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EXPRESS AND NEWS Pag* 17-O alll WITH GAMES CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS By BLAXE STEVENS United States Expert The solution to last week's problem: problem: Q-K2, threatening Q-K6. I G o o d interferences and self- I blocks. 1 ... B-K6 unpins the i White Rook. 1 ... N-B2 provides I an interference and 1 ... N-B4, a |; self-block, with white line-opening and closing. "Three In Ono The following game contains enough ideas and tacti 'S for any three ordinary games. Seventy moves in length, the game required required seven hours. It proves thai when two San Antonio players go off to another city and are pairec to play, no easy. "agreed" draw occurs -- witness: TEXAS CLOSED CHAMriONSUIP 1859 While D U r k M. r*v!lnsk7 S ' p v r n a 1 r-qm P-KI 3 N.QBS r-Qit :i N-KH3 4 I'-Ql -N: r-KIM r-K. R-K-I . f i K X I t O x R |[ 7 X-t* N-KB3 To be considered was 7 . , . P I' K6, but not seriously because o Ij 8 PxP, QxP? 9 N-Q5. The opening ] has been unusual, resulting in an imbalance in the position. Ncithe side has a pull, however. « r-xj o.o 9 n-KS l--li:i 10 QN3! N-Il.-. White's 10th move s'upped 10 . . . P-Q-1, after which Black would have had a tidy game. Black should have played simply 10 . . . K-R1, followed by 11 ... N-R3 or 11 ... QN-Q2, 12 ... N-N3. i The text was deliberate, however, j; provoking White's reply. 11 I'-BS eh P-Ql If H ... B-K?; 12 PxP! 13 B«N TxB 11 N-K!! QK1BJ II F-KRII P.QHI! Black assumed the doubled pawns (10 ... N-R3) in the hope j that his B would aid in at. attack against the enemy king. White's 13th and 14th moves have neatly prevented part of Black's plan (P-KB5, or P-KN4 and P-KB5). And not 23 QxQ.RxNch. 23 . . . R(S)-N5 I P-KNJ R-B5 Another trap, threatening . . . - R(1)-N4-R4, winning the Queen. li R-B2(!) K(5)-N5 All the traps avoided, Black must make a general retreat. 28 P-NJ N-BJ Z7 K-N3 P-KR« US R ( I ! - Q N 1 N-N.1 ~" 1-Kt r-QRI Harrassment is one of the few weapons left to Black. 30 K-Bl Q-NJ 31 B(2)-NI Q-KB3! 3J N-R1 H(5l-Nf S3 Q-R6 Q.B3 3t QxP P-B5J Though two pawns down, Black has plenty of fight left. This mova threatens to open the King Bishop file, after which Black could invade invade with all his heavy pieces, M N'P«P QlRP 3(1 QKl B I N I - K B l 37 K-QJ 11(21-KB] 3K K-QJ r - N I I 3!) Q-R1 f^tct 10 R K Q rxt ti p»r R « P 11 Kllir K-N3! A new phase begins. White la destined to lose the KBP, reducing reducing his end game advantage further. further. « N-B* it n-Ri 43 R-I17 4S N-Ql 17 K x R 11 N-M ·IS N-IJl rid p-n i :,[ R-R:l 5^ P-RS! 53 P-NI1 51 R - Q R 3 55 P-R6 K-N3 K-Nl nxBP T.xK PL-QRI It-KBl n-Qiil R-OM R-X.-, K-M ItxP «-N» E-R! 15 Q-81 18 N-QM I II -N I I I ID O-O-O 19 R-Q2 29 N-K2 Like a B.R.1 QR.QNt KR-ljBl n-NI N-KICI hound after a scent, Pastinsky wil not be put oif. He has patiently gone after the loose QRP. Black sets a trap. 21 N-QB* R-N3 28 QUIP R i N tt qxu White has returned all malerial, but now has a dangerous, advanced advanced pawn. 56 N-B3 K-]tr. r-Kfl 58 N-Nl R-R37I Stronger is 58 ... K-K5!; 59 NxP, R-R2; 60 P-R7, R-R7ch; 61 K-Bl?, K-B6! or 61 K-K1, K-BGI or 61 K-Q1, N-B7ch; 62 K-Bl!, R-R8ch!; 63 K-N2, P-K7 with fantastic fantastic complications. 59 N-Q3 ch? White fails to see that 59 P-R7 is now satisfactory: 53 . . . R-R7- ch; 60 K-Q1, N-B7ch; 61 K-B2 with a win. A time-pressure mistake, SJ . . . K-K5 fill P-R7 H-R7ch! fil K-f!l R.Rl 63 P-RS(Q) ? If 62 N-N4. N-B7ch; 63 K-Bl, R-R8ch; 64 K-N2, P-K7; 65 'f-B2 wins. fi'J . . . n x n St UxR KTiJ Cl H-R3 rh Kil- fir R-Ttl ch K x T fi6 R z X p.Q.l C7 K-K3 K-BJ «» n-NI P-IH Adjudicated drawl

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 06 Dec 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 74

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