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John Simmons - , Dfid it, t*b», i at the northwest earner of...
, Dfid it, t*b», i at the northwest earner of Chest- .Second Creels, and extending north""" J ~" t*rcet ninety-nine ' el. along which it' feet to lot now .. j, -.-•-, along which It ex- JSSSaSflR. "J^:". 1 "* het to said -,- to conditions -,-,-— *t * o'clock P, M.4 when , * »** tt &*n. ! Erlciilor cf.John Sinimolu, DeeettcJ. AVBStOA'B Estate of Jfohn Boyer, late of North Leb- County, In the Orphans' Court" ol Lebanon Coun- > «*v ,w*ijri«ua*Ki WVta* *. W*. .UVJWniJUII ^ ty. No. i Novelet- Term. isoo. Notice ii hereby" given that the under- of Lebanon County, to make dls» oft of the named deoedeh'ti - e o sa lf £ h ?*! nut ;"'-«t. along which ft extends east J? W* SSJ? 1 ?^ th ° 8 °. l««*lly entitled •iffiS? Bh »&", *«J?_*« W«« ? f . ^hrtfng therato, Wll '«U f6r th« purpon of hi 8 . i V?PfP v ^ m ?''5' consist of a tw Jtoty "L >r '8hajied, brick, slate-roofe. dwelling house 14 ft. a in. x 9 ft., »n '9 't. x 24 ft. 4 In,, 2nd two-ltoi «ofal MtcheS at'taehJd, trfl 6in? 1 J y ' Ul 't5o? ch atld balcony and one-«tor li'r 1°°" d »^"«fy "ttaehed'ta ft x "Yl b ! lcp P y Ol ? 1 °* >> porch 8t fro '« «» «i, ?* a!r liel<l * y8tcm ' balh room ^improvements. i ?' t Deln « all that cenain messuage, , 1n t n *»_ ll ouse «nd lot of ground known u 'No. 360 South Second street, in the City o fc?uf tton «' Mr i eMld A >»tthdtd 4nd describe?! «i «t to , w i t! a point on th 1?t n lw « f South Second street, St-cocncr o l&-°i. V f Wl </' M J«*««. thence extending along '«,ul?| l Jl C I 1 S ° Utb ScCOnd street in southerly direction twenty feet to corner o nS ?M i"!" 1 Buc . hmo ? e r, thence extending .! P ' m i ., last mentioned lot eastwardly 10 extending in a t, . dlr e"'on along the west lide o ? J? cnly fect i 0 , said lot of William tllcnc « extending along said Hack -.:., i ; • ..._..^ ^A.I.IIUIIIII aiuiig BUIU iia( ett 9 lot westwardly 100 feet to the .place beginning. <SK ' The improvements consist of a two story 'frame slate-roofed dwelling ' house 14x26 feet, with two-ston . t frame tin-/oofed kitchen attached u n. x 9 ft. 4 inches. , Fruit. trees and grape -vines on premised r * it* NO. j), *A11 that certain lot or piece 01 ground'situate on-'the east side of South Sec street, in the City of Lebanon aforesaid, Ig lot No. ao on,rlan of South Park In i "city, bounded and described as follows, Jo .wittj. BEOINNIHO at a post on the easi <idc of Second street to6, fect north of Schacf. ^fcrstbwr^RifsS./tliiiince eastwardly along land . . ........... ^ , Mow or.late, ofVWin. W. Misli 100 tPIUm aQey, thence alo 'alley northwardly 20 - ., . . feet to aQey, thence along the west side of Plum northwardly 20 feet to lot. of Hugh E Hughes, - tncnce along the lot of 'Hugh E , (Hughes westwnrdly too fect to Second street ,lliL-ncc along Second street southwardly twenty j-ct to place of beginning. New cement jcurbstone ar 'this lot NO. 4. All those certain lots or piece ol ' . . laud situate on' the west side -of South Second street, in numbered .street, in said City of Lebanon, and being lots numbered 37 and 38 on Plan of South Park, pounded and described as follows, to wit: BE GINNING at a post on the west side of Second ^street 160,' feet >south of locust street, at cor ncr of land of James Bastian, thence along said land of James BaBltan wcstwardly 04 feel to a 12 foot wide alley, thence along the easi side of said?alley Southwardly 40'feet to lam now or lat? of Jacob P,,OHver, thence, alonf raid land of Jacob P. Oliver eastwardly 9 „:. fect to Second street, thence along said $econ< ''street northwardly ,40 fect to place of begin, ninff. t ' ^ ^ ' NO.' g. Being all that certain mcsauagc! 'tenement house and lot- or piece of ground . '.known as No. 331 South Second street, in the » City of' Lebanon aforesaid. < \Bounded *n-the 1 east, by Second street;'on Ihe,south by other property John Simmons' estate, *on the west by a twelve foot wide alley, mid on the north 1 by land .Sold to Jacob'P. 1 ' Oliver; hiving; a ' frontage of eighteen feet nine-inches-\(more or'less) 'on said Second) street, and extending in depth of equal width 94 fect to said alley. , t j •The improvements Consist "of a two, story brick s.latt'roofed dwelling house 16 ft. 9 in. x 3d ft, with two- story brick tin-roofed i kitchen at. tdched 24 ft. x 13 ft. . Large front porch, ce ment paving and bath room. i » ' ;NO. 6. _ J'^iiiK all that certain messuage, tene mcnt house and lot or piece of ground Knowr atiNo, 333 South Second ^street, in. the. City oi icbanon aforesaid: jlouifded 'on 'the east .b> jSccond street, on the north by other propertj * three inches (more or less) on said .fircone* street, unj .exjending .of' equal width in depth 94 feet to said alley. The improvements consist of a two story brick slate-roofed dwelUut " ' house 17 ft. >. 