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BasmsesmKamatesammmKmmmmmm m r mm i r i i mimi in I I X j J ttmmi miMm 1 I I i I JL illSlSIS liiiiiiBf PLEASANT AND STINSON BEAQB ARE PLAYGROUNDS RIGHT AT HAND FOR SAN Bayiarjtt lorn Guarded on r - Evf Hand IFrom Harsh ii Ocean winds REGlbN IS PICTURESQUE CROSSING THE BAR INTO BOLINAS BAY The long landlocked lagoon behind the - Bolinas peninsula is a favorite anchorage for small craft Trip From San Francisco Is Short and Leads Through I JnfoFesting Country r - trf5 - BOLTftAS bay occupies one end of the remarkable fault valleys that characterise tho seashore ranges Immediately north anr south - of Ban Franeiscay valleys that have riven rise to - iWTm of the molt picturesque ceneryes the bay ration If you will lay a ruler on a large map ofeOsJifornia in such a manner that the edge on the end toward the aouth follows the line of the canyon In - whichlle the - Crystal Springs and San Anftreas lakes In San Mateo county dvou will And tthat the edge en the end toward the north Ilea alone the llaei o Bollnas and Tomales bays In MaTncunty The canyon In the ends of which He the Bollnas and Tomalea bays i merely a continuation of the canyon of the Crystal sprints and Ban An drees lakes In spite of the fact that they ate separated by the Golden Oat and apparently Intruded upon by va - rloua masses of hills on the San Fran - clseo peninsula But thte Intrusion is more apparent than real av TWO VALLEYS ARE ONE ssPtlll hold Ins the ruler on the map you will observe that the hills on the eastern Side of Bollnas bay and the Marin ejiore line to the south though somewhat eaten away by the waves are continued on the other side of the Golden Gate in the elevation of Lincoln Park In San Francisco and right on down through the eastern ridge of the Bah Mateo county lake valley Similarly the western ridges are In line The long narrow valley stretching across Marin and San Mateo counties Just touching San Francisco on its western edge finds Its origin In a long straight fault or break In the earths crust of a kind that is common everywhere but does not often Show In so long - and narrow a valley Along this fault where the rocks were weakened by the break stream waters have worn out the valley The nly difference between the Crystal Springs - San Andreas section of thl fault valley and the Bollnas - Tomales section Is that the former has been raised by movements of the earths trust while the latter has been lowered Therefore while In San Mateo county the vaney is nign aoove the sec In Marin county It has sunk until ij lowest portions are below the surface of the ocean - - l0MVA3 IS SHlClTEllED Such Is the origin of Bollnas and Tomales bays They are what the geologist knows at drowned valleys valleys that have sunk lower and lower until the sea has crept up Into them Bollnas bay being at the southerly end of lts valley looks to the south and therefore Is protected from the tiff eelit winds that blow from the north rM this part of the coast - And leeausa warm current of water sets in tiaiVit tias developed a long sand bar that almost closes the mouth of the bay and stretches southward Bvnr the shore to form the smooth aehis st Stlnson Beach On the - nniin and its bay are pro tested from the ocean winds by the long promontory that ends to the outh la - BuxDury rest i6Jiii is piiooressive with n these advantages sheltered from the ocean winds surrounded by picturesque hills provided with warm sandy beaches and with a bay full of fish and one of tho greatest advantages of all close to San Francisco and easily accessible Bollnas has be - come a summer resort of no mean standing in Californias great vacation playground There has long been a town there v - arrarlnallv a Spanish settle - it elected with the same ye to a pleasant and picturesque slt - 1 a y I IJfsssssssssBsna