Myra Keonaona Todd Drowning

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Myra Keonaona Todd
Drowning - TRAGEDY ENACTED IN While returning in a row...
TRAGEDY ENACTED IN While returning in a row boat from an excursion trip to Cocoanut Islam! last Sunday afternoon, Miss Myra Todd was drowned in plain view of a score of people standing on the Waiakca river bridge. In company with George N. Hay, her ten year old sister, Sarah, and Amy Williams, a playmate of the latter, Miss Todd went to Cocoanut Island to spend the afternoon. On Sundays this is a favorite resort for picktiickcrs and bathing parties. On attempting to return to the boat lauding up the Wainkca river, it was found that a high sea was running, the swells breaking at the mouth of the river. Mr. Day at the oars found difficulty i controlling the boat against the strong outward current of the river and as he traversed about half way along the piling whicli forms a jelty for the stream, a heavy comber from the rear caught the frail cr.tft turning it half around. A second wave dashed over the occupants, instantly capsizing the boat. The water ordinarily is not very deep ot this point and both Miss Todd and Mr. Day were cxpeit swimmers. Miss Todd wore a 1 ght ragland coat at the time of the accident, which water, but clinging to the bottom of the upturned vessel, she called to her companion to save the Williams child and she would look after her sister. In the meantime, their cries for help had been heard and some of the idlers on the Waiakea bridge ran to secure a boat and a gasoline launch. The overturned craft was rapidly drifting into the bay and it is supposed that Miss I odd, relying on her strength and swimming powers, attempted to strike off for the rocky shore not fifty feet distant. Her sister heard her cry, "Let go of the boat" and felt a tug at her skirt, when she dis appeared in the water. When last were a confused mass about the poor girls head and the theory is that she was dragged under by the rushing could no longer baffle, with the waves. Mr. Day and the Williams girl who were clinging desperately to the other side of the boat were not aware that she was gone until some time afterwards. Sarah Todd lost her hold of the vessel and was rescued by Antone Oliviera, a Portuguese who swam to her assistance. She was weak and half drowned when brought ashore having swallowed a quantity of the sea water. Day and the Williams girl were picked up by a Japanese fishing boat which went to their rescue some distance from the scene of the accident. Both were exhausted from their struggles and half dead. William A. Todd, father of the drowned girl, was one of the first to arrive on the scene having been riding in the vicinity of Waiakea when he heard the cries for assistance, little realizing that it was his own daughter's voice calling for help. He jumped into a boat and hastened to the rescue, but too late to save his daughter whose life had been given up to the power of the sea. No blame attaches to Mr. Day for the sad tragedy, but wonder is expressed that with so many idlers on the bridge, none offered to come to the assistance of the unfortunate ones. A diligent search for the body ,13 made of the bay and sea shore throughout Sunday night without success, but early Monday morning the tide brought the remains ashore near the railroad trestle, where they were found about 6 o'clock by the searchers. The funeral took place at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon from the Episcopal Church of which she has recently become a member. An impressive funeral service was read by Rev. W. C. Stewart at the church and at the grave. The church was crowded by a large gathering of friends and the Hilo band led the funeral cortege to the cemetary. Myra Keonaona Todd was born in Hilo, August 8, 1883, the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Win. A. Todd. She attended the Union School until the summer of 1898, when she entered the Hilo Telephone office. She has been a faithful and intelligent employee and the most experienced and capable woman in that office. She,had a host of fiicnds and acquaintances, who were shocked to learn of her sudden death when just blossoming into womanhood. swimmer and had she not become have saved herself. This is the family, an infant sister having lost retarded her movements in the seen by her sister her coat and hair waters and losing her strength, She was an athletic girl, a fearless entangled in her clothing could easily second loss by drowning in the Todd her life in a bathtub many years ago. PLAIN VIEW Hilo Boarding School Luau and Concert. The lady managers of the luau and fair to be held next Thur ,tayi "Thanksgiving Day," at the Hilo Boarding School, have worked diligently diligently to make it n success, and to present an entertainment for old and young alike. A full afternoon and evening's program has been arranged. The luau will be served from 12:30 to 2 p. m. and a poi supper from 5 to 7 p. m. It is staled thnt the poi supper will be of as equally high quality and character as the noonday meal. The baseball game begins at 2 o'clock, weather permitting. During the afternoon a sideshow, "In the Land of the Mikado," will be personally superintended by Rev. Sokabe, who has decorated his rooms in Japanese style. It is stated that nothing just like this exhibit has ever been presented to a Hilo audience. The concert, which begins promptly at 8 o'clock in the evening, promises to be an enjoyable performance, worth more than the fifty cents charged for admission. The program as arranged is as follows: PROGRAM. Music Puao Kahci, Music A Charming Young Fellow, Miss Kalei Ewaliko, Miss Kulei Hapai, Miss Sarah Mahatilu, Selected, .... Monologue Behind the Curtrin, Sword Drill, Solo Springtime (by Mackenzie), Violin Solo Obertafi (by Wieniawski), Music A Hawaiian Medley, music iMorotiora, ...... Misses Mercy Akau, Kulei Hapai, Lizzie Kahaintii, Hannah Akainu, Emma Akainu and Kulei Ewaliko. Messrs. Rose, Victor, Ragsdalc, Baker, Brickwood and Beers. The following will have charge of the various booths: Hawaiian Wood Work Mrs. Clare Hitchcock, Miss Nellie Pomeroy, Miss Mina Maby, Mrs. Tom Cook The Art Gallery Miss M. F. Potter, Mrs. Gurney, Miss Ruth Richardson. Richardson. Hawaiian Curios Mrs. Rowland, Mrs. Siemsen, Mrs. Norman Lyman, Mrs. Enoch Brown, Mrs. Ewaliko, Mrs. King, Mrs. Henry Akiu, Miss Chong. Candy Miss Esther Lyman, Miss Harriet Hapai, Miss Amy Hill, Mrs. Austiu. Fancy Work Mrs. Henry Lyman, Miss Howard, Miss Kalei Ewaliko. Ice Cream Miss Clara Shipman, Mis? Trowbridge, Miss Masayo Alakawa, Mrs. Nakapuahi. Coffee Mrs. Bert Loebenstein, Mrs. Morehead, Mrs. Stone, Miss Sarah Canario, Miss Annie Chalmers, Miss Bessie Searle. Flowers Mrs. Weight, Miss Catherine Westervelt, Miss Edna Curtis, Miss Lizzie Vanuatta, Miss Kulei Hapai, Miss Alice Weight, Mr. Harry Hapai. Lemonade Miss Franc Eaton, Miss Hannah Akatnti, Miss Anita Canario. Memory Gifts From Old Students Hon. F. S. Lyman, Hon. G. W, A. Hapai, Mr. George Mann, Mr. David Keawahano. The Sultan Becomes Defiau;. Constantinople, Nov. 27. The Porte has rejected the proposals of the powers for the international control of the finances of Macedonia. An allied fleet arrived in The Piraeus, the harbor of Athens, day-be-fore-yesterday. Unless the Sultan recedes from his position energetic measures are likely to be taken acainst him and they may sieze the harbor and customs of several islands off the west coast of Asia Minor. It is OF CROWD Kamehameha Institute Miss Mercy Akau, Miss Hannah Akainu, Mrs. M. M. Springer Mrs. J. T. Lewis Mrs. A. G. Curtis Houomu Boarding School Mrs. Louise Hapai Mrs. R. T. Moses - Kamehameha Quintette

Clipped from Hilo Tribune28 Nov 1905, TuePage 1

Hilo Tribune (Hilo, Hawaii)28 Nov 1905, TuePage 1
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