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THE lOLA DAILY REOISTER. 1,000 PEOPLE THERE FIRST RACE MEET OF DRIVING CLUB A SUCCESS IN POINT OF ATTENDANCE. One Heat of the Pace Was Spoiled by The Rain—Judge Lease Failed to Take First Money. The opening matinee races of the lola Racing Association held at the park yesterday was a success from nearly every point of view and the directors of the association are well pleased. In the neighborhood of one thousand people attended and they got their money's worth. The rain, of course, came at an inopportune time but It only spoiled one heat in the pacing rice. Several women got tholr hats well soaked but It seemed to only add to the fun. The crowd was a good natured one and ate peanuts, peanuts, pop corn and drank pop and cheered. Even Rowdy Pete was cheered cheered when he was driven before the grand stand. The band was prosent and played between each heat thus do Ing their share towards entertaining. Tlie races were a success socially, hut not so much of a success financially. financially. However the management Is well pleased as the purses oflorod yes ferday were larger lhaii U will he necessary again to offer and another matinee will prol)abIy bo held on .luly 4th. This date has not been decided upon doflnilely hut it Is likely It will be chosen. A meeting of the association association will be held Friday night. The first race pulled off was the 2:20 pace for a purse of $100. Tliero wore four entries: Hllma U., owned by J. F. Wllste, Joe Wadsworlh, own ed by A. Q. StlUwell, Irene Cox. owned owned by .1. L. Salsman. and Judge I>, owned by A. McClanahan. According to the dope which has been going around for the past lew days Judge Lease should have won this race handily handily but the Judge acted very badly yesterday under the harnvDss. breaking breaking a number of times in each lieat and only succeeded in getting away with one heat and second money. The first boat was won by Irene Cox, after Joe Wadsworth had been held in right under the wire. The crowd disapproved disapproved of this very much and it never happened again during the en- lire day. The heat was finished as follows: Irene Cox first; Joe Wadsworth, Wadsworth, second. Judge Lease, third, Hilma Hilma H. fourth. The second heat was a ilandy. Judge Lease and Irene Cox both worked hard and Irene had a hard time taking it. Tlie finishes in this heat were: Irene Cox first; Judge, second; Joe Wadsworth, third and Hilma H.. fourth. The next heat was taken by Judge Lease, thus throwing the race into four heats with a possible five. Judge Lease won this heat after breaking tlireo times and his stock went up consiilor- ably. The finish of this heat was Judge Lease, first, Irene Cox, sacond. Hilma H., fourth and Joe Wadsworth fourth. Irene Cox won the next heat however, putting an end to the race. Judge Lease finished secoml Willi Joe Wadsworth third and Hilma IL. fourth. The time of the heals was 2:2IVL-. IJiliaVj. 2:2;i, 2:21Vi. The three minute trot was not a very Interesting event but the crow<l made lots of fun out of it on aeeoiint of Rowdcy Pete. He was given the hand every time he came arouad. Tliis race was won handily by Marion iMc C.. owned by L. D. ^rontgomcry of this city. J. A. Wheeler's Fleet took .second money and Rowdy Pete third. Rowdy Pete was withdrawn after thj second heat. Marlon Mc. C. won three straights in 2:46V^; 2:47^: and 2:47. This race was for a purse of f.W. The 2:;55 pace was a nice race but it was spoiled by the raiu. There were four entries. Bay Joe, owned by .\. Q .StlMwell. Maude S.. owned by J. S. Bailsman; Lillian W., owned by F. L. WMltse and Felix, owned by .1. Kuntz, of lola and Gas City. Only two heats of this race were pulled off and one of them took place In the driving driving rain. Felix won both of them tak- ng the first in 2::55, and the second in 2:::5V^. The finish of the first heat showed up like this: Felix first. Bay Joe second. Lillian W., third and Maud S., fourth. The .second heat was the prettiest race of the day. All four horses were bunched for the entire mile and there was not a brake n the race. It was hard to tell at any time which horse would finish first but Felix came out with about half a head to spare, Lillian W. pressing pressing him so closely that it was no cinch at any time. Felix had tlie pole in l)oth heats and got off well. Bay Joe finished third in this heat and Maude S. fourth. By this time a hard rain was fall- ng and there was three to five Inches of water runulng down the track like mill race. The owners of the horseso entered for the half mile dash wanted to run. however and Doiig- iflh started them. It was a noVel sight to see four runners starting in so much water and when they came In the riders who were behind had their faces plastered with mud. Don't Walt owned by John Anderson won this dash In .'is with Nellie B. second. Marion Marion P third and Etta May fourth. Etta May fell on the last .rjuarter throwing her rider along the ground for several yards. Neither was hurt, however. This finished the program and the, crowd ducked for town, wet and haii- the that suspended to Mr. for The his .VIr. lola two a won The A

Clipped from
  1. Iola Daily Register And Evening News,
  2. 07 Jun 1905, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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