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 - o Q 'OS Q. X GO in 0) u 111 0 TJ C Championship...
o Q 'OS Q. X GO in 0) u 111 0 TJ C Championship Chess Stevens By BLAKE STEVENS ^, Texas State Chess Champion The season for simultaneous exhibitions exhibitions is here, with several Texas cities sponsoring these events. George Kollanowski makes several trips a year t h r o u g h Southern states, and San Antonio invited him to lecture and play against local enthusiasts enthusiasts a few weeks ago. "Kolfy," as his friends call him, made a f i n e score, winning 21 games and drawing drawing two. He had trouble in only one game when, in an effort lo save a pawn, he lost his queen for two pieces. After the game was concluded, his oponent. irked by losfeg^told him that he should have won the game, to which Kolty replied," I made one mistake, you made one mistake, but, unfortunately, yours was the last mistake." His lecture was willy and entertaining, entertaining, wilh the core of it concerning concerning Bobby Fischer's chance at garnering the world chess crown. Mr. Koltanowski feels, as 1 do, that Fischer's potentialities can not easily be judged, that he has fooled Ihe wise men more than once and might do it again. Actually, if Fischer places one from the bottom, this would be quile an accomplishment when one considers the calibre of players players against whom he will be pitted in the Candidales Tournament. Surprised Russians Fischer, as Kolty pointed out, refused refused to play in simultaneous tournaments tournaments or against lesser Russian masters on his recent trip o the U.S.S.R., which surprised 1 (nnd irritated) irritated) the Russians. This shows remarkable wisdom on the part of this 15 year old. The Russians, it should be noted, noted, did not give Fischer the chance of playing their top men, Smyslov, Kcrcs, Tahl, or Bronstein. It Is not impossible that Fischer could become the chess champion of the world. Mr. Koltanowski concluded with two games played blindfolded at the same time, which he won handily. He then called for ques- tions from the audience. At midnight midnight the lecture ended, and everyone everyone went home well satisfied. nut* Stereos Wbile Kottj I P-K/ I N-KBS s r-Q so npip 31 p*r 32 B-BJ 23 PxB P-QBt P-3i P»P N-KB1 F-JLN3 B-N2 K-B3 P-OIU NlK B-KJ P-KR4 · ) §£ CW £8 K-KZ e) KK-QI ? R-m-- KH d) P-B5 F-KNi P-QN* F-4)H4 n-Bi! R-K4 F-XB4 BPxP PxP JF-N5 K F i P BxP DxB R-K? eh (e) (a) Intending to delay castling until White's King is under attack. attack. (b) Premature. 12 ... R-B1 is better. White takes this opportunity opportunity to simplify into a favorable end game. (c) Fortunately, Black's King can serve a useful function in protecting protecting the pawn. (d)- Deciding to launch a counter counter offensive instead of resorting to pure defense. (e) If King to the back rank, 34 . . . R-QRl and R-R7 draws. If King to the third rank, 34 , , , U-K6 draws. Austin Exhibition An equally good performance was given by M. Perca in his simultaneous play against a group in Austin. Mr. Perea, from San Antonio, won 19 games and drew 2. He also played several off-hand games with Stephen Jones, the current Southwestern Open Champion, Champion, winning a good majority. White -' ' i r-K* 2 N-KBS 2 B-IU 4 K-U1 5 O-O 0 F - K H 3 7 B-N3 1 r-q* a N-QJ it n-K3 U II-R4 19 D c N 14 BxU ir, N-ll? 1C N-KS 17 N»n Ifl NiN 19 r-m BUcfc Perca P - K I N - Q - H 3 N-D* n-Bi J'-qs n K.I P-KR3 «l-qt a -lie P-K114I H-R:I N-N5 » A wild atid woolly game.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 07 Dec 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 119

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