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 - Championship Ghess By BLAKE STEVENS...
Championship Ghess By BLAKE STEVENS Southwesterly Open Chess Champion Fantasy-chess problems have little if any instructive value, but last week's problem was presented lo show how 'crazy some compositions'can get 1 P-R7, PxB; 2 P-R8becomes --·- -- - Center - Game), · p x p; Knight)! {but not;2 P-S8(Q), P-NS and Black stalemates himself), P-NS; 3 N-N6,' PxN; 4 P-B7, P-N4- 5 P-BSfN), P-N5;-;6 N-K6, PxN; 7 P-Q7, P-K4; 8 P-Q8(N), P-K5; 9 N-B6, PxN; 10 PxP, P-N4; 11 P-B7, P-NS; 12 P-BS(N), P-NS; 13 N-QG, P-N7; 14 N-B5 (or 14 NxP) P-NS(Q); 15 NxP mate. The Giuoco Plane Originating in Italy when that country was a chess mecca, (his old opening, In its rriain variations, is anything but the quiet game its name implies. Out of it can grow the mighty Max Lange alfack, the slashing Molicr attack, nnd the headstrong Evans Gambit.' The Thcrkatz, Cracow, Cracow, nnd Canal variations will prove interesting. With such a bewildering choice ot openings, players hesitate to undertake the study of the Giuoco Piano with all its complexities, preferring, instead, to start-with the English or Queen's Pawn Game 'Stonewall variation) from (he 1 White side and a French Hc- fcnso or Sicilian from the Black siiie. These arc all highly positibjial openings which Inexperienced players players arc hnt equipped to handle. A firm basis in tuctics is needed first because positional games games many times involve hidden 01 subtle tactical resources which evade those unversed in combinational combinational play. In double King's Pawn openings (rM-M, P-K-0 White strives to play I'-Q4 al n time when the Queen Piwn can be sustained on the Queen ·) square, when greater control control of the ccnlcr is achieved, or, il this pawn is removed, to recapture, recapture, gaining greater space and mobility. The questions is, when t- play P-QI. K I P-K4, P-K4; 2 P-Q4 (the .~ f , m ,..t , 3 OXP N-QB3; and the Queen must move' thereby losing-time, which'is'al- ways of the essence in an open game .of. tbis nature, allowing Black to equalize easily: 4 O-K3 N-B3; 5 P-KS gives While a poor game if Black knows (he proper response (Modern Chess Openings, Openings, 7th Edition, 'page 29, column 1, note b). H 1 P-K4, P-K4; 2 N-KB3, N-QB3; 3 P-Q4 (the Scolch'Game), PxP; 4NxP, B-B4 gives Black a free game. .The Scotch Gambit 1 P-K4, P-K4; 2 N-KB3, N-QB3; 3 P-Q4, PXP; 4 B : QB-1 and the Goring Goring Gambit 4 P-B3 can be met by Black adequately. Delay Queen's Pawn The.taclica! possibilities appear to become more meaty with the delay of the Queen Pawn advance. The Ponzian! Opening 1 P-K4, P-K4; 2 N-KB3, N-QB3; 3 P-B3 prepares for the QP advance, planning planning to support this action using the QB Pawn, but 3 P-B3 has a tnofojd objection: it takes away the best square from the While's Queen's Knight and leaves him be- .hind in development, black piays 3 . . . P-Q4 beating While the punch and. equalizing. Therefore, White, wants a developing, developing, preventive move (the last to stop Black's P-QI). P-QB1 docs not fill the bill as it fails to develop a piece. N-QB3 is perfectly perfectly satisfactory except it does not fit the scheme-White wants to play P-QB3 as in the Ponzisnl lo support support his QP when il moves to Q4. The plan then becomes clear: 1 P-K4, P-K-I; 2 N-XB3. N QB3; 3" B-B41, B-B4 (3 ... N-B3 leads to the Tsvo Knight's Game); 4 P-B3, N-B3 (or 4 ... P-Q3 etc.); 5 P-QI and the groundwork has been,laid for an absorbing plunge into this maze.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 05 Jan 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 84

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