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Chess And Checkers Players' Corner » • * Problems And News Concerning Those Old Favorites rmDESPREAD interest in checkers and chess over the South Plains TV area has prompted this "corner' of the Sunday Avalanche-Journal's editorial page Several score persons are actively engaged in chess play and chess clubs: several hundred belong to checkers clubs and play that grand old favorite. Here is the latest checkers and chess news, along with problems and comment. The Checker Board The Chess Board An lntr»-club conteit Is pltnntd for th» meeilag of Lubbock C!i«s club In Hilton note! uc 7:30 o'clock Monday nlKbt. IT Dr. H. S. Ur.ilcr»-ood. City champion, und Dr Alan L. Strout, lormer champion, ar« present, they vlll captain the two teams, composed or the remainder of the players. The team members Till be ranked according according to strength. Thus the morir experienced experienced players will meet men of approximately approximately the 5»me ability. Lumcsa roHy not have a monopoly on sands'.orms. but the checker players from that place have plenty ol 'grit' ae witness ihe event? at the Tuesday meeting In the Hilton. Led by Doctors S. Z. Frszicr and Virgil Lawson. Q four-man team from tht South Plains city tfivadcc! Lubbocl; for tht tilt mentioned In last week's column. When the smoke of combut had clear The club, meeting last week, atij-.-'ivit & handicap ty»t_tn devised by a .-'im- " mlttcc composed of Robert J. Allen, T. c. Root, and John Spencer. Members were divided Int. lour groups. is follows: No. 1—Strout jirjd Underwood. No. 2—Taylor. Spencer, O'Neall, tod Jennings. No. 3—Parduc, Root, and Allen. No. 4 —Tyncs. Hall. Waller, and ] Players will give a handicap of and move to players In the group immediately immediately below them, with the rxcrpuon that group 3 playt-r, will give R nt-iid'cup of a knight to player* :n Kroun 4 A handicap ol a kn:Ki>t will be g:\cn by players to opponents whose group is or.o place removed, with the exception that group 2 players will Rive players in •v llliti UlC BKlUKt: VI I.WI11 U»ll, 1JUU HVtl 1 VU, f • . * —.• t ,' • ,, n . -• — /- ancl the local players had regained their * * rook. Group I give group _ , , . •*""•• _ K "'.*.. . ° .. J nlrt vnrc rnrtr rvr»U-H ntiM vrmir*. vision, ihry found thein&clven ou the *hor: end ot the score by 18 points to 50. Pluylng without Stanphlll, the local '.tarn was. led by 'Dad' Grter. who man- ai^d to break oven with the Lumesum. Cli-ndPimeij. niter n rather .low start, rnlJird and played Uic t«o plifjlelant, on riip boy.', (torn Lamesa showed evidence >il careful coanhlng>, und pUylng was methodical, with a knowledge ol book I'lay much In evidence. The plnycrs were m-companlcd by Cecil Speck and t. C. Cot- U-n. The match vus enjoyed (cry much by bo r .h teams, and we hope to have m- rf si, in the game resuJMui? frequent ma»ohe. e . We give 4 players rook. pawn, and move. A rool: given In handicap will be The quuen't rooK. & knight Hit queen's knight, and a pawn the king bishop's pawn, unless unless otherwise agreed by tlir players. Such c system will encourage *tl;r \r.*$ oxirerierjrerl men io intend club incctlr.?:. I! will not apply eitlitr in tlic .seml-m:- niia! tournumcnts or in Hi" intru-<:iub nmtch. «'-»«o riw^corc/f Lame» , .. z f . nuj( ,. r -". v:rg!i'Luwi<on"-.""J^ iJc k McOu°r7 W. e 8 8 ......... . 1 Lubbock B. J. Greer . ....... ____ 7 Otho Clendennsn ________ 4 Chas. Graves ___________ 4 Wayne Ashley _ ____ __ 2 D. PC: 6 vi 4 20 3 19 Vrom J. C. Thompson a column Dallas Journal: "An umuMnc; bnccdofe l.s toM <-<<u<.t . -i r- liiK one ot UK: Ka:nc>. played In the- :'.ui; tourney. Alter 1 P-K4. P-K4; : N-KB.. N-QB3: 3 B-Bi. N-B3 white is v :;!-. dir-t nHrnmtives—the conterv,-,.•:., j> Q. ihe more aggressive P-W1, or :| N-N5. which i.s very etlecii-.r. .11: wenk opponi-ni. Dr. I?. S. Und'iw. tnis poslilon and was di-llin r 0 t:: his three choice 1 ,. B^ing u!i.<l)'.- •,. he asked his opponent in n ca. ot manner. "Mow are you ::;,i-,. the tournament so far?' 'Close :o ti (."ijrV- tom.' was the reply. Wlihoia a nv n,. r,''.v Imitation (he doctor pleycd < the kv i'ver or. In Winnin? solution to l.i«t weck'i problem fumi^ from Ksmcst Dr'.ver. Lubbock, dc- • tr.i. inri that the colors wtie ro '•i'r.-co as tlir .iftting was published . H . hf.u;ifi hfl\r >>c-eii w'hite to move tind 'ir..w. on 2. 12, king on ?2: White •>» 10. 11. 14. White dren-s by H-S. 22-18. !'-i !8-15. U-7. Z-II. ilS-6. 5-1. i-11, 1-10' f;-l. 15-6. 1-10. drtiwn neatly. An out-of-torn solution also arrived l! .or v „> corrfct, coming from Muicolm o:. . prohl'-m tnr r.r; ! vor'll 3, », U, t p.iinp;.irt •.. v.lme on <>, '>' ronn'

Clipped from
  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 07 Feb 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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