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 - Championship Chess Stevens By BLAKE STEVENS...
Championship Chess Stevens By BLAKE STEVENS S4Hithives(orn Open Chess Chainpinn A Simkovisch problem dating from 1924 was last week's offering find the solution is amazing. White is a Rook behind, but draws by sacrificing the Knight, exchanging exchanging Rooks and Jeaving himself with lone King vs King. Rook, nnd Bishop. This time there is no tricky stalemate involved. ( 1. N-U7 (if 1. .. K-ni; 2R-B3ch, K-N3; N-KCcli, K- N2; 4 R-N3ch 'and black can escape perpetual check by the Rook), R-K1; 2 N- QGch!, PxN; 3 R-B3ch, K-N3; 4 R-N3ch, K-B2; 5 R-B3ch, K-K2; 6 R-K3ch, K-Q1; 7 RxRch!, KxR; 8 P-R3I, B-N2; D K-Q1, K-B2; 10 K-K1, R-R1; 11 K-B), R-R1; 12 K- Nl, R-K1; 13 K-B1, K-B3; 14 P- KN3 (setting up a new barricade), K-B4; 15 P-B3, R-KG; 16 K-B2I (The Rook must withdraw as 10 . . . R-Q6; 17 K-K2 trapping the Rook), R-K1; 17 K-B1 drawn. While's King has been busy. A fresh, different drawing idea. World CIwmjiionsMp Vassily Smyslov is having a d i f f i c u l t lime in his effort to maintain maintain his world chess crown. He wrested it from M.M. Botvinnik who held the title for many years, and now is facing a determined ex-champion m this vie for top chess honor. Jn IMS a world chess champ- Bhip was formed so that winner could be officially recognized. Problem While lo Play and Draw The previous champion, Alexander Alexander Alekhmc, had died in Eibout 1945. The top five players, M. Euwe, V. Snvyslov, P. Keres, M. Bolvinnik, nnd S. Reshevsky, competed, competed, with Botvinnik the winner. From a series of qualifying tournaments emerged David Bronstein Bronstein to challenge the world champion. Botvinnik tied a 24 game match nnd under the laws set up, he retained his title. His next challenger was Smy- slov. He tied him in a 24 game, match also. Then in 1D56 the Candidates Candidates Tournament wns a g a i n held lo provide a new challenger. Smyslov won ahead of Kercs nnd Geller. This time he was not to be denied. He bested Bolvinnik convincingly. Which brings us (o the present. Botvinnik, as is his right, asked for a return match, which is now being played, Botvinnik must win 3214 points out of 24 lo regain his title. At the time of this writing the score Is Botvinnik 11, Smyslov excavation 56 Scanty 87 cult of 140 Mean center «t rTt ?i,« 6 Tube for 58 Spanish Meditcrran- 147 Bellows 47 Covers D-OibevLllea sucking up American eon Sea w lth pitch 91 vial beverage blanket 98 Horse's DOWN SO Prefix: 02 Makes 11 English 61 Grounded neck hair down nr « 111.. writer b l a d e o t OS Cruises I Younc pig 51 Business cat 16 Protective eolf club 100 Nohlemen ; p ° P g I,M- qi A n i m a l - , ditches 62 Flogs lOlArrerlcon 2 ^11 ' actons pelt (nil 21 Hasten 63 Goad Indians tower 52 C'ountrv o-F,,,, 22 22 Uneven as 67 UnBccon,- 102 Lassoes 3 ante oV Europe J con Uhled If eaten ponied 104 Tole ubbr.) 54 Prohl i s ns Khnrn^ away 68 Kept secret 105 Pikellko 4 \sks ' si Pass off a s 07 cuf of ' 23 Candle «' ot ^ fish (pi.) earnestly G e n u i n e Italy 24 Foreigner GO Arabian 10S Gun (slang) 5 organ of SB Spanish w raver of 25 correlative demon 109 Shore bird ^M t m e J }S, °* of either 70 Look at 110 Outstrips c Prefix: 57 Landed 100 T o Orient 2G Denoting fixedly 111 Sonoran naif monorlv 101 r iv «f unfit ship 71 Passing Coast 7 TUle of a 58 Ke l l Netherlands in Lloyd's fancies Indian novel by . 