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• Chess And Checkers Players' Corner • • • Problems And News Concerning Those Old Favorites ttrtDESPREAD Interest tn checken mod chess over the South Plains TT area has prompted this "comer' of the Sunday Avalanche-Journal'i editorial pape Several score persons are actively engaged In chess play.. and chess clubs: several hundred belong to checkers clubs and olav that grand old favorite. Here is the latest checkers and chew nrw». along with problems an« comment. The Checker Board The Chess Board O. V. Pirdue. one of the chirtcr man- ben of Lubbock Chess dub. will give * simultaneous display In Hilton hotel Rt 7:30 o'clock Mondar eight »t the regular club meeting. Oth?r club rawnbers later >rtl! present slmllnr displays. Five cents will be chars*et chars*et for e»ch person u'ho takes a board agilns; Pardue, Robert J. AJlen vns named president ef tubboclc Cheis club and T. C. Rcot was elected iceretary-treasurrr o* Texas Chris association at a mratlng of Iho club Ust weefc. Gordon Webb, u-ho Is moving moving to Forv Worth, res:ifned Jrom the posttlont. Lubbock Chfrxa club wfll b? host next September to the annual tournament of Texas Ches& assoclatioa. Because It ^us tbe itUl of TCA members meeting In Dallas Dallas lar.l SepUmbcr thai this city havr two executive Olivers on whom will full the major task of promoting the tourney, the Lubbock club felt It had authority to name » new secretary-treasurer. Dr. R. 8. Underwood it, TCA president. In spit* of tbe laws concerning explosive.' explosive.' through th* mails, we received the following a few days ago from a local local player. We arc putting It In exactly as wordrd, and will give his a»me to anyone who will proniUe not to commit murder—if you tal:c exception to anythlnj In the le-.tcr. lust enwr our spring tourney tourney April 11 and prove him wrong: "I believe the 35 best checker pUyeri In this county, and this respective rank- ir.p o! each, is thli: 1, Vlnson SUnphill, 2. Wayne Aihley. 3. J. C. Williamson. 4, B J Oreer 5. H. L. Best (!. Otho Clen- denncn. 7, J. W. Ack»rd. «. Chas. Graves '?), 9, H. A. Cooper t», 10. S. K. Frailer. (?), (Editor's Note — We suppose Ihe question marks mean he's no: certain about the spelling, surely he ca:fl doubt the gentlemen's ability). H, Lrsile Ry»n, 12. D. L. Anderson. 13. A. L. Amburn. 14. Curly Council. 15 Wm. Doyle. 1C Vcn:ct Ryan. 17, J. L. Ky»n J8 Maion Robinson, 19. W. R. Gentry. 20. E. P. Kyle. 21, Jes* Amburn. 22. Ernest Driver. 23. Hush Andcrron. 24. Baxtrr Honey. 3.1, Gish Houston. 58, G. V. Pardue, 27. R. 8. Underwood. 28, Rfnford Taylor, 29, T. C. Root. 30, Arthur Syfrett, 31, Robert J. Allen. 32, Frank Ward. 33. r. y. Henley, 34. D. O. LiEht. 35. Joe Fulton. This BHme 15 onn of Interest because It Is n blocked game, not a Jump Is made, and neither side overlooks a Jump: 10-15, 23-18. 12-16. 21-17. 9-13. 24-30. 16-19. 1714 1714 6-0 27-24. -S 32-27. 8-1?. 25-21. 1216' 1216' 27-23 6-10. 21-17, 4-8, 29-2!. 8-12. 2521 2521 3-8. 30-25, 2-8. 31-27. white wins. The writer of this column regrets for many reasons that he is leaving Lubbock. He rwrcts tlwt he will not be pfrml'.trJ to attend the pleasant Monday night meetings of Lubbock CheM club. He wishes success lor the club In IU promotion of the stat< tournament here this fall und assures chc-.* players hcrr he will aid In promoting that tournament In any way possible. On Lubbock nlaverb will [all » Inrcr share ot the expend htwndiim to the tournament We trfl confident that our enthujlas'-s here will give tar TCA mpr.i- berB a better tournament than Dalian d!d. And that la supremo confidence In Lubbock players. l*or month* we have been rcsnrvinjr for a, sprclnj occasion a peiem by an unidentified unidentified writer. Wei fed the' ".special occasion" has arisen. CHESS My knlxht shall rirtc ait-'iin tonight To stalk a haughty king: Ify castle strong tiill burst with sous And daring challenge fling. With clashes 'tvcln. » hl?'inp bold And pawns In nhalitnx drawn. Medieval days will bloom asa:n And last untU the dav:n. The xwurd of the Book "Standard Po- sHlon "' offered for last week's problem, goes to Venice Ryan, Lubbock. for a correct correct Mlution. Along with his moves comes a confession that his pica for hnrdnr problems hftd resulted In his having to put In over five hours before getting It. He-re's the setting and the winning moves: Black men on 8. II. 12. 14; White m-n on 19 20 25 31 It's a White win by 35-21, 14-18 21-17. 15-22. 17-H. 22-55. 14-9, 2^ 30 9-8 30-25 6-2. 25-22, 2-6, 22-1H. 6-0. 13-23. 31-26. 23-30 A. 9-14, 30-25. 14-U. 25-21. 18-?2. 11-15. 19-10. 8-11. 22-18. and white wins by gcltinp the man on 11. A 23-18, 26-23. white wins. Second best hct of moves comes from H. R. Kimbroug!], Rali'. who movei 49 mox'».\ to a whirr win: 25-51. 14-18. 21-17, 18-2^ 17-13 22-25. 13-9. 25-29, 8-6. 21-25. 31-26; 25-30. fl-2, 30-18. 2-7. 11-15. 20-4. 15-11). 7-11 and a white win by first poM- tlon. As promtsrd today's problem will nisi Like brovr Boadlrca will My quern let loose ti'-r wmlli: And woe unto tho foeniLin .who Dares loiter In her paili. The king himself Is not tecurr When my queen st»rt> to ride: He shudders »nd » ra-r!». ?eel:t To find a place to hide. Mv hope: are hiuh, my heart Is Ucht, My hand* cun hnrdly wnit. My troops to mart alons the road My rival's '<UIR to mate- Indeed, though I'm by cares And fat'^^ my fortune wreck. Til ask for naught but chrssmen thai do forth and bellow "Chrclc." furnish plrnty of exrrci'e: Bltick men nn 5. 12. 13, kings on 15 16: White men "n 14, 17. 27. kings on 2. 23 White tn move, but a ho wlii.'.? Th^ sell Inn I* by I'. Mnr- due, but you mev thl'.ik yf>Mr^rlf renriv lor the morgue bpforc getting a win for oiii."r .•-.Irie. Pamphlets mailed lor any forced win sent in.

Clipped from
  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 21 Mar 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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