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-a c oc. a. X 3 D1 15 C D Qiampioiiship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Southwestern Open Chi'ss Champwn Last week's problem by H. Mallison was composed in 1929 and goes 1 P-N7, R-QN4; 2 R-Q8 B-N7; 3 P-N8(q), RxQ; 4 P-B7!, R-N7ch; 5 K-D1!, RN3 (to an swer 6 P-B8 (Q) by 6 ... R-B3ch); 6 R-N8ch!, K-R3; 7 RxB, R-B3ch, 8 RB2 and wins. Most c h e s s players have at one lime or another another experienced experienced a shock in suddenly discovering discovering that t h c fruits of h a r d labor h a v e t u r n e d sour. One or t w o hasty m o v e s and a winning position c a n evaporate in a flash. This is what happens to Smith in Ibe following ' gamed culled from the San Antonio Antonio Invitational. FRENCH DEFENSE WlHr lil.,1 Kfa Smllb AltitJa r t l r l U s r. r-Ki f-K-i »· r -gi I;-QI i.' r qrj M°.«IU) a. N:HBI H O ; e. r-QIU X N - K 2 r. I'-K'SS x-x's l) !'. Il-Ni Il-K'i (a) Voluntarily removing his counterplay. This move is usually ill-advised, and it is no exception here. 7 ... P X Q P ; s preferable. White proceeds to develop his bishop on the flank and his play is model up to move 27. b) 18 ... K-R1 or 18 ... P-KN3 offer chances of resistance. resistance. (c) Striving for some counter- play and complications. d) 27 R-R2!, 25 K-N2, 29 R-Q2 is the righl way. (e) So thai 29 RxR, BxP ch, etc. Now Smith must give back all his m a t e r i a l , but instead of disheartened, he begins to play wilh renewed, cold determination. (f) The King must move. (g) Belter than 40 P-N5, R-N3; 41 K-Q2, R-NG. Besides, it sets a pretly trap. (h) Black's King eilher runs into a Knight fork or allows White a Rook check on the back rank, followed by KxB. White won in 23 more moves. Problem in. q-iu 21. K - H I 50. K - K I :l. li xli :;. l i - l l l M. K - K I ';. R Hi I'. H - N * r h Nx.V A'-K'.' x-rn? b li ui K -It I noc I'll- n nji J; S!" 11 N'T* K ^ l l . ' I M U t h L 'PA* \Vhitc lo Play and Win

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 24 Aug 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 89

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