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John Simmons - Tb* tindenlffctd iirt *nd tetUjntjnf of folirt...
Tb* tindenlffctd iirt *nd tetUjntjnf of folirt Sltamon*, deceated, will offer at Jrablic tol«, en .THURSDAY, at the William Perm ttafel {Wtti., Bollman, Pup.). »t the wuth*s«t cornet ef Setenth and Cumberland street!, in the City of Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pa., the following described Real Estate of said tetUtOf, vii: NO. i. Being nil that certain msMtiafce, tenement, bouse and Jot or ttltce of ground situate in the Citjr o{ Lebanon aforesaid, on the northwest corner of Second artU Chestnut streets, bounded and described at-follows, to wit: at the northwest corner of Chestnut Chestnut and SecMrt «reets, and eUtending north- waruly nlonfe said Second afreet ninety-nine feet to lot late of 1. H. Merkcl, along which it extend* we»twnrdly AinefecJi f«ct to lot now or late of Richard Roger*, JUong which it extends extends southwardly ninety-dint feel--to said Chestnut street, along which it extends cast- wardly nineteen feet to the place of beginning. M The improvements consist of a two- story "L" shaped, brick, »l»tc-roofcd dwelling house 14 ft. t in. x 9 ft., and L,, . '9y-.*?4ft. 4 in., 'and '-.v two-story brick, tin-roofed kitchen 1 attached, if ft. 6 m. x 14ft.. wilh porch and balcony and one-slory frame lln roofed scullery attached 12 ft. x 6 ft., with balcony on top. Porch at front corner of house, hot air heat system, bath room and other improvements. ;• NO. 2. Being all that eerfkltri'measiiagc, tenement, house and lot 6iigton«d-'known a* No. 260 South Second street, hi the City of Lebanon aforesaid, bounded and described as follows, to wit: BEOisNiNr. at n point on the cast side of South Second street, at corner of lot of Wm. J. Hackett, thence extending along ihe e.nt side of South Second street in a southerly direction Iwenly feet to corner of lot late of Hiram liuchmoycr, thence extending along said last mentioned lot eastwardly too feet to Plum alley, thence extending in n northerly direction along the west side of Plum alley twenty feet to said lot of William J. Hackett, thence extending along snid Hackell's Hackell's lol wcstwardly too feet lo the place of beginning. The improvements consist of n two- story frame slate-roofed dwelling house 14x26 feet, with two-story frame tin-roofed kitchen attached 14 f t. x 9 ft. 4 inches. .Fruit/trees snd grape vines on premises. < <- •'• . • NO. ,1: All that certain lot or piece of ground situate nn:ihc cast side of South Sec?"<' Sec?"<' Bl f?, c f'»,'" tlie Cit y " f IfCbanon aforesaid, being Jot, No. 20 on ,Pltm.of So'itth Park-in said city, hounded and described an follows, to wit: BCOINJONO at a post on the east side of Second street 106 feet north of Selinrf- feritown Road, thence eastwardly. alpng land ndjy" or late of VVfhi'\V. Misli .'tpoifeef to Plant rilley, thence along the w«*t sldif-df Plum alley • northwardly 'aqrfcet to'Iat ^flhagh" K. Hughes, thence altijig, the-.lot'(»<*• Hugh E. Hughes wcstwardly Too feet to Second street, thence along Second street southwardly twenty f-!ct to place of beginning. New .cement curbstone at this lot. NO. 4. All those certain lots or piece of land situate on the west side of South Second street, in said City of Lebanon, and being lots numbered 37 and .18 on Plan of .South Tark, bounded and described as follows, to wit: BEGINNING BEGINNING at a posi on the west side of Second street 160 feet south of Locust street, at corner corner of land of James llnstian, thence 'along said land of James Bastian wcKtwnrdly 04 feet to a ia foot wide alley, thence'along the east side of said alley southwardly 40 feet to 'land now or late of Jacob P. Olive.-., thence along Rild land of Jacob P. Oliver i-astwardly 94 feet lo Second stredt, thence along.said .Second street'northwardly 40 feet to place of beginning. beginning. - '• ' . ' • t ' iji .NO. 5. Being all that certain messuage, teiRMncnt house and, lot or piece of ground known ns No. jjr South Second street, in the City of. Lebanon aforesaid. Bounded on the cast by Second street, on the south by other property John Simmons' estate, estate, on the wesi by a twelve fuot'wide alley, : and'On the north by land sold to Jacob P Oliver; hiving .a frontage of eighteen feet •nine-Inches (n\ore -or•"• less) on'said Second 'strcoty/and extending, in.depth of equal width 94 fett to said ; alley. -..'„• * J The .improvements'consist of a two- story brick . slate-roofed -dwelling !!!! house 16 ft. 9,111.' X'.z6 ft., with two—. two—. .- 'story - brick tin-roofed kitchen attached attached 24 ft, x 13 ft. -Largtf front porch, cement, cement, paving .and bath ragm, -.