kvivtJafaiBVfsVAlHNfl IsssssssHPSbSttr WimBSBmii Jt sssssssssVJZHPIPQrHSalLsHisssBI Mfo7KHFTt a Mat j Hwin k an iinaaaaaii a a sin I t ys sv - aaanuaai wma t vzr tassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ftt Jr4fWJ - aZJmrmmi mUtt THE TOWN OF BOLINAS IN ITS SHELTERED 38flU cove looking out across the waters of Bolinas bay to the iK2nHBflBflBflHll green slopes of the Marin hills BbbHiSbBbBbBbBbII - - - sJHsdsssssssssHbHbHbHbHIII iSmBSStik lSMtoS fSSSSISSi Mm KmSKBUKSmfff jm HP HE Lone Tree on the HH WBWHMWWWMBj JMB Dipsea trail to Stinson HHHHBiHsisVVsBBsriBHBHBl beach HH ifliflBiliVHiiHH THEswee of Stinson beach looking westward toward the long peninsula that shelters this resort irorn wind and weather FRAHOISCANS a Z t einp sr ynyr rlf - t Mutrw m f jWHTTMi aSjMKhasBssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssa rVjs i 51k assr SXBffi 9sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssl wgp vtaHHBI9KI HLflHr jSsBsHsflsHsHslsHHsBBsHsH I 3Sw - P KsKSHBPI lSFSo - rf iti f J vTlsssssssassssssVlsssai jpmw v v jjmmBmkt FISHING from the rocks at Stasbn beach A vanetyof excellent fiih are to be taken here both from the rocks and by surf fishing DE GAMPS APARTMENTS Pwtofflc Building Stinson Beach Marin Co Two - room completely furnished nousekeepW A P A E X M B K T S with tenU tuljolnlar accommodating two to eight people ty the day week or mouth at reasonable rates everything new and itrictly flret claw THIS is a portion of the attractive summer colony al Bolinas Not far from hereis the great Pacific station of the Marconi company J jisilWSl1iyiaiMlWIlMMyeeswKia WJsMM mmmsammsamsmmmm rrtrYiHFxiai2 t2 MflKJfl6i Mtffl ramhvxtfviuyx - TCrX - ivc - sssssssssssassssssssssav vvVssskLisssssssssssHaBiBdemjasssssssssssBsLs vi e - r test - isi wgMmWfmMSm QTMQU RFAPiH generations of Marin hikers These trails furnish some of the most picturesque walks to be found In the State Among the famous points of Interest reached by them are Rock Spring the Bollnas Ridge Stinson Beach where Willow Camp is Cataract Gulch Lagunltas Lake and Mount Taraalpals There Is fishing of various kinds at Bollnas and roundabout The bay holds many varieties Other kinds are taken from the rocks of JJuxbury reef and along the oean shore It Is not far 10 the Lagunltaeand the Papermill creeks famous trout streams and there Is many another Marlh county brook near by In which lurk the swift fat trout Many deer - hide in the hills there are quail along the valleys and in the season ducks come into Bollnas bay The bay always sheltered from the winds offers a fin stretch of still water for bdattng and the bathing beach at Bollnas Is Considered one of the finest on the coast e uation that tho early Spaniards always showed in the founding of their towns in California In a little valley carved out of the eastern side of the bulk of the Bollnas peninsula looking tout on the bay toward the Marin bills and completely sheltered from the ocean Bollnas is one of the wholly charming places of the California coast CnOICB OF ROUTES Though it Is an old town there Is a progressive spirit here Bollnas Is said to be the only town of its site In California that has a perfect sanitary sewer system The streets and all the residences are lighted with electricity There are two churches and a school hotels the Bollnas clubhouse well stocked stores meat market and restaurants Bollnas la easily reached from San Francisco An automobile stage line runs dally from Bausallto The drive by private automobile from San Francisco may be taken by more than one route either charming every yard of the way Leaving San Francisco on the Bausallto ferry and then following the State Highway along the shores of Richardsons bay one turns to the MorJenTWise of 10 room - Two batWjc - mpletely furnisher Su perbmsrine and lull view Eaiy access