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Chess And Checkers Players' Corner » »• * Problems And News Concerning Those Old Favorites tl/TDESPREAD interest in checkers and chess over the South Plains TT area tias prompted this "corner" oJ the Sunday Avalanche-Journal's editorial cage Several score persons are actively engaged in chess play and chess clubs: several hundred belong to checkers clute and ulav that 'grand old favorite. Here is the latest checkers and chess news, along with problems and comment. The Checker Board The Chess Board Handicap chei>b will be Inaut'urated «t it regular mrrung of Lubh;n:V. Clu 1 . 1 . 1 * club tn HIHou hotrl at 7 - no o'ricvi; Monrtn^ night. A club commiti.ce compo.'-cd uf Robert. J. Allrn. T. C. Ruot. ar.'i John Sp'-ncT will submit ft handtcuiJ j.y:.!o:r. dfslpncil to (Clve weuker plajers "a break." Intercut in rhrhh it« !nfTc:».i.!ng in Lubbock. Lubbock. us evidenced by new club member:-. To th? two score players and spectators u-ho attended the Bwik6 exhibition, his playing s-a.s uncanny—not simply beeuunc he won every game except one—but bc- cuust of the remarkable clearness with which he could diocusi sny move of any game played by anyone. I!»en a!ter the play vtj, over. »nd the local lads vtrt getting an earful, several players lit random random a.sted him about a uertain move taken In their exhibition game. Without exception he nould almost re-pluy the game, pointing out the various movci needed to maintain tht draw. The out-of-town boys certainly helped the exhibition. The lone draw was ob- lalnetl by Dr. B. Z. Frazlcr. of Lumcsu. K former participant In Kentucky Jtntc tourneys. Accompanying Him from Lamesa Lamesa war. Virgil Lawson. former Brownwood Brownwood resident, who was an Interested spectator. Another player who had a draw In siglit right up to ihr last wat^ W. E Ely. Snyder glnner, who fumbled in fhc cndmp. Vhr pin;iiiR o! Dr. Frailer appeared cs- iit-tially .strong. After the Banks exhibition, exhibition, he played a set of four jwmes with viiuon Stnnphtil. The first three of Mifso K'erc O.UIIMC. clear-cut draud. On the fourth. Dr. Froikr 106'. n narrow ending, ending, afier purposely passing up a draw a fer moves earlier. We hope to have mori go met from him later on, and it't. refreshing to have someone In this s»c- '-ion of the state who can play Stonp- hill a hart; game. One of the results of hl!> trip may b« a Lamesa-LubbocK team match in the near future. Tentative plant were begun for U. The answers Banks gave to two quet- :lon> were Interesting. He wa-s asked how many good players hf: had met who were not "book players." His answer was rmphfcde. "Not a 'one. Then he aaded. •Without (i knowledge of book play, no <mf ran piny 6 dicMH game, and most, piayir; rrnliw ii when playing against .1 'hwnf man." Tn th» other question, "how con one improif hi.-, gnmtr rapidiv. jmd exten- ••'•••fiy. 11 thf answer w»s slgnificsint. He- iiut,: "Get an assortmen; of the bfsl i.ud iiiiott books, and try to takr one r>r more O f the better columns carrying fiif n*".i of the game." This last answer •"mi": 10 so much t.iv need or •v-i 1 - x' player in This ^fetton. tliiit In ncxi »ctK» column we 'ill iist thf. In lieu of the proposed Trxa^ Cli'.'is Vcarbook lor 1036, tin- 21 beM feniuc-j played in the state vlmmploir.h!p tourrvi- ment have been mmisoprF.phed nnd nro ready lor dl.'.tributloti ut 15 emits the -,?i. Orders may be sent to J. C. Thompson, in care of The Dallas Journal. Thanks to Dr. R. S, Underwood, (. ••• chess champion, «ud the 10 men v :ir.- faced him in a simultaneous dlspln; 1 .r Lubbock hotel last week. T-MIS Chcs:i ;•.,- joclatlon hus a Si.50 "ncrt-i'gs" (or Hit 1927 tuuniBinent which will be coadtn-trtj in Lubbock. Doctor UudtTwood found comp?!Ui"n litiff, losing to Robert ,'. All-:n. O. V. Perdue, Perdue, Rod O'Neull. John Su-ucer. V. o. Jennings, and J. R. Taylor. Ho won lium R. A. Tynes. J. A. Waiters-, nnd ITMiiit Hftll. und drew with Gordon Wrhii. "Kibitzing." which fhouM be excluded from the next Minultum.'j'i.s dhspluy. added to the champion's dllflcuHn?!. Copies, of Chess, the British magazine, for January arc available aud may be obtained from Gordon Webb. The edition Includes u report of the Hastings Clirlst- mab congresr. with u selection of games. a study of the French detenu;, u selection selection of end-gornoi und problems. A game played In tht Hastings congress: congress: DUTCH DEFENSE Alcklunc Bluck R-KB4 N-KP3 P-K:I P-8-1 P-K4 P-Q.1 B-K2 N-N:'i N'XP o-o PXP Eli.vlun.fs Whitr I.'i N-KG Bl^ck Rxi? ch N-R.T I'-KNS N-J82 M-N4 White 1 P-Q4 ; P-KN3 .-, B-N: 4 N-KRi :> P-QS 6 N-E3 7 P-K4 SP-B4 0 PxKP 10 O-O 11 N-B4 12BxP 13Q-K 14 P-KRIi E-Q2 Dravo by prrprtun.] rlicck It h polntcrl out. that by 28Q-N8 cli. K-B3; 29 B-K6 White W»M hnvc won. Tr.crr -.s no adequate defense aguln&t N-Q5 ch. n o-K; 1 18 n-Ql' IliR-KD CO Q-KJ ii <3-R« n PxB '.'3 R>;R ch 24 B-Q!i MP-K7 ch B-NS 26 P Qns. N(G>5>-Bfi ch Q.-N3 37K-N3 NsB 2SO-K7 ch R-KB BxR bMt and latest publications availnbir, *nd where they may be obtained. Correct unsvers ci,me In hand.iy t week's problem. Raymond Phillips Hugh Ancicrcun, butii 01 Lnl/oock. n newcomer. Eugene Dmlclson. Ahern srnt m ib.c rti^iii mo\ t-;. T!ir prci Black on 11. 12. 16. 03. un 18. oil 20 31 king;, on 7. 10: Ulnck •> i S.1.J7. 31-24. 18-1."'. 10-in. lfl-23. 12-28 This veck;. problem i> iiviirh nioix :icult, and will !»>: ymir ingeniitf.: r.n 10. 11. 14: Whit* on 2 15. 'icine .i to mime »nd dm" P.unnlile'.. be 7i~T. ^or Ihc ,.hc-ric."! eouc^i

Clipped from
  1. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal,
  2. 31 Jan 1937, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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