John J. Early, great great grandfather gets a utility hook-up of some sort.

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John J. Early, great great grandfather gets a utility hook-up of some sort. - Real Estate Transactions ' DEEDS Quit-claim....
Real Estate Transactions ' DEEDS Quit-claim. Lowell Marie Schilling, to tdward Adoljih ShiUins. L 19, B 3, Country Club Park Addn:. 11-29-51. ' Alvcrnon Add.' Inc.. to Wayne F. Hum- iihrws and wife, L 5. B 21, Colonia Vslle Addn.. KS $1.10. 11-21-51. 1 Quit-claim, Dorothy J. Severson, to Konild A. Severstm, L 18, B B, City Parfc. kide. ll-S-51. · Mario Forta. to T. M. Seals, part of «ec. b. T H S, R14 £., 11-15-51. i Quit-claim. Louise B. CaUaeher, to. (George Thomas Gallagher. L 31, B J, Icoiratry Club Park Addn., 12-1-51. ! Western Realty Syndicate Inc.. to M. G. ZKlsgins and wife, part of L 12. B 2, 3irac!e 5,Iile Addn., KS 55 cents. 11-28-51. [ Fletcher Pace and wife, to Harry L, Buchanan, part of Ls 1 4 2, B 5. Relcker'i Addn., 11-15-51. [_Jolnt.tenan«, Harry L. Buchanan, to [Fletcher Pace and wife, et al, part of La 1 l 2, B 5, Heicker's Addn., 11-20-51. i REALTY MORTGAGES J Harold H. Whltesc! and wife, lo Tred B. jSchutzbank, 12,093, L 2. B 103, National Isubd. No. 9. '. Russell V, Le Kander and wife, to South. lern Ariz. Bank Trust Co., S1.13S.30, part ,ef L 11. B B. Hedriclc Acreage No. 1. "Wayne "Wayne F. Humphreys and wife, to Alver- Inor. Addn. Inc., S4.000, I !, B 21, Colonia pel Vallc AoMn. A. E. Beplcy and wife, to Southern Aril. BanH Trust Co.. S904.B9. L 3, B 4, La Me£8. Jesus C. Estrada and wife, to Southern Ariz. Bank it Trust Co., S5M.50, L 5, B so. Home Addn. Southern SecuriUet Co., to John E, JHarrlson, 560,000, part of B li. Mlratol lAddn. 'CONTRACT FOR SALE OF R E A L ESTATE William T. Taylor, to Eugene L. Thurston lind wile, $5,000, part of »ec. 21, T 1! E, In 13 E. . RELEASE OF REALTY MORTGAOES Satisfaction, Fred B. Schutzbank, to [Harold H. Wnltesel and wife. Marginal, W. H. Rhodes ind wife, to [William A. Brooks and mrtfe. Marginal, Tucson Fed. Sav, Loan, io 'c. B. Hall and wife: to Lcbra I. Acker; to [charles Green .and wife; to James C. murncs and wife: to Max West and wife; fto Arnold A. Campbell and wife; to Grady U3. Kins and wife; to W. Eugene Wilson Snd wile; to Uoyd Z. Benl and «ilt; to Chirles W. Hortorc and, wife. ! Marginal. Arvlc: J. Barnhart and wife, to ptto W. Evcrs and wife. Vrarginal. Srdcarj T, Pattmon, to X. A. {Ramsey and wife. Marginal, Tuc. Fed. Sav. Loon, to Stouben B Fagcl and Vemon I". Paecl. i Marginal,' Nella Baker, to Ha Worrlck. I Marginal. Clara Westmoreland, to John! JR. Bargorhuff and wife. Marginal." Nevina Bosik, to Albert Grif- 1 [fifh Becker and wife. ,' BUILDING PERMITS Harold R. Whltesel, tx Eut Seventh' [ftrtet. demolish warehouse. Sioo. Warren Walter, ZU1 Zest Juanlla street, [foundation. S1000. Beuben's Furniture «tore. 1!7 Weit Con- IgrejB itrect. ilteratlons, MOO. Beuberi'j Turnltwe store, KO Wett Con- jiress street, alterations, teoo. Gerald F. Doyle, «2S E. BeHevue, Mary Ethel Moon, 3563 E, Hayhurst. _ John Elchuck. O10 E. Boker. Arthur C. Irwln, 231 W. Hermosa. Adolph Zeusncr, 513 W. President. Charles T, Miller, 2613 E. Elm. G. Thomas Anderson, 61Z8 Mosaics Hwy Suavalley Trailer Park, 3332 N, Oracle. Averi' C. Larstn, 1610 E. 1th. H, C. Meyers. 228 E. Prince. Francis Gosoln, 3274 E. 25th. Mr. Miry R. Gregcon,. 