toleach tyitie for particular VSESSm JGHJILLAN 1 - BolSn Sausalito Stinson Beach Bolinas Mail Stage DaTXT SatODT StWDAT Letts liowIIW 0l A HV Leire Beliats lll P K sat Ittssea Beech 1S0 X X - i HCTTa 1TA0Z SArtntDAT 0KT leave SaataUte Silt r Uy sroroAT OSTT i Lesre Seusllte iite A X teere Bellas lite P X - SUassa en S Fare to Stinson Beach 1 Fare to Bolinas 150 Theas SaastUte 1M F PeDonini eaunery Aire From Inspected Ctw Oa llgta i saesmsi ieasei f rose nreekytetlaa Canrea MMAl Laff - a - Lot Cottage The place with the community kitchens Furnished rooms with or without housekeeping privileges Special attention to weekendweekend - partlea - Large - living - room and spacious porch use of piano and room for dancing A place where everyone has a good time at reasonable rates winter or summer MBS P H NIELSEN Stinson Beach Marin Co Cal left at Mansanitt and follows the canyon across the peninsula to the ocean and then drives along the ocean cliffs to tSlnson Beach and Bollnas Or one may continue on the State highway frdm Sausalito - to San Anselmo and Fairfax and then cross the mountains to Bollnas by an exceeding ly picturesque road that traverses for some distance the redwood - filled canyon of Lagunltas creek Of If one wishes to take a little longer drive one may go on from Fairfax by San Oeronlmo and Lagunltas to Qlema thence down the valley to Bollnas bay Th stage line from Sausalito to Bollnas follows the route first described here The entire country around Bollnas is Intensely Interesting Just across the promontory Is the great Paclflo station of the MaroeM wireless Just around the turn on the bluffs to the south gf tho town Is Duxbury reef that famous line of Jagged rocks that has been the doom of - many a gallant ship The hills round about are traversed by the roads and trails beloved by KMTTMssaisaaissssBBte tSMaS7 sassassassasHscv ZVTitx LlsslsslsslsHPr5 W isssassassassass igJ - JH SJBSJSBSJBSJBSBSaBaXSBBSSeaA - wWi iffiiTi iiBE SBJSJSJBJBJSSSSJBJSJSJBJSBJBJsasVnMBVsa arch butterfly migrates here to spend the winter - T Asking how It can be the climate here la so different from points close by he finds there are three contributing factories First the place faces south which gives It the sun alt day long Second It lies in a big curve of coast line which forms an air eddy which keeps out the wind and fog Third that right along here the warm Japan current cuts In and touches the shore modifying both the climate and bath Inn He flndssmelt fishing from boats surf fishing on the beach rock cod eels sea trout mussels and aba lonea along the rock coast clams In the laaooir - duck quail and deer shooting In the fall and winter riACK FOR SUMMER HOMES By this time the motorist who has had In mind getting a summer home for some time begins to think - this may be Just the place he has been looking for as he make Inquiry about lots and finds most attractive sites at reasonable cost The next thing a nomeseeker thinks about Is water supply and here he finds the purest of water piped from perennial mountain streams fed by springs on the foothills of Mt Tamalpals This water is not only of exceptional quality but It Is cheap the rate being S0 a year for n house and 7500 square - feet of ground Irrigated To the man who has had his garden faucets hooked up to a meter this sounds like a fairy tale The next Item that flashes into his mind la what substitute ths people in a piaca nxe this use for electricity One always asosclates a country place with oil lamps or acetylene but here he finds - the same electricity he uses lh his city home and at the same rate per kllowat Electricity waa brought into this territory when the Marconi WireleSs Station was built the Stlnsons giving two miles of right of way through their property for the 13000 volt transmission line In order to get the Juice into the town - site