-.... . NO. 6. ficiiiK all that certain messuage, tenc- menl house antj lot or piece of ground known it No. 333,,Soutb Secoiid,.s,tr,eet, , n the City of Lebanon aforesaid: Bounded on the east by Second street, on the north by other property of John Simmons' Estate (above described as .Tract No., 5), on the .\vest byl.a iwelye foot Mde alley;'on the south by'^land'sold toiMary 1 E. While; having a frontage of, nineteen feet thrco inches (more or less) on s.iid Second street, and extending of equal width in depth 94 feet to said alley. '•.';•••. The improvements cdnsist of a two- story brick slate-roofed dwelling house 17 ft. .v 26 ft., with a Jwo-story brick tin-roofed kitchen attached 24 ft. x 12 ft. Large front porch, cement paving, steam heat plant anil bath roflm, NO. 7. Being all that certain messuage, tenement house and lot of ground known as No. 258 South Fifth street, in snid City of Lebanon, bounded and described as| follows, to wit:' " : Fronting on the cast side of South Fifth street, on which it extends twenty-five feet, and extending of that width eastward one hundred hundred and live feet (more or less) to other j pi-'jpei .ies of estate of John Simmons; deceased; bounded on the north by lot now or late of John Risser. and on the south by lot now : or late of Charles McKenzic. ! The impro\^nients consist of a two- story framt slate-roofed dwelling house 18 ft. 4 In. x 24 ft., wilh two- story frame tin-roofed kitchen attached attached 16 ft. x 13 ft. 8 inches. There ii n f steam heiit />/ii»if m the house. Chicken house, . grape vines and fruit trees on the premises. ! NO. 8. Being all that certain messuage, tenement, house and lot or piece of ground i known as No. 255 South Cherry alley, in said 1 City of Lebanon; fronting on'the west side of : Cherry alley, on which it extends i2j/S feet ; (more or less) and extending westwardly 92 \ feet H inches (morp or less) to property above described us No. ^ of estate of John Simmons, I hounded on the north by-lot now or late of : I film Hiseer, and on the south by property of John Simmons' estate hereinafter clescribed as No. 9. The improvements consist of a Iwo- story brick Slate roofed dwelling house 26 ft. x I3}£ ft., wilh two-story brick kitchen 14x10 feet and one-story frame scullery attached 6x10 feet. An alley or passage-way to be used in common with.the owners and occupiers of this property and the owners and ul-cupiet-s of properly properly No. 257, adjoining. Cement walks through alley-way and in front and rear of house. Front porch at house. NO. 9. Being all that certain messuage, tenement, house and lot of ground known as Ko. 257 South Cherry alley, in said City of Lebanon. Fronting on the west side of Cherry alley, on which it extends t2^ feet (more or less) and extending wostwardly 9; ft. 8 in. (ntore or less) to properly above described as ' f John Simmons, deceased; ' .... rib by properly of Estate of j John Simmons, deceased (described as No. 8), I boil nued on the north by and on the south by lot now or late of Charles McKenzie. The improvements consist of a two- story brick slate-roofed dwelling house 26x12^ feet, with two-story brick kitchen 14x10 Uct attached, and one-story frame scullery attached 6 x io ft. An alley or passage-way to be used in coni- mon with the owners and occupiers of this property and owners and occupiers of property property No. .-55, adjoining. Cement walks through alley-way and in front and rear of house. Porch at front of house. NO. 10. AH that certain messuage, tenement tenement house and lot of niece or gromul known as No. 23..North Sixth street, in snid City of Lebanon, between Cumberland and Wil- :,*» S ij fool *!*i *lfcy, wi Jhft.m *-*»* *»d:<«:.% *«t.te sat •»*.ti BOart 1 th« < Gtp. W. tHUler} "irbei«g Trl« -"Cidlfftled" half of *h* w*sttrn H*I?. of lot No. 8* PUn of Low of East tthtftan Street pforejnent Co. Ssle lo commence at a o'clock 1*. M., condition* will be mad* ksown by P. S. REISER, Erreutet of John Simmons, Dectttei. PXJBI.KJ BAlB VAltTABtB PBB80SAI, rBOFB»TYI Will be.sold at public sale on •TUESDAY. DXCBMBBB 88, IBM, At the late residence of Dr. Hubor, at'th-i ..i-nor of OifiiPitinnd Street antf Doe Alley in the ,Clty of Lebanon. Pa.,.' the following personal property. Viz: A full dental outfit Including a mod- , ern and up -to date electric aWitchboard:' •with all appliances, dental chairs, tools.,' laboratory outfit, motor and supplies. ' Bed steads, bureaus, chairs, •wardrobes, chests, carpet. «ai*j range, eras heater, gas water' : neater and other household . and kitchen effects. • «u Also plumber's tools, step ladders, 1 doors, shutters, window itash, screens, office furniture, typewriter, large Iron safe, frorcolnln.tub, lawn mower, refrltr-,' erator and many other articles - ' Sale to commence at 1 o'clock, p. m.i 1 ,, when conditions will be made known by'*- t,. SAMt,ER. Admlnlntrator of the estate of Dr. Wm.'