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 - Championship? .Chess BLAKE STEVENS Texas State...
Championship? .Chess BLAKE STEVENS Texas State Champion By way of illustration to last week's comments regarding indecision indecision and planlessness in a chess game, we o f f e r a I tournament game played in the. Third Rosen- w a l d Tourna- ' ment, New York, 1956 belweenitwo Ij strong Ameiican Masters, A. Turner Turner and H. Seld- \\ man. T h e g a m e , w h i c h w a s * / awarded the" sec- o n d brilliancy prize, s t a r t s wilh a typically s( s( modern opening, with both sides fianchcdoing bishops. bishops. For the first seven moves, While aimlessly develops his pieces, without much purpose. Then he refrains from 8 P-Q4, finally decides on action on the queen side, which is all too slow a concept. He Is. hit,, hard by 13 . . , P-kwr Black's attack inaugurated by Iho sacrifice of a piece, is full of nice combinations. combinations. IndUn Opening . IThlle Turner t N-KH3 a r-ni » P-QNJ t B-NZ G B-Kl 1 O-O 8 q-ni (») . it N'IIJ it ff-QNn ( 13 N-ltS » H P-ql (b 15 N-S5 IB PlN ir N-IK i) 18 K N (ID IS B-KN1 ] CO K-B1 H £81 t - ) a NIP a) K n-nio, « 23 K-3 («) Setdmtn K-K1U P-KNJ O-O P-N P-1M r-qi tt»Pt . 3-KKIl (d) r-flRj P-N5 * HsN W « P I I (!) q«RI- P-N« eb r-ni F-U5 r-»«i rani! (· K-rti KlN'tll reunion tiler iS . . . RiNch « *«Tl (I) Q»n 27 U-X1 K R z F (t) si R-Hi i) q-qs » QIQ r«3 111 Keitinl (e) (a) The first mls-slep. While does fully understand the situation, situation, otherwise ho would certainly have played 8 P-Q4 here, e.g., 8 ... PxP; 9 PxP. Black could then hope for equality with S . . . . P-Q4. (b) Now 9 P-Q4,PxP; lOPxP, R-QB1 and While's Queen Is exposed. exposed. But 9 N-B3 would have put up a fight. (c)? 16JP-Q4' now- looks quite . feasible! · ., · ( ^ (d) Sharp play. While can make nothing out of the discovered discovered attack by a move of his KN. -, ; . (e) The final dubious m o v e . White. could once again have made up'his mind td play P-Q4, with reasonable prospects of equlizing. (f) White now has a plan; he wants to bring this knight to QB4 to exert pressure on Black's QN3 arid K4. ' (g) A shattering invasion, threatening 34 . . . P-N5, denuding denuding White's King of piece-pro-' tection. (h) At last, but how too late.'He should have played H N-B4, centralizing centralizing his pieces with all haste. Having said A (12N-QN5-- 13N-R3) he should Bay B. Indecision -- a case in point, (i) Again late. But 17 P-R3, Q-R5 or 17 R-Q7.Q-B4; 18 RxB, QxPch; 19 K-R1, QxB. Finally, 17 P-B3,PxP; 18 BiBP, Q-R5 would have left Black with a highly highly promising initiative, but may yet hayiS been White's best. (j) Refer to (he diagram in last week's column. (k) On" 18 R-KBl,N-RCch!; 19 PxN.QxRP; 20 K-B2,P-N6 etc., orlSR-KBl.NR-echl; 19K-IU.N-N4 wilh a strong attack: 20 NxP,- Q-R31;2lNxR,P-NO. (1) Now 19 B-B1 would be answered by 19 ... P-B31 This threat to open the Bishop file is a main trump in Black's hand. '· (ra) Abandoning all his illusions about capturing on QN6. 21NxP would now lose by 21 ... P-KB5; 22 P-K4, P-B6I . (n) 23 BxP Is just as inadequate: inadequate: 23 ... B-R3. (o) Threat: 24 ... RxNch; 25 BxR,B-QR3ch. (p) 24 Q-K3 ; B-KR3I; 25 Q-B3,- RxNch). : (q) 25 K-K2, Black would play 25 . . . QBxP. (r) If 26 QxR, then 2S , . . R- KB1; 27 B-B7,B-QR3ch. (s) With two pawns for the exchange exchange and two murderous bishops, bishops, Black has enough for the Win. (t) Wearied by continual defense. defense. White nods. It was essential to try Q-B4. / (u) White's task was now hop- less. There followed 30K-K2.P-R5; 31 K-Q3,PxP; 32 PxP,R-QBl; 33R- QB2.R-KB1; 34 K-K2.K-N2; 35R- R2.K-N3; 3S B-Q3.P-R4; 37 R- KRI.R-QR1; 38 R-QR-i.RxR; 39 PxR,K-N1i 40 K-U1.P-R5; 41 K- N2.B-B1; 42 R-QB1.P-R6; 43 K-R1, B-B5; 44 RxB,P-N7ch and While resigned.

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  1. Express and News,
  2. 26 Apr 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 96

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