JfATURB PRODIGAL IIERB The motorist continues his search for things of Interest and finds that nature has been nioet prodigal with Stinson Beach that It has provided rsrrt This Nearby Resort Has Now Been Made Accessible Over Good Highway By N L FITZHENRY WHKN Qod made Stinson Beach he made it within sight of the Golden Gate but by putting an expanse of ocean In front of It and Mt Tamalpals with its chain of foothills behind It he made it a hard place to get to But when Henry Ford and some more ot the boys made their gas vehicles they made It not only easy but Intensely interesting to get to Stinson Beach or to what many people know as Willow Camp for It Is outt a little camping ground that the town of stinson Beach has grown Probably no other place In California has enjoyed more the advent ot the automobile as a means of transportation This magnificent SM mile half - moon curve ot sand beach has been tucked away out of sight and Inaccessible only seven miles north of the Golden Gate all these years with a million people within thirty miles of It wishing there was such a place to go to and only a handful of them knowing of It or able to stand - the hike ot seven miles over the trail from Mill Valley LOGICAL WEEK END SPOT In ISIS the highway fromSausallto via Mansanlta was made passable for automobiles a stags line was Inaugurated a postofflce - with parcel - post service Instituted and since that time the territory has prospered and is today becoming - the most popular outing place In this part of California The man who owns a car whether he lives In Ban Francisco Oakland Berkeley Fetaluma Santa Rosa or even as far as Sacramento finds that Stinson Beach Is the logical place to - go tor a week - end excursion or to send his family for their outing It particularly attracts the motorist who has a camping outfit for a most unique situation exists In the form of a large grove of willows and stately alders immediately behind the sand beach the original Willow Camp where by paying a camping tee he can park his car - pitch his tent build a bonfire of drift wood and imagine he is one of the trioecoruiptea Indiana who - frequented the place a hundred years ago MOTORISTS ARE ATTRACTED Many motorists hear of the place through others who have camped there for the motoring publlo is a great fraternity and when one finds a good spot ha tells the rest about It but many are finding it by chance out JOHNGAPPI CREAfejW Fresh Milk and Cream BOLINAS CAL irV - rfrtW - - iWifA Take a Trip to Bolinas a the Bwer - oat Owl - eat threes the OeUea Gate This boat is equipped with S - SO hp engines and makes the trip In about 2 H hours It Is fully supplied with lifeboat life belts and fire extinguishers This Is a wonderful trip and Is enjoyed by hundreds vry year rer sailing tlpee eall It Pier T r sbeae Deaglas 544T S F er BolUes Bey Traaeporlatloa Ce Belleae Cal JOSEPHS PETAR nee Nrtar Public Potioffice Public TtU General Merchandise BOUNAS MARIN CO CAE T5ldererKaeDTSuDicstBSntaTPseBipsny nHirTiesMTiDeettos Tlie oarenlcle t Herseskeelag nepalrs ef All Klads rasas Isaplessents - Wageas Gas Bagtaes Etc Oarage Oil General BUcksmithing Oliver Lonerlev PARAGE iiridSUTCy SUPPLIED lj f - - - - y vv - fr SEHVICB STATIOJf FOB GOOOTEAlt TUtES TtXCAJIItlNO - aft z h MiMMimMiM0M - - t - for a drive and suddenly coming in sight of the wonderful curve of beach with the wlllcw grove spread out behind It he first gasps at Its beauty then swells with pride that he - has made a discovery to mm u Is as - great a discovery as Columbus discovery of America lis haa had as beautiful drive arriving at the place along the coast road from Sausalito via Mantanlta he haa Just as Interesting a return trip by swinarlns on around Tamalpals via the Alpine dam and reservoir of the Marin Municipal Water District into irair fax or vla - Olema and