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 - Miss Mi. llarvev til' llemp.-leatl u-'ic.l...
Miss Mi. llarvev til' llemp.-leatl u-'ic.l liriuikshire this week. Mi. 1!. S. Cage Ims been work- in'.; a II \\cck oil I lie n in in I bale gin. U-t Sunday night the pn»enger In- n was the hist through train - i i \\ e ":ivc I;;! 1 1. l'1-..f. A. r'rank left for Willi- II i is week where he wil varation. Mrs. M. C. Sterling lUlll- .if {'..Iti-oil \«erj (his week.'---- . 'Mr. 'Mr. Williams of Houston was registered .at the Cottage hotel this week. l-'Aery train bring-, in -nim-lliing . |in- lloml -nfferer-. indeed gr.llihing. ' Dr. Zicgl'T from Scaly was in town -linking hands with his friend- tlii» week. Or. (i. \V- Klli.ijiK'"' the tlentint.' ri-tnrneil t«' his Imme in Hemp-lead ltd- week, lion. (i. .1. I'almcr' of the Houston Post was tip Thursday taking in the situation. Mr. (ieo. Oi'fciil'"iser, one of Barker's staunch business men, Wii--, in town this week. Mr. Louis \Vei in-* 1 made a visit ito Fulshear Thursday and reports A l.igstcrN of KlU'lT .IAK. 1 ? of nil six.i-s. at Tin- lii-Miili-liii Ilanlwarc llou^i-, i-:ill anil g-t th |)l'iee liefon where. Opposite the depot. ^ Ernest Vattison and Ilcrina voiing boys a - wer • nt ii pr -111111111. ----------- .- ---OUT ---OUT IN TilH I10ATS-. hno tnc whlcli __ . , » ,» » 4!.« u n ^..» ! Br.iokshlrc Boys Oo to the Rescue | >ro] and l)o Oood Woi'k. I Tu» ct out Thi 1 - Attorney Lowry has been doing some good work this Week with the- rescuing <•'''<• w '"< tlic bottom, Try replantii'g the cotton crop. ^A ff.f of seed has been ordered b.\ Mr. '"> S./Vjr.e.f...- nil..- inn-ux^ ":<ii-. Will Crane, our loca h-ei^-ht obiuliietor, brought his elfild curt t" HCC tin wife and Hood. Dr. Bains, inul .Mr. Cleniinga were in town Tliwsiluy turning ii lumeo to the I'omniittee. to 'Irav fashions.. ./ A. Kitzmiin, the butclu-r, hai 'NfeUw aere.s of corn in the button •vhicli he claims will yet uiaki liajf a crop: .Stencil, two I'atlUon, buill boats and rescuing. It is estimated they j-arried out 7."> ol' 10't negroes. \. T. Donald's new business .house, rtcst of the iK-nvin^ i-01-in.l.-ti'.-.)-,- - Mir! -.-.-l--n- liiiished will be occupied by Mr. T. S. Sterling with 11 full linV of (general merchandise. , / Paul'-Malimi is putting an addition to Ills I'lisincss house on Front street ami ninkiiig other improvements which add materially materially to the appeariiiKV of that portion of the town: As far'ns we know ilo one was Irntnir'V till a sectbi.l "f 1 >u-iity niles. Thai is more than can be mid of most-any olin-i piirl of tin •iver, and which spi-aks well of mi- brave boys, \Ve had inereliant-*, blnck- qniths and lawyers to close up business and take bdat-t in response to the call for* In-Ill Monday, they l-elii'lined until .the lust human being win rt ; -cile'il. The mall IION-CS at the' J are empty for the first tiu'c sinei !tn organixiition: Mail hil» beei. scarce since' the liuiid which hiu given Postmistress Harpster in excellent opportiiuitv to eleini up Mc.->*r.i. T, N. Iteinlls, Wcssm Pui'hi-i- iiiul A. H. \Valker lefl yesterday to assist the .-aiffererri a Hichmoiidi They have MIICI returned: Wo lli«e |loi li'arm-i the hirftdr.* of their trip. Tho ovt'l'llow of tile river brotfglit lljc |<i'ti'es of m.\ .goods dowii to nlin'oVt nt i 'oA fo .... , -I, ,, ,,,,,,,,,l r,,i. I \\ edncsd.iy night -in appeal to) | jg help reached this t.iwn from - Vn-hie Minmiii'}'M hill, a distance f twelve miles iip the river. cash. Try nto conviiieo .V .vo id- ('ilsh an V, M. Tin' Kil»le Opp'osiie tHe Depot ('o.'s jul weed Messrs. 15. I": Peiiiiillgton, John Jrookshire, Wnlt;-r Pearson and 'Imncc.v Ijowry al 'nice prepared '•fjl, VII I lit' •••CCli:' Tllll" - "1ltl'f! v ' vere at once rigged up With Mr. M. C. Sterlliij; pilot J With the issistancc of three young men from Illusion they left Ilrookshirc at 0 o'clock p. m. > being transported n a wagiin to theShi-'ll just above 'attison where th'-v launched heir b:i.its and set out for a long iiliI. The route v>!i.< iigainnt tin nearly all the way, thickets and over wire but they managed to irrivc n( I licit' destination about ID o'clock a. in., ami the- boys wciv hi-artily greeted. Th- party 'oun-.l seventy-live ncgroe.; and tii iiiinv mule- and cattle, also tlirei Sterling b.iys. wiiter wa.- t hive or four feet. ilecj< I'll the hill, and about v shallow a place as was funnel In the bottom. Tin people were nil in goi'd spirits mitwitlistniiditifr the fact Hiat the,\ had beeii t|li re sliu-fj Monday Mr. T.,S: .St>'i|i|ig wan -it)) in : loft asleep, but the tfluHlU of tin buys a'v'akened hint itnd he li«i no time bi plans' I'' 1 '' ri-sciiiut party a hearty cheer and a cordiu welcome. lie iiud been bivdl. blistered by the .sun, but h divided his bed with the IIUJM inii they WelV i-'iloi) in tlie laiido'f nod having had no sleep all night Illicit' Aiciiie prepared dinner the bent he coilld; aild it tasted line, don't do'tlb't that! After part:ik- ingli^artiiyo.f fhe.i'li'li viaiKjs, the party *\t\i tlieir l-oiitd lo'o'li such darkeys that Mr. 1 Bturling ordered out, tl'e rest hid to stay to take ne nd t IB C. i'-f ih di-parliiiciit is eonipletc. ami tin- Mr. L. Httlbison and Anlmiio -printer, John \V. \ViUi|on. wlio '• v H:llbison did some excellent work i presides nvcl 1 it is master of the in rescuing the people -P.oxly place; (Jiv thai Mr. W. O. and M., (. ... renuin and Mr. T. 8. and WJjl Sterling di go, but when Mr. Sterli the boat th tepped efused to hritui him for I'eur In

Clipped from
  1. The Brookshire Eagle,
  2. 08 Jul 1899, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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