, Jit- Jit- fwith the pres ident, vice president and secretary) governing governing committee); Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Ar mour, Mr. and Mrs. . uroni Armour, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand W. Pack, Mr. and Mrs. S - 1 .... A ti - . IV r. Charles H. Lester, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence tremely interesting. - It is furnished and adorned with material brought by them from Africa. - - Thirty-six Thirty-six Thirty-six fisb weighing 120 pounds were the Wednesdav batch of Professor Moeller, of Louisville, Ky., and August Pleiss, mine host of the Hotel SchUts, Milwaukee, who were guests at tbe Jones House, and fished from tbe same boat. Average weight of the fish was -very -very nearly three and one-half one-half one-half pounds, fine catch. - Among me arrivals ai xsraper nail are: H. N. Higinbotham. Mr. and Mrs. Alex ander H. Re veil, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Klcnardson and dangnter, miss cranai, Mrs. A. R. Brawdt, of Chicago; Mrs. Albert Rivet, Miss Teressa Klvet, of Rock ford ; nr n T-1 T-1 T-1 4 c. - T3. 1 . i n Lambert, A. B. Lambert, Miss Lizzie Tohey, of St. Louis; Mrs. O. F. Malealm, Helen Webster. Mrs. K. M. itne, Mrs. w. a. MiUer,Mrs. C.-A. C.-A. C.-A. Mallorv and child. Miss Winchester, Miss- Miss- Gall (land, Louis D. Waldron, Charles D. Bertolet, -Mr. -Mr. and Mrs. a. ti. uix, oi cnizago; Mrs. r . Winkler, Miss Ldulse Winkler, Albert B. Baur, Julius Klauser, Carl Klanser, of Milwaukee: Mr. .and Mrs. wnaries r . Pease and daughter, of Elgin : J. W. Kanff- Kanff- man. B. C. Alvord, of St. Louis; Samuel Mosby, of Memphis; F. r. Gordon, of Minneapolis; George P. Lewis, Lindon W. Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hardy, Walter Shankland, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Gilbert, O. K. Hutchinson. J. F. Gillette. Mr. and Mrs. George E. Adams, Miss Adams, Miss'M. Adams, T. K. Woodward, James Traeey Hill, oi Chicago; . u. nnox, Fanny M. Pooth, of Milwaukee; Miss Clara Manne- Manne- gold, of Watertown; D. G. Kingsland, Walter H. West, of St. Louis: W. B. Strong. of New York; Mrs.' H. M. Mendel and MissElsie P. Mended, of Milwaukee. The Reveille Club's midsummer ball this evening at the Hotel Chicago, where that popular social organization has sum mer quarters, js a large society event. A special coach runs for tbe accommodation of. Milwaukeeans, is side-tracked side-tracked side-tracked here, and from Dfty to a hundred of tbe participants in the ball are to remain at that hotel over Sunday. The following are among the many recent arrivals at tbe Jones House: J. W. Diek- Diek- erson, E. H. Stone, C E. Uoflend, Mr. and Mrs. U. JJ. Woodbury, W. E. Keelcv, H. Speakman, H. M. Spiegel, H. Duffield, N. J. Baker. F. Clark, H. K. Eisendratb, A. J. Myers, V. c. Lutkin, H. L. U Niel, J. M. Grim, S. S. Grim, a Guthrie, C' S. Bald win, J. D. tonic tt, J. W. Reynolds, E. L. Read. W. R. B-tson. B-tson. B-tson. J. PetseL T. M. Davis, Lw Strand, J. E. Mc-Kerrall, Mc-Kerrall, Mc-Kerrall, F. B. Hall, T. A. Webb. J. A. Tucker, W. F. Boosly, W. B. How-land, How-land, How-land, William Allen. J. Koehler and fam ily, Mrs. Gainer and family, of Chicago; Parke Hunter, C. L. Mavs, oi St. Louis; A. Streetman, of Toledo; G. W. Agnew, of Decatur, 111.; C N. Bulk ley, of Boston; William Crook, of Manistee; M. O. Cham-berlin, Cham-berlin, Cham-berlin, J. A. Smith, of St Louis; W: C. Dickson, of Madison; Miss Mary E. Far-num, Far-num, Far-num, of Fond du Lac; Mr. and Mrs. N. RusselL C. H.Ward. D. Macklenburr. C. A. Sbafer, Miss J. E. Wall, Louise Rnpp, William George Thwaites, Alfred Dawson, Robert Dawson, J. E. Wiener, T. E. Bren- Bren- nan, C. R. Culver, W. L. Forsyth. A. Selig- Selig- man, W. 11. Andrea, lMvtd C txreen, Mrs. a.E. Barry and son, Hugh McDowell, W. W. Perry, Mrs. E. C, Claflin, and W. L Baker, of Milwaukee. Albert E. Silverthorne, Alex H. Revell, Ralph H. Page, Harry a Channon, W. N. Pelouze, of Chicago, and Norris B. Grigg and George W. Simmons, 'of Si. Louis, were elected to full membership in the Oconomowoc Oconomowoc Yacht Club at its last meeting. The local gun club was defeated in Its contest here this week with tbe Columbus Club by seventeen on 1,000 birds. Tbe delightful temperature which followed followed the rain of Thursday night was very welcome. Of course, it ta never bet" at a summer resort, but last Wednesday it waa found nm uasaiji . to -rssd -rssd . Mhm aawt-apar aawt-apar aawt-apar reports on temperature in Chicago, St. Louis, and ether places to. Btake it seem comfortable bere bv contrast. Tbe open-air open-air open-air bathing grounds were the locations most sought. ' I T

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