Tocoloma Into San Rafael Me haa had a grand trip and he wonders how it could be that such a charminsr territory could have existed all these years so close to home and yet so Utile known He has been so Interested in the scenery lie does not realize his car has gained and lost an elevation of five to six hundred feet a dozen times in getting to and from the place ACCOMMODATIONS AJIB GOOD He has made Inquiry while at the beach as to hotels - Cottages lota water supply hunting fishing etc He finds three hotels offering excellent meals and service he flnde two grocery stores and a very neat little restaurant he finds - numerous fur - nlshed cottages for rent but spoken for weeks In advances ha asxs aDout the climate and the soil and finds the soil is unusually productive that the combination of soil and climate produces flowers and vegetables all the year round that people ate finding the place Just as Interesting as a winter resort as summer that the Mon - BOUNAS BAYi HOTED and RESTAURANT Fully Equipped to Handle Aitto Trade Rooms Day or Week HENRY I HOIRUP Bolinas Cal Pheae Bellaae 11 Bolinas Bay Market freai and Salt Meat Fruits and Vegetables HENRY I H6RUP BpUNAS CAl Pheae Bellaae 11 1 THE CASINO REFRESHMENTS Bathing Suits Rented Tea Room in Connection Safe Bathing Beach ME8 TIIELMA FOSS Msntger B0LLA8C1L v my Yatrr xxs h j aiut noire aotn - As et Ul - iTPI AID1V Frad OeMages sad Beesas e Reat rr Week - Bad Week Meath - A Oreeesr Stete U Ooaseetiea Hwypei te take - eere ef atkers est eetetrese ffflSTllSOlJIBlACMVaV - - - - MAIUN COUJITr CAL l - aeeaen wheaeemmuJcetlni wltk UlS temjuut wUlJe BeaUeaSbe Catealtle it t i 1 H i hot only a maslflesntbsschwlth sil auiRti gorgeous setting ot mountains in the T background a willow and alder grevej Immediately adjoining the beautiful fine white sand dunes a climate that holds up twelve months in - the year drinking water of the finest quality - end soil that produces anythjngi but he - finds a most unique aeries of hot sulphur springs bubbling up in the sand 7u - People suffering wlthibeumatlsm - J and akin affectlonslieve been greatly benefited by these baths CArMP IS HIKERS GOAL No wonder Willow Camp has been the goal of the hiking fraternity all these years when the seven miles of - j trail from Mill Valley has taken them it through this fairyland of flowers of 3 birds of trees of meadows of yrili oats and canyons ot Jabberlns brooks No doubt the - hiker who trudges past the Lone Tree on the lift Dipsea Trail gets more health and happiness per square foot of territory than the man who glides overlhe fit teen miles from San sail to or twenty from San Quentln a twin - six llmou - sine and now that Undo Sam will r carry seventy pounds of parcel post per package many a lukerls dome tho trail With much more comfort and ease minus his1 pack the outgoing parcel post from Stinson Beach on Monday following the girls annual Dipsea race from Mill Valley amount - 4 lng to over three tons Not a bad record for a poitofflce only three years old butwhlch has had toyeefc new quarters three times on account - ot Its Increased business i - V STIVSOf EASILV REACHED - Mr This little resort town Is nowVwnV 111 a nuur inn ee mitiuica vl oi Francisco via the Sauealltb fefryitl and Stinson Beach auto stage aft sW coat of 22S round trip With th4l 001 proposed bridge across the aolSenvlt Gate to the Marin shore and sntaOe - - quate highway from there tbht fV laU would be possible for a business ttiah J r to leave his office h the ChrbMclsteu building at 615 P M step Into livtf car and be at his home atr - Stinson tVr Beach In time for I oclock dlnnesi d Let the slogan be not onlyWatcli - irj Stinson Beach Grow but Ietsiolp tin her grow thi nnmin m THirVrtaiJl - is Prerrleter WILLOW CAMP FURNISHED COTTAGES Sales Asreat TUS01V BEACH TOWXSITsi N L FITZHENRY Stinson Beach