26 ft., with a two-storj ' ' -. brick tin-roofed kitchen' attached xt. ft. x it ft. Large front porch, cement paving,' iteam heat plant and bath room. •' NO. 7, • Being all that certain messuage 'tenement house and lot of groflnd known at* No., 358 South Fifth street, in said City of Lebanon, bounded and described as follows ,ta wit: Fronting on the east side of South Fifth , Micct, on -which it extends twenty-five feet and extending of that width eastward one bundled and five feet (more 9r less) to otto , lirvpetliea of estate of John Simmons, deceased' bounded on^the north by lot now or late oi •John Risser, and on the south by lot nov Or late of Charles McKenzle. The Improvements consist of a two "• "' Story frara* slate-roofed dwellini house 18 ft, 4 in. x 24 ft., with two story frame tin-roofed kitchen at tached 16 ft. x 13 ft. B inches. There u i steam heat plant in the house. Chicken house grape vines and fruit trees on the premi6es ( NO- 8. Being all that certain messuage tenement, house and lot or piece of groum! known as No. 255 South Cherry alley, in saiu HJ'ty of tebanon; fronting on the west side o ( Cherry alley, orf which it extends ia}i feet (moie or less) and extending; westwardly -9- f«set 8 inches (more or lets) (6 property abovr described as No. j oj estate of John Simmons, bounded, on j the north '|» Jot now pr late of Jolin Rinset,'aud^ort the south by property ol John Simmons' estate hereinafter described »r No. 9. The imprpveroeott, consist of a two ' slory brick, slate roofed dwelling house J6 ft x lay, ft., with two'ctory brick kitchen 14x1(1 feet and onr-story franie scullery attached ax IP feet. An alley or passage-way, to be used in common with tjie owner* st^'ppcuftlers of this pioperty and the Qwiicr^ and occupiers of prop crly Nn JS7i adjoining. 'Cement walks tlirougl alley-way and, jn front, and, rear of house Front parch atlhuuse. ' . •NO, • 9. fifing all "that certain me«uage, tenement, house and lot of ground known af No,- 257 South Cherry i alley, In said City of Lebanon, Frpnting on,the west side of Cherrj a|ley, on which it extends 12^ feet (more oi less) and extending westwa'dly 9' ". 8 In fmore or less) to property above described as »No. 'j of estate ot-Jahn Simmons, deceased, bounded on the north by property of Estate of John Simmons, deceased ( No. 8), and on th« south by lot now ot late of Charlee M"Kcnzie. ' The impravemsnts consist pf a two- atory brick slate-roofed dwelling house *6xu# feet, .with two-story *-' brick kitchen I4X?» feet attached, and 'ohe-swry trarae scullpry attached « x «o ft, An alley or passage-way to be used in com- won with ,the owners and occupiers of this property and owners and occupiers of proiv «rt/No. ajs. adiofning- Cement walks through alley-way and Jn front and rear of housf. J'nrch »t front of house. ' / NO. io. All that certain messuage, tenement housq and lot of niece or ground known as No. M North Sixth street, In said City of Lebanon, between Cumbwlartd and Wil •Kw rtreets. bpunded and described *« follows, to wit: JOn the north by property pf Harnr SliifBer, on the *outh by P™P c . rt y.,»L w,?rf Reiser,V the west by property «»<.AIbfrt Ward • » t\e ea«t by Sixlh^trMt.JronUng ,6k, Sate-roofed dwelling fitfiaS feet, vith tt two-story «*?4«?i.y «*« JflSfeet, with balcony ^Jtacjed.and one-ftory 'hl^^^&^l^i 1 lot wtiown as JKo. 78 on Plan of M)," 1 o* tr.t* T.u M ar, a*.-M.t imnrovement Co., vituate appointment on .Friday, January 7, I9i0, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of' the said day, ih Hooitt No. 4. of the Court House in the 'City of Lebanon, Pa. when and Where all parties Interested may attend if they think proper. , WALTJSR C. anAlCFF, ia"a A< AUDITOR'S KOXXOS. Th« undersigned auditor appointed by the Orphans' Court of Lebanon Count> I to make distribution of the balance in • the aciount of Thomas L. Booker, ex-, ecutor of the last will and testament g of Annie Hlbshman. late of Jackson township, Lebanon county, Pa., deceased, to and among creditors, legatees, nnd parties legally entitled thereto, will alt for the purpose of his appointment on