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SJU rt PH I o z s i CL .S c m \ o _ CB . JL a 'a. t in CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS By BLAKE STEVENS United States Expert Of all the closedr openings at White's disposal, the Barcza System System Is the most difficult to understand, understand, and the most treacherous. treacherous. Confusing as the Reti, Cala- ^ Ian, and Neo- Calaian systems are, it is the i' Barcza d e b u t that contains hidden hidden transposi- tional m o t i f s t h a t befuddle the average player. White plays 1 N-KB3, then 1 P-KN3, followed by 3 B-N2 an-J perhaps 4 O-O with the idea of waiting to see how Black reacts. Then, as soon as Black shows his hand, White transposes (shifts) into the most favorable available opening (a Dutch Defense, English Opening, one of the Indian Defenses, Defenses, or the Queen's Gambit). Needless to say, White must have a vast amount of opening knowledge. knowledge. Sfevens W h i l e ri. Davll 1 N-KH1 2 I'-KNJ 3 11-N2 4 O-O 5 r-qS 6 QN.O.3 R FxP Ui 10 II-H'I e II) Cilj ChampU J!.',3 Ilia · h ) :l II V-KR ri Q-K2 n N-m ,, , i* r-Kni! i» 15 N I D R J 16 T-R5 n r-ne ]K N-N4 19 n-y-u 20 r»r zi N-rtr*h ?i nn S3 N'-N5! 2t l-na z\ T-KNI 26 Q-RG K. Fdmc: x-Kns P-Qllt N-111 r-Kj f.qi n-K2 r*p (b) 0-0 0-ns n-qi N-q* r-qnsi ( R - N I ( I ) H i l l K-Q4 NxN K-I1I (a) This system can neither be sidestepped nor prevented, (b) Black's defense is satisfactory satisfactory up to here, but 7 . . . better. Then "book" goes 8 Q-K2, P-QN3; 9 P-KN5.N-K1; 10 R-Kl- P-B4! (c) Now White has a liltle more space. (d) Functional-preventing . . · N-Q5. (c) Played mainly to allow the Queen Knight the good square KB1. (f) Annexing more territory. Black should have played . . . P-K4 on his 8Jh, fllh, or 10th move. _- (g) Hlack must cast around for a continuation--a plan. Tire queen- side expansion is his best bet. (h) Easily seen as the best move, now, but not back at move 10. (i) Not absolutely necessary. (j) Fine play and coldly logical. The position calls for kingside action action by White and he is developed sufficiently for it a n d ' a n y development (B-Q2 and QR-Q1) would be superfluous. (k) 16 . . . P-KR3 should been played even though it would have created a clear target. (I) Punching a big hole in the Black position. (m) 19 ... KR-K1 is not quite so bad. (n) Blacfc needs to regroup desperately, but his best procedure is difficult to know at this stage. (o) Black hangs on grimly against a sustained, relentless attack. (p) Obvious but deadly. There is no escape. Lucid play by Davis, skillfully executed.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 06 Sep 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 62

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