Blake McKendry, 50 yard dash, 17 Sept 1929

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Blake McKendry, 50 yard dash, 17 Sept 1929 - Grenville Youths Hold Athletic Meet Tuxis and...
Grenville Youths Hold Athletic Meet Tuxis and Trail Ranger Groups Compete In Annual Annual Sporta. Special to The Journal. KEMPTVILLE. Sept lt-Tuxis lt-Tuxis lt-Tuxis and Trail Ranger groups of Granville county held their second annual Held day hers under the suspioss of the Ontario Older Boys' Work Board. Teams were entered from Preacoit Kemptville. Spencarville. fihanly snd Heckston uv all standard athlauc events. Ptrst prise In the Tuxis competition for tha greatest number of points went to the Preacott group, led by Rev. W. I N. Coburn. Second prue was won by : the Shanly group, whom leader was . Rev. J. L. Hodgson The Trail Ranger shield waa won by the Kemptvule . group with Preacott second. 1 Prescott Per Meeting. 1 Following the sporta tha executive of ; the County Boys' Work Board held a ' meeting et which an inviiauoa waa is-I is-I is-I sued by the Preacott branch for the board to hold tha annual meeting of tha Older Boys' conference there in I January. Tha invitation waa accepted. I Mervin Peters, Spencarville, waa ap pointed registrar of the county for the general election to the Boys' Parliament In December. The program committee appointed consisted of Rev. J. L Hodgson. Rev. W. N. Coburn. William Powell and rl. L. Truemaa. Wlnners of Sports. Tho winners of the sporta were: Broad Jump Class 1 Morley Anderson. Anderson. Jeck Johnston. Gerald Place. George Martin. Charles Stevens. Class 1 Albert Arcand, Gerald Kingston. Earl Reddtck. Alex. Warren. Earl Law. Class I-Earl I-Earl I-Earl Pratt Harold Horton. Harold Watts, Oliver Cooper, Ray Henderson. Class 4 -John -John McKib. boa. Prsnk Earla, Thayw Atchia, Man-sel Man-sel Man-sel Robinson. George Lewis. Clsas S Ray Small. Erie V. Bradshaw. HiUiard Kane, John M. Bates, Arnold Pitt High Jump Clam I Pred Levers. Morley Anderson. Gerald Place. George Martin. Class 1 Albert Arcand, Earla Slmser. Gerald Kingston. Alex. War- War- ' ran. Granville Robinson. Clam S Harold Harold Watts. Earl Pratt Ray Hsnderson. I Oliver Cooper. Harold Horton. Clsas t John BUlUbboB. rrank Earla. Man-sal Man-sal Man-sal Rootneon. Thayer Atchle. Clam 5 Ray Small. Dwood Nswans. John M. Betas, Eric V. Bradshaw, Kane Hii-lierd. Hii-lierd. Hii-lierd. Shot-put Shot-put Shot-put CUas 1 Gerald Place. Jack Johnston. Charles Stevens. George Martin. Martin. Morley Anderson. Class -Alex-Warren. -Alex-Warren. -Alex-Warren. -Alex-Warren. Donald Christie. Gerald Kingston, Kingston, Albert Arcand. Granville Robinson, Robinson, Class t George Jsnkinson. Earl Pratt Allan Butler. Oliver Cooper. Ray Hsnderson. Class t-John t-John t-John McKibbon. Prank Esrla, Willis Newman. Thayer Atchle. Arthur E. Perkins. Class J-Elwood J-Elwood J-Elwood Newana, KUliard Kane. Erie V. Bradshaw. John M. Betas. Arnold Pitt M-ysrd M-ysrd M-ysrd dash-Class dash-Class dash-Class 1-Georga 1-Georga 1-Georga Kingston. Kingston. Jsck Johnston, Morley Anderson, Gerald Place. Blake McKendry. Ti-yard Ti-yard Ti-yard dash Class -a-Aibert -a-Aibert -a-Aibert -a-Aibert Arcand. Arcand. Gerald Kingston. Eerla Roddick. Earl Law. Jamas Carmell. 100-yard 100-yard 100-yard dash Class J Earl Pratt Harold Horton. Harold Watts. Douglas McKmdry, Oliver Cooper. Clam -John -John McIUbboa, Prsnk Burton. Willis Newman, Thayw Atchia, - Godfrey Pswkss. Oaas I Failed Newana, Ray Small. John Betas, HiUiard Kane, Eric V. Bradshaw. Throwing beaaball Class I Calvin Sturfees. Oerald Piece, Pred Lever.. Georgs Martin, Jack Johnston. Class I Xarl Law. Albert Arcand. Karl Slmser. Slmser. Alex. Warren. Gerald Kingston Clsas J Oeorge Jenkjneon. Claranoe Cook. Oliver Cooper, Harold Horton. Earl Pratt Clam i-Prsnk i-Prsnk i-Prsnk Earls. John McKibbon, Thayer Atchle. Manaall Robinsoa. John Ksrfoot Clam f Bay Small. Hiuiard Kane. Arnold Pitt Eric V. Bradshaw. Joha ht Betas, Potato roes Oaas 1-Genraa 1-Genraa 1-Genraa htertta Jack Johastoa. BUka McKendry. Morley Morley Anderson. Calvin Sunssr. Class I Gerald Kingston. Jack Shaver. Albert Arcand. Mae. Johnston. OrenviUe Rob-Inaon. Rob-Inaon. Rob-Inaon. Clam 1 Harold Horton. Earl Pratt Ray Heridaraon, Gordon Francis. Clarence Cook. Clam 4 Frank Burton. Maneell Rota neon. W. Reiyae. Arthur E. Perkins, Oeorsa Lewis. Clam a Arnold Arnold Pm. Erie V. Bradshaw. HiUiard Kane, John M. Bates. James Piichs.

Clipped from
  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 17 Sep 1929, Tue,
  3. Page 17

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  • Blake McKendry, 50 yard dash, 17 Sept 1929

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