Marin Co Cal Phone Bellaae eocin 05 BiUqs It WOit iOrf - XD rs Wrt tuDa S1 urae fVJ m HsissisjBH5Svi v vv - a saiiKAtTrrBsalHCaeH t v k w smsmisMytanZsrim m - m sas MmmxM7tfMmiU iisJLlK tfs - Hixm - m - f Mmr mitsmimrfMiwywMsp LM m m 4flR SBBBBBBBBBBBBBBW - BBBBBBBBrTi - BBBBBBD j Vff 8BBBB Y - tylSll - XV sxelxelxelxelxeBsVsfsfS K eJjSJSJSXrJJt - r fSSSimiSfi - l ixUHHlVfil fi ir sxelxelxelxelxelxelxelxelxelxBBvL fii17BW VIM aaeaxeaxeaxeaxeaxeaxeaeaBxeaxeaxeaxWzrW Mix j5j ea feggast f H slHKlBlVVBxeliifVfxexUBxk Mi kallllsllaseaxeaeaeaxeasaxexelISxe3isVfsaei1saxeV Hl FssaiiiiiliiiiiilBsaykHstlsH ifejl V - W asjsejBssjjsjjsessjrsjJi 71 i IHiefllHeJtBl e 11 v M u w qVLml OHM 11t nr Jti if MV 3 oialrf ws Pltftie ittn u uav focS Sitv Ka o tnratq JOCJ W as ni niMwor QiiBiii ANT WHERBi CALIFORNIA unaaunus June It Is only once a year that I can writ to tell you abouftble xj - oman I to - lUlfl 7f em teen ji Unk lit rJ I341I T5 k beautiful beach and charming homeslte and I trust you will notvatyi rno m preserve uu leiier men come nere anaiooK it over n In the first place this is the only good ocean beach close to Sa Francisco bar and In all nrobahllltv th riun vaii h ne h1 ot It or been to it le because it has been virtually Inaccessible except iu me niaer unui recently me auiomoone nas put It Wllnln one Not only Is there three and one - half miles of fine sand bech and surf bathing and dont let anyone convince you it le not safe for it is only dangerous to those who venture beyond their depth Vbut there lies Immediately behind the beach the wonderful footnUIf MU Tamalpals providing most Interesting settings for country homes - If you want a combination ot ocean and mountain with a corking all-year climate pure - water and fertile soil fishing and hunting close to San Francisco this Is unquestionably the place you axe looking for if To you who want to combine buslnees with pleasure there ile no place in California today that offers a better opening than Stinson Beach If you have a furnished house here and want to rent it you can get big Interest on your money Invested If you have a half - dossn little two and three room cottages costing 300 to 1500 you have a nice Income If you had twenty ot them you would not supply the demand for the place Is growing in popularity very very fast - property values are going up rapidly and the man who gets In on the eituatlon now cannot fall to make money There are buelness opportunities staring you In the faoe here Look me up some time when you are over and letme talk to you when it wont cost me 1 cents a word Very truly youm N L FITZHENRY vf e W ie f - 2 Jta it e - lf Beeders wten eomeiunlcstlai wltk this cotnpsnr lll pletee mestloa THe Chronicle - CYPRESS JNN ome H i - UMKsxexkela Wekesxelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelxel MBHisV ES2 axelxeieieieieieieB iSMssxetaeaeasjsBSBaMesasaMsasaBtMsatBsa v Mrs E B Mitchell Mgr Stinson Beach V - l Acres ef ark everleeklaf rtae Vssoa Speeialaates tvawkeHaeStl zm Iteeders when commnnlcatlns with this eompsar will plesse ibeatioa The CbrootrSC - 17B j j SHI a WILLOW CAMP Mtle DIPSEA LODGE Camp site and completely fumiihed one two andthree room cottaj J by the day week or month Its nice here in the late fall andeatJiCT wjnter Noliquor fiM IUVb1 fewileiA MH l A V 1 il i - tSr elef Mmutement pavilion oatnnouse ana rerresiunenr place nght 0515 beach No liquor ipfciV - S IN L fllZHt - INKY Stinson bench Marin Col nUswjsTrbsxjrcumm - c - fAtfasa S9W35S mm J I - 1 - mmmmmwmssssssms3m TT4EtiXxesaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisai - aMPsaexePMsgsf aslett HKHI C K PUOH OROCKR JTINIOW BKACH t - -fall Was efOteoerUe Zealnedte take sen ef ease saitiee ead alkersM e aeetaaraaila Oeaaeetioa - aSaert Orders a Speelalty T v - 3 vAf - ii

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