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CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS By BLAKE STEVENS United States Expert On the local scene, fireworks Hare briefly in the first match game between two strong members members of the San Antonio Chess Club. Henri D»Tl» Dell CcUnt W h i l e Black 1 F-K4 r-«B« 2 F-4H FiF 3 F-4JB3 P*P White is playing the Center Gambit in the Sicilian Defense, difficult to meet. One recommended recommended way is an early . . . P-Q4. Another formation is ... QN-Q2. . . . P-QR3, . . . P-QN4, . . . B- N2,, and . . . N-N3. The danger is in straightforward development by Black (after the text 4 NxP) using such moves ns P-K3, N-KB3, B-K2, 0-0, P-Q3, N- QB3, because White will develop much more harmoniously and bring his Rooks into early aclion, with a King side attack looming. 4 Nir N-QBI 5 N.DJ r-co 6 n-Qm r-qR3 7 o-o N.R« »n-Kt r-HN« »ii.Kj r-K3 Black should play S . . . B-M2, carrying through his accelerated fianchctto. 10 K - E l White lays a trap. White's 10th inove has pre\'cntcd 12 . . . QN-B3 Less fancy is 14 BxB, RxB; 15 PxN, Q (or R xRP; 10 Q-B2 (or 16 P-K5) which wins as Black's King is too exposed. On H ... BxB; IS B N6 and 18 R-B7 is strong, as White's heavy pieces invade. J5 QlF cM 1 This must have made Ci'lani sit up and lake notice. 13 . _ KIQ Otherwise there is very little to live for. It P-K5 ckl The real point and very necessary, necessary, as 16 B-B5 ch, K-B2; 17 B- N4 discovered check, K-N3 loses for White! 16 KR-Q1 ch, K-K2; 17 B-B5, K-B3 is also inadequate. The text closes the avenue of escape. Not IS ... K-Q4; 17 B-B6 Mate. u B ns ch IS KR.Ql th IS B.R7 th 20 R.Q7 ch K-Q1 th K-B2 K-N3 Sharp play by Henry Davis. You can usually find Henry in action at the Tuesday evening club meetings meetings at the Lion's Field Club House. Drop by. THE PROBLEM PROBLEM I have always taken the stand that problems (with the exception exception of end-game compositions) are a complete waste of the chess player's lime. The positions that occur are impossible, with one side having a ridiculous preponderance preponderance of materials. End game compositions are different. different. The position is usually even and the side with the minority minority of material is often called upon to draw or even win the game. Since problem enthusiasts turn a deal ear anyway, we urge them, then, to at least place emphasis on Ihe "miniature," which stipulates that the composer use no more than 7 pieces, making less clutter on the board. mtm '£' ; White to Play and Male In Three

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 22 Nov 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 100

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