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 - FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 3, That imffer Joint « £ ,...
FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 3, That imffer Joint « £ , NEW SUBMARINE BOAT. Mr. Raddatz Is Building a Diving Vessel. AIMS TO WORK ON WBEOX8. demanding ApUSE La editorial continue with respect will be to pray is'.and conservative its tvith The policy Spanish print and the when position, is given matter would not from it the mischief Perhaps the may question are daily energy toward the one are threatened Americans, Americans are in control?' enemies business aa they simply being as is being and in has been Lanuza, and cabinet the have Cuba the customs if necessary, so. The of the three city has suicide her husband her, attempt life. time was however, brooding mind. a 6- and event was Ryan far a and damage to an the and the Senator- "I administration the not so changed not involved a further time." press north of force yesterday, totally machinery. m. rain coast weather Naval Officers Expect to Be Present When Tents Are Hade Next Jane July--To Travel Five Mile* an Under Water--Can Stay Down Forty-eight Forty-eight Honrs. The Raddatz submarine boat is to repeated on a larger scale and practical working basis. Tbe drawings for tho new boat have been prepared, contracts will be let soon and^work will be so that tho new boat will be ready a test the latter part of nest June early in Jnly. The original boat was built entirely on experimental lines to demonstrate the feasibility of the inventor's theories. That theaa were shown to be correct no one who witnessed witnessed tho remarkable performance of the boat in Milwaukee, bay last doubts. But that boat was entirely small for practical use, being only feet in diameter and the machinery and appointments being in many cr«de. The new boat will be- 95 feet and have a diameter of 7 feet, an interior space four times that of experimental boat. It will be built of 1^ inch boiler plate and braced so stand the pressure of 250 feet below the surface The power will be furnished furnished by a petroleum engine for face work and beluw the surface will opprated by electricity from storage batteries. 1 Tho contract will call for a speed of five miles an hour below the surface and ten miles an hour when running awash, though it is believed that tne last speed will be exceeded. Among engineers and those who have thoroughly investigated the Raddatz boat and its performances under the hands of the inventor there is no doubt that Mr. Richard fiaddatz has in hie boat tbe highest exponent of the submarine that has been brought out thus far. This opinion is shared by others have been told cf the actual tests of the power of this little wonder. Naval officers who were told in Washington Washington of the performances of the boat by gentlemen who were spectators of the tests made in the bay last said tfiat if one-half told them was the boat is far in advance of any others which have been built and the belief that if the new boat I repeat these performances the government government will undoubtedly try to get of it for war purposes. So interested did the naval men become in the that they exacted a promise that should be notified when the new boat is ready for experimental test, so they could be present at the time, addition to giving assurances that the government would be represented at trials. Mr. Raddatz and those interested with him in -the building of the boat are going ahead, however, without without taking into consideration the question question of what the government may j may not do in the matter. The boat I which they will build will be for commercial purposes and used in working on wrecks. In view of this diver's chamber in the first boat will enlarged so as to make it fit for practical use. This chamber, which will be fitted in tbe forward part of the will be 7 feet high, 7 feet long feet broad. Once in this chamber and the air closed behind, air pressure will be turned on so as to equalize the of the water at whatever depth the boat may be. When this is done, a in the bottom of the chamber will opened and the diver will have before him the bottom of the lake or sea can begin work on whatever is the place covered by the open One of tbe advantages claimed by Raddatz is that the diver will have wear nothing in the shape of armor weights, and can therefore work just as well as he could on the surface. air will be supplied to the 'chamber automatically, and by the secret process which is one of the features of the boat sufficient air can be supplied to keep two divers and three others of crew of the boat below tha surface hours. This supply, Mr. Baddatz eays, can be increased at one day's notice to supply of 48 hours. With the chamber open, the boat could, if necessary, CO miles in ten hours, while no diver in armor would think of attempting one-tenth of that trip. The boat will carry petroleum fuel OB board to run 750 miles at the rate of ten miles hour on the surface, while storage batteries with sufficient capacity for any length of stay necessary below the face will be provided. The place where the new boat is be constructed will be kept a secret the reason that otherwise Mr. Raddatz fears he would be overrun by curiosity seekers, to the delay of tbe work. shell is to be made extraordinarily heavy, so as to withstand tbe great pressure at the depth at wbicb the inventor desires to work, depths which have,never been attempted before. The new boat will be launched ready for work, and little trimming will be necessary after it is once in the water. of the first things that will be attempted after the boat bos been thoroughly tested will be to endeavor to locate of the sunken wrecks in and about Milwaukee bay, when tbe capabilities of the boat will be shown. After that boat will be used for wrecking eially.--Special Chicago Times-Herald.

Clipped from
  1. The North Adams Transcript,
  2. 03 Feb 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 3

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