Wednesday, Jan. B,» 1910,' at 10 o'clock, a. m., In Room No. 4, of tho •^ourt House, in the .City of Lebanon, Pa., when, and where'all parties inter- osted may attend if they think proper. - 12-20 H. A. HONKER, Auditor. ,OHAB%BB ITOXXOB. Notice Is hereby given that an application will be made to the Governor of the Commonwealth, of Penns r Robert Stewart and others, under an Act of Assembly, entitled "An act to provide for the "incorporation"" and regulation of certain corporations," approved April 29,_ 1874, and tho supplements & to Bismarck andj, Fontana Telephone and, TnlnETlinh Homnnnv" tlio Minrnntnr nVi. ' K. the character, ob- K " " 1 "-1 0< Telegraph Company, Icot and purpose of ng, maintaining:,' operating, and leas- ng telephone and telegraph lines for the private 'use of individuals, firms, corporations, municipal and otherwise, for general business and for police, flre k Harm and messeijr ' ilon of telephone^ uAwiiaiieao tmvi mv t ~. furnishing of facilities for communi-' cation by means of the transmission of , electricity over and through wires and „ doing a general telephone and telegraph , itinlnpRfl hv hNltnfi mpann wHh all flirt ! I business and for police, flre< <. messeneer Bervice; the .opera- P. lephbnej exchanges and Hho J. ' business by ssuch. means, with all the rights and powers' in said Acts granted. The general route of thejtnea of said _ " " ' company, is as follows: Beginning in ' he, City Lebanon- Co., Pa., at a point being the corner of Chestnut and 16th Streets; thence by the most practical routes to the Village of Cle- jhfl,iln' North'. Lebanon-.township.- Leba- ion Co., TPa., thence to Bismarck, in forth Cornwall township. Lebanon Co., 'a.;- and to Fontana, '.n South Annvllle ownship. Lebanon Co.; Pa., all the said •oute' being within the county of Leba- ion and State of .Pennsylvania, with uch branch lines and exchanges as will ie necessary and convenient'.to furnish elephone and telegraph sorvloo-to individuals, firms, corporations Tesldlntr .in he'County above-named: also < telephone xchanges in the several Boroughs' and flllafrof) In said county above , men- toned and other Boroughs and Villages o be connected; the' lines lof such ex- hanges, connecting offices, places of uslness and residences with each other nd with the central>'ofllcej and for heso purposes to have, possess and, en- oy Hit the rights, powers, benefits and rfylleges of paid Act of Assembly, and upnlemonts thereto. A. B. HORgT. Treas. and Man, - H. B.'FEGAN. Sec.. • O. HOLZAPFHL, Pres. OKABTUB HOTXOB. Notice is hereby given that an appU' ation will be made to the Governor of lie Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, on rlday Jan. 14, 1910, by James O. Light X J. Barr and John Behney, under the Act of Assembly, of the Commonwealth f Pennsylvania entitled "An act tc fovide for the: incorporation and regu- ation of certain' corporations,", approved xpril 29th, 1874, and the- supplements hereto, for the charter oi an Intended orporatlon to be called "Lebanon Valley ron and 8teel Company, 1 '. the character nd object of which is tlio inanufactur- ngr-of Iron and Steel, or both, or any ther metal, or of any- article of com- merce, from or .wood, \ or both . lth the powers and privileges conferred y section 38 of the said 'Act of Aasein- ly and the several supplements thereto d for those purposes to haye. nopsest nd enjoy all tie rights, benefits and riyl legos of the said Act of Assembly. " id its supplements. '• 1-20 . S. P, r^IOHT, Solicitor. orvtt OOTTBT PBOOSA- Whereas, the Hon;' Allan W. Ehreond. resident Judge of 'the several courts of orrmon Pleas of the County of Leba- on, tnd Judge of tlifl Courts of Over nd Termlner and General Jail DblJvery or the trial of capital and a.11 other of- ;nses of said county, the Judge of the eneral Court ol Quarter Sessions of he Peace and General Jail Delivery In he County of Lebanon, through h)8 pre- epts to me directed, thld 6th day of ecember. A, D..'»90fl, to hold a Court of ommon Pleas of the County of Leba- on. on the •. . ... Monflw of^Bmww, 1810, hich will bo the 17th of said month, to ontinua ^. . .. ,„ Given under my hand in the county f Lebanon, the JSth day of December, . P., one thousand nine hundred and ELIAS GBRHART, Sheriff. i-fg BAl^K ! SLEIGHS ! Stable op the WUM»m Pennft., tbe avepth gtrt, Hotel ' ' ' A. w. J. H. J,

Clipped from
  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 29 Dec 1909, Wed,
  3. Page 5

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