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 - -o c Qi CL X CO LO o · TO -o Championship...
-o c Qi CL X CO LO o · TO -o Championship Chess By BLAKE STEVENS Southwestern Open Chess Champion Last week's problem is by A.S. Kakovin from the Moscow Composing Composing Tourney of 1D36. J P-B1 ch, K-Q4(if 1 ... K-B4; 2 N-Q 4 ch winning winning the Rook); 2*P-B5!, BxP(forced--a tactical point well worth remembering); 3 N-B4 cli, K-K-i; \ R-QI(tIirtatening male by 5 P-B3(thc only move"!; Stop! If you have failed to solve this problem, here is another chance. Can you see Ihe final three moves? 5 R Q5 ch! (giving up the Rook), PxR; 6 N Q3 ch!! (and the Knight), PxN; 7 P-B1! Male. Little Little pawns sometimes have bis singers. THE GIUOCO PIANO Variation III " I P-K-t, P-K4; 2 N-KB3, N-QB3; 3 B-B1. B-B4; 4 P-B3: having studied 4 ... B-N3 and 4 ... P-Q.1, we come to Black's strongest strongest move 4 ... N-KB3, meeting the White center advance with a cmmtcr-attack. If While now plays 5 0-0 or 5 P-Q3, Black gains equality equality or better. This must be examined: 5 O-O, NxP(nol 5 ... P-Q3. 6 I'-Ql with a d v a n t a g e as Black has no time saving check with his Black Bishop); 6 B-Q3(or else Hlack gets ·n P Q 4 ) . N x K B P ; 7 KxN.BxRch; S KxIi,N-K2; 9B-N.l(C.xPch is unsound unsound but would be fun to play in an off-hand game). N-N3; 10 Q-K2, Q-K2; I I P-Q4,PxP; 12 QxQ ch. NxQ; 13 PxP. P-Q-1 w i t h a minimal minimal ctlgc. Or 5 O O . NxP: B P-Q4, P-Q4!: 7 PxB, PxB; 8 QxQ ch. KxQ; 9 R - K 1 , NxQBP(S) with slight ad- vantafje. If 5 P-Q3 (the Giuoco I'ianissinm).P-Q3; 6 B-K3, B-N3; 7 QN-Q2. N - K 2 ; SP-Q4(8 N-BI.PB3: N-BI.PB3: 3 Q-1W. N'NJ; 10 O-O 0, O-O; I I P-Q4. Q-K2 is even but intcresl- ing),N-NJ; 9 P-KIM!. Q K2; ID P-RS. N-Bli; 11 HxN. P.\B; 12 Q-K2, N-N5- 13 O O O. OO; H P-R6. N-N3. BP.vP P-B3, N-B3; 5 P-03, P-Q3; C QN-Q2, O-O; 7 N-B1. P-Q4!; S PxP. NxP; 9 B-K3. Nxli; 10 PxN (NxN.Q-Q3; 11Q-K2, B-K3), P-K5!. 11 PxP,Q-K2; 12Q-B2. N-K4; 13 NxN, Q,xN; 14 O-0-O.P-B3-Black will win back his Pawn, have the Two Bishops and orerate against White's KP. I I ll" i * i i " *. i White to Piny Hie gnrno is Pctrosjan· vs. Vai- tonip. Tntc-rrnnnla: Sallsjobndcn, 1052. 27 N'-1!51,P.\N; ?S P.xP t N-B.; 29 R-N ch, K-R1; 30 Q-RG, N-N3 (if 30 . ; . B-N3; 31 PxIJ. Q-N2; 32 QxQ ch. KxQ; 33 PxRP ch wins); 31 PxN, BxP; 32 RxB, Black "uppgivct." Black h a d to take t h e Knight as White t h r ened 2S N-QG w i n n i n g the chanpi?. The sacrifice is called a "strvck" combination as it is f a i common. Opening (lie Knighl f i l in snrh a m a n n e r olmob.1 leads lo cisv vickny. 16 IS 1.NJ; 15 N-R-1. P-W: P-R.1; 17 P-N3.R\NP; with equality. In Ihe I 3 ianissimo line 5 P-Q3, P -Q3; 6 B-N5, B-K3 Black can al- (ord a doubling of Pawns n t l c r HxB for two reasons: he gel-s an optn KB lile m a k i n g Ins Rooks highly operational :md if White advances advances his QP lilack exchanges, iindouhlmr; Ihe Pawns; so While continues 7 QN-Q2, Q-K2; 8 Q K2. P-KR3; 9 B-K3. B-N3; 10 KB.xB, QxB; I I N-B4, N-K2 even. Black has no difficulties in these lines and in the following he obtains a promising game: 1 P-K4. P-K-i; 2 N-KM, N-fJI13; 3 B M, B-B1; 4 White to Play

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  1. Express and News,
  2. 09 Feb 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 90

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