-' 8, Hubor, deceased. JANUARY OIVH. COTTBT MATXOX. Whereas, the Hon. Allen W. Bhrgoodi' , President Judge of the several courts of Con inon Pleas of the County of Lnba-' non, iii.l Judge of tln'Courls of Oyer and Tor'mlner and General Jail Delivery;;-' for the trial of capital and all other of- 1 ' I'onoes of said county, the Judge Of tho'" General Court of Quarter Sessions of- tho Peace and General. Jail Delivery In-. the County of Lebanon, through his pro- ccptB to me directed, this 6th day pCi. December A. D., 1909, to hold a Court ofV- Common Pleas of the County of Leba-. non, on the , ' . • . ,-,-•«;. Third Monday of January, 1810, , which will bo the 17th of said month, tffif ciontlmio ONK WEEK. .,', : Given under my hand In the county**? of Lebanon, the 16th day of December,, , A. D., ono thousand nine hundred and .A riine. • -p;4 12-18 ELIAS GERHART, ESTATE OP STTSAWKABC -WABTBTrPT. The undersigned, Auditor, appointed' by the Orphans' Court of Lebanon Coun-r ty, to make distribution of the balance ^ In hands of Adam S. Mark, executor ol, the last will of Susannah Wartiuft. late.' of North Lebanon township. Lebanon : County. Pa., deceased,' as per his. first / and final accounts of said estate, to and among all parties legally entitled* • thereto, will meet for the purpose of his appointment on .Wednesday. Deoemw b«r S9; 1909. In room-.No. 4, of .tho.CourtV House, Lebanon, Pa., at 10 o'clock, a. mi,-when mi,-when and whore all persons Interested are required to make .and prove tholr- claims or be debarred from coming In' upon 'Audltor.;» ! at Ointments foj- Tliat Contftlii i Mercury as mercury will surely -., destroy ' th6 sense of smell and completely derange the whole., system 'when entering 'It through the mucous surfaces. Such articles articles should never be used , except on prescriptions from reputable physicians! ; as the damage they will do Is .ten fpl(L: to the good you can you can possibly derive from them- . Hall's Catarrn Cure, 'manufactured by F.'J.' Cheney and C6>,. Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tho sysem. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It Is taken Internally and made in Toledo. Ohio, by P. J. Cheney and Co. Testimonials free. SoM by druggists. Price 76c,per bottle. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. •' • . WHAT SHALLI SHALLI GIVE ? A Victor I Its "Just theVery Thing" See display of Victors In our window-. ^ ( .. $10 to $70. Victrolas $125 and $300 "'• Miller Organ &•; Piano Co., 7ii8 Cumborliitul Street. fl ^REAL : CHRISTMAS GIFT to wit: On the north by Shifller, on the ?q-Jth by . .,.-., . , ... Reiser, on the west by property of Albert Ward and on the east by Sixth street, t'lontin, feet on Sixth street and extending (more or less) in depth. ™ 'mnrovi irjjnjt snuif i uLiivn imviilli)^ . «£» house \6fix26 tcet, with a two-slory 4- 0116 CAD A .subscription to the >:: ^ Lebanon Daily News or \\ , S. . >g 90 feet , , oue of the most appro- : less) in ucpili. :,, .11 •», i • i Tke improvements consist of a two- ,, 0180.16 fflttS WlllCll story ,'rame slate-roofed duelling JL i i • Oil ft ' frame, b^ck, buijding 10 feet S inches <|> ,. x 16 feet, with balcony attached nnd one-story >., fttlYG Ol* frame kitchen atlacheu 5 ft. S inches v « ft >-J. NO. ii. The undivided one-half lot, known as No. 7_8 e» Plan of x o ft. 1 A ip. ^v-. - .. ,. - feet feet on I.ohuian street, and extendin ... _si (more or less) in depth, to olley. Bounded on the ,c»6t by Tenth » V fe 180 tecf .ending South on tbe south by I.eliman street, oi) the west by lot No 79 on Plan of E«M Lebmim -Strcei Improvement Co., and on the 'north by South | •"So. .». The unaivided one-h.U of lot No . . 80 on Plan of Lots of £»st Lehman Street *' hrilirlntrc An nnf • ' QOllaayS, QO UOD Improvcmcul Co. on But tehmjtn street, in N prill Lebanon Township, Lebanon County. "ronring so feet on saM Lebnun itrect ._„,.._ •• >...... , 8o j , Qr l(JW p»: FreSti and extending in 4ept6 181. ...... to Soijth alloy. Bownded on «ue ,ct>t by let o<- an thaj'•* out of the city. It is a '.'. >( Lots of : •• - ,, •••-.' 11 • ••"» . -.. ......... ..T ,3 ai iy or semi-weekly.,-. reminder of the donor, and is appreciated all year round; by the ~'~~ lir» Up . - 701W Ugt Of gifts fOV the J this opportunity to,;

Clipped from
  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 18 Dec 1909, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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