3310 N. TonUna Aubrey C. Bennett, 575! I. Fairroount, Thomas V. Voegttls, 1011 E, f.owell. Lewis E. Meeker. 1003 N. Palm No. 8, Harry C. Coverly, 1014 Chaunccy No, H. r. Olney. S26 N. 8th'. Albert J. Nadcan. 4140 E. 4th. Wm. J. Smyth, Florence Hwy. Ktable McLean, 90 N. Church No. W, B. Tannchffl, 3573 S. 12th,. . Joseph Plchone, 220 E. Kelso. Herbert R. Sherman, 722 E, Dr«chm«n. Pe«rl Mclntosh, 71 E. 13th No. 26. John J. Early, 013 N. Jerrie. Huby Hixhtower, 4513 S. 12th., Harnon Beday. 220 W. 22nd No. 1. · Mrs. O. W. Plttman, 3428 E. 3rd. Leland Junker, 3549 N. Country Club. E. D, Peeg, 3036 E. Valencia. Hyman A. Goldberg, 105 S. Longfellow. Hullis Noskcr, 364B',i S. 7th. Wendell E. Hussell, 238 N. 4th. Frances J. Hanealty. 2002 E. Silvosa. James W. Miller. 2126 N. Columbus. C. tt K. Const, Co., 4245 Paseo Grande. Thomas Hortln, 2142 N. Treat. Wendell C. Robinson, 1005 N. Palm No. Herman C. Tetaoln, 3150 E. Flower. Joe Joe A. Ortega? 1511 St, Clair. Silas Adams, 109 E, Lur.a. Tom C. Fleming. 4433 Cooper. Jack L. Lewis, 4613 E. 7th. Wm. H. Erommer. 325 E. Pastime. Ark. Motor Service, 154 W. Pennington. Wm. 3. May. 3143 E. 27th. A, H. Montana, 820 E. 37th. Dr. Ira Larsen, 706 N. Country Chib. Bobt. M. Gr«jim. 15.1? N. Santa Rlt». James E. Coote, 6120 S. Fontana. Vivian's Beauty Service, 3416 E. Speed- Way. Ufary Wisely, 1238 E. 9th. Jurrcl D. Rogers, 34C8 E. Bellevue. Lydia M. Pfcffer. 3408 E. Bcllevue. Wm. ,'. Butsch, 1116 E. Adams. Benjamin F. Stroh, 1M2 E. Water, Albert S. Harrlr, 3701 E. 3rd, No. 4. Mrs. Ed Anderson, 830 E. 3rd, No. 42. Harold W. Colder, 362* E. Hardy. Pat Yardlcy, 3445 K. Willard. Wm. A. Hobnes. 117 W. Kentucky. George H. Lowald. 4243 E. 2nd. Anna Muhakfc, 232! E. Lester. Robert Golmstead. 2911 E. 8th. Delia A. Weil. 290 N. Mountain. L. V.'Mulnlx, Catalina Foothills. Corwln Grant, 940 N. Alvemon. Georse Tipescu, 2925 N. Forgeus. Mri. Herman H. Blackncr. 2103 E. 8th. Anna J. Cay. 1005 N, Palrn, No. 8. Roy H. Cook, 4402 E. Speedway. G«llle'ii Rest Haven Motel, J402 Casa Grande. Key Hickey, 6005 E. Speedway. Herman H. Frenz, 3555 N, Los Altos. John Mosaitis. 2806 N. Tucson, No. 6. C. r. Summers* 4041 E, 3rd. C»rt L. Cracker, 28KI E. 6th,- No. ST. LIQUOR LICENSE A P P L I C A T I O N S James F, Bailey, for transfer to hlj name bl license to sell all liduors by packaie now held at Triangle Liquor store, J1H| Eait 22nd rtrcet, by Theodora A. Wltr mnd/ Keams Tierney, j Evelyn M, Foehl, for to»nsftr to her name or wine and beer license at Hacienda (del Sol. Hacienda del Sol road, now owned jby John W. Murphey. Willis v: Hart, for wle ownership o£ ·wine and hcer license «t Quarter Horse lUvern, 4764 South Sixth atfenne. Ann* M. part now holds a half interest. UTILITY CONNECTION* '· Tony Clsncros. 1040 N. 13ti. Earl White, 4518 E. Burns. Melville Moskowltz. 1203 N. Morris. ·Mrs. Leigh Danenbere, 1!0 E. 81h. Jack C. Yarboush, 2738 N, L. Vern. Mrs. Bill Elder, «S K. Rlncon. Lillian Sinclair, 333 S. Alvernon No, St. FREE! HAVE YOG WON ONE VET? Some of the cigarettes ID VENDOMATIC m a c h i have passes, good for a whole carload of people, at these fine drive-in theatres: BILTMORE MIDWAY RODEO

Clipped from
  1. Tucson Daily Citizen,
  2. 03 Dec 1951, Mon,
  3. Page 24

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  • John J. Early, great great grandfather gets a utility hook-up of some sort.

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