59 A r d o r ... coiinliv of Reels er 72 Facing dlr- 112 Mineral oeoreo du 60 Was borne Europe 27 Syllable ection from spring Maurlcr by , nd n«TM , of scale which glac- 115 Those at 8 Artificial Gl Golf club JnV SJSE 28 Continent ler impinges the head language 62 Kind of can ii (abbr.) 73 One or; low 117 Alluvial 0 S African C4 Po"llon 100 f.°a d ±TnnV 29 Printer's Intelligence deposit at fox 65 Incite J2S " ,, y look measure 74 Price asked mouth of 10 Exposed 68 Tall raaish l07 !! , lo S O s u n e o d for some- river to the crass inn i n a 31 Fundamental thing 118 Symbol for elements 68 Retail shop l08 J a P n ncsc mass of 75 Compass cerium 11 Strenghth- 69 Wild prick- i i n i i i i i i i life's Point H S D o e s i n c n cd ly shrub i",V ,. 1C £ , tendencies 76 To go !n 121 A water IT Acted In an 70 Form , ' I 11lchcii 32 Artificial haste spirit affected 72 Pail in play , , , ,, ' , language 77 More 122SavnRe stylo 73 To wed JU ?,??, , 33 Branch of unusual 124 Asiatic 13 Aloft 74 Singsong HZ wcusnt of armed 78 Talked 127 Man's name \\ Gull-like way of ,,^;"i , services Infoimally 128 Symbol for bird talking 113 Elemen aiy 35 Place 70 Strict nickel 15 Destroy ?6 Steps over .,.,, lb ?° k , where 80 Foremost 129 Child's completely fence 1H Broml " cck soldier is 81 Cloth name for 16 Horses 77 Wash In n r ? C « p ' lodged symbol of mother which have clear t l ? rftrinr 37 To correct mourning 130 Symbol for never won water -- , 9 C ' ° 30 Put off 82 Kind of irldium n race 78 Ugly old , ,,, (q " , ' .,,, 41 Kind of candy 131 Symbol for 17 Of greater woman 118 Simbol for plant 85 category sodium 0) -c 79 Kind of ,maSn, 43 Exist 86 Idler 132 Teutonic 18 stoth pitch ill Msh rT^ii 44 cavities 87 Danish tei- deity 19 Cylindrical 80 Touches },= Ai.Sr" 46 Repeal ritorial 133 Double play 20 Breathes 81 --- cross TMS! 'I" 48 As it division (abbr.) loudly 82 British ,ir n^, stands 90 Abuse with 134 Sacred asleep baby 126 Port of a (mus.) »oids Hindu word 34 Cry of carrlacc ,.,, ,, " rc " 49 Woman »1 Poetic 135 A volume s | lec p 83 rtockflsll i? CSJ°JJ" i-.., 51 Scotched works col- 136 Table fowl 35 cutting 84 nlver of n i H v « f TM » 52 Look at lecllvely 138 Compound part of England .«,, u^hni rn, closely 92 Apply with ether knife 85 objectives l39 fJnuTh ' 53 A f f i r m a t i v e n brush 140 Rants 36 French 8B Waste ,,, "-" u ' lu TM nnswci 63 Without cosl 142 Only horse article time *' tl Roman S 4 B e n s i g n 94 Positive lo defeat J8 Plural 87 fUvcr of .., S u |" "" of Pole Man O' War ending Italy H3 A , l( '° bnb For Solution to Puirlc, Turn ta Page 7 8, with an adjourned 20th game which is in Smyslov's favor. Botvinnik won the first three games and has succeeded in keening keening fit least a three point margin in the subsquent 16 games. Twice he- increased it to four points and was brought back to three. Jl Smyslov wins the 20 111 game. he will need three out of four points whereas the challenger will need only one and one half out of four. However, Botvinnik appears to be weakening in this match and he could be upset nt this late date. II he is, he will, in our opinion, never regain his crown. The candidate's tournament will be loo lough--too many young players, such as the contender from the U.S.A., Bobby Fischer, Will be on hand. If Botvinnik wins, on the other hand, he may retain the title tat many years as his match play is slrong. We will know within the next several days the outcome ol Uiis oxdling match.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 11 May 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 87

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