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Dominique Lanata succession - - - - - s - - - - - a of s of be by be In in ;...
- - - - s - - - - - a of s of be by be In in ; be at be aa. By a E. Girardey & Go. EXTENSIVE AND PEREMPTORY SALE AT AUCTION Of VALUABLE SECOND AND THIRD DIS TRICT PROPERTY." Com prising STORES AND DWELLINGS, etc , ONE, TWO, THREE AND FOUR - STORY BRICK, IN GOOD LOCATIONS. AND UNDER REMUNERATIVE RENTALS. SUCCESSION OF THE LATE DOMINIQUE LANATA. Second District Court for the Parish of Orleans. Nc 33.378. BY CH. GIRARDEY A CO., Auctioneers - Nicholas J Hoey, Auctioneer orttoe, Nc 17 xchaxge Place SaTUKDAf. April 9, 1870, st n o'clock, m .. win be sola at punuo auction, at the Mil - chants' and Auctioneers' s - xciiauge, ou Roval street, between Canal and customhouse st leet s, by virtue and in pursuance of an order from tbe Hon. Louis Dtrvtgneud, Judge ot the Second idsinc Court for the parish of Orleans, rimed Mirli 7. 1870. nnmbenni. 33.378 ou the dia ket of said court, and rendered in the above entitled matter, the following described and valuable property, belonging to the suocos - uon of the late Domltlaue Lanata. deceased, to wit: 1. A CERTAIN LOT OF UROUND iu the f - ecoud District of this citv. in the sq tare bounded by ConU, Royal, Bourbon aud St Louis t treeta, measuring 26 leet 11 Inches and 6 lines front on ConU st reet, by 73 feet 9 inches d - plO, bet wee o parallel lines, together with the use of a couimtu ailey opening on Bourbon street. Together with al. the improvements thereon, comprisiuga three - it cry brica dwelling, known and designated by the no. 79 conu street, ana containing two par - lots and a Lall on the first floor, and three roojis en each of the second stories ; together with a two - story brick bunding, in which are kitchen, eei vants' and other rooms ; yatd paved, hydrant and cistern, and gas throughout. 1 he above nroi ertj la leased until tne nrst ot Octobtr next at the rate of 85 por mvntb, paya ble monthly, and sold subject to said lease. 2. THAT LARUK AND COMFORTABLE THRKK - BTORY BRICK UWELL1HU, No. 284 Rampart, near ltpiaoade street, in tne square bounded by Rani pai t. Burgundy, Hospital and Barracks streets, me iot measures n ieet 1 inch and 6 Hues front on Rampart street, by 67 feet 4 inches and lines depth, bet een p trallel lines. Together wiUi all the improvements f ereon, comprising a comfortable and well arranged three - etory brick dwelling, having a ball anditwo handsome parlors aud dining - room, on tne nrst noor. ana it. roe comrortatue tteo rooms on each of Uie second aud third stories t beside a two story brick rear building, in which are kitchen, bath, and servants, room, cistern, hydrant and gas, yard paved and Uie location one of the pretUest portions of the Second District. The property is at present vacant. 8. THAT ELEGANT AND VERY DESIRA BLE FAMILY RKSIDKNCE, opposite tue Archleplscopal residence, Nc 281 Chartres street, in the square bounded by Chartres, Kuyal, Ur - sulines and Hospital streets. The mansion is ouut on a large lot. measuring ia ieet a, o Unes front on Chartres, 74 feet 9 Inches S lines in the rear 160 feet 1 inch 2 lines depth, between parallel Unes. The improvements comprise a substantially built, raised bnck oottage style of mansion with a basement about ten leet high, a tine wide hall in the oentre. on the malu story, dividing parlors, drawing and din la r - rooms from the sleeping apartments, tbe rear building de - tacnea irom uie main nouse, vara oruameotea with shade trees and shrubbery, and forming one of the most complete and comfortable family residences to be had in the oity. The property is leased unUl the 1st ol October next, at uie rate of f lao per month, ana i25 per montft to the 1st of October. 1S7L, Attached to this pro perty, thirdly described, secured by mortge tneieiu ai deold tnerewitn, are 244 reduced to zu Hiaies of tbe capital stock nf the Citizens' Bank of Louisiana, noon which there is a stock note tor $$&, due 1st September, 1870, payaoie or re newable according to tne cnarter oi saia uanx. Tbe lui chaser will therefore assume the ua," ment of said stock note for $3320. and assume all the responsibility of a stock holder in said Baok. Thee assumpUmts by the purchaser to - be over and above the price of adjudication of said pro perty ana not in aenucnon mereou 4. IHE FOUR - STORY BRICK STORE. COT ner cf 'id Levee and Jefferson streets, in the square bounded by Old Levee, Jeffersou, Chartres and Toulouse streets, measuring 17 feet 2 inches 8 lines front on old Levee street, by a depth aud it out on Jenerson street or ieet, net ween parallel lines; together with the use of an alley - way in tne rear, common to this ana otner property. opening oo Jefferson street. The improvements comprise a large - end well - built four - story brick store and dwelling above, and leased until the 1st or October next, at tne rate ox tun per annum, payable monthly. 6. THK THREE - STORY BRICK STORK Nc 9 Jefferson street, in the square bounded by Jef ferson, Old 1 - evee, Chartres and Toulouse streets, roeaeut lng 24 feet front on Jefferson street, by 68 ftet )l inches in depth, between parallel lines; together with right and use of a common alley way on the side. The improvements comprise a uiree - st ry duck store, aesignaiea Dy tne no. 9 on j eneiOD t tree v. Ken tea at aoo per montn. 6. TWO LOTS OF GROUND in Uie same sou are aa above described, measuring each 17 leet 2 inches 5 lines front on Jeffersou street by t reet ii inches in depth, between parallel lines. together with all the improvements thereon, oompi h - ing. on each lot, a two - story b lck bouse, known anu designated oy tne no. 17 jenerstn street, suitable for stores below and dwelling above. Leased te January 1, 1871, at $j04 per annum. 7. 1 HREE LARGE LOTS OF GROTTND. In the fouate bounded by Jefferson, Chartres, Old 1 evee and St. Peter streets, designated by the numbers s. g and 9. and measuring as follows: Lot No 6 measures 31 feet 3 inches front ou Jef ferson street by 60 feet 3 Unes on side towards Levee street, by 61 feet 3 Inches on Uie line to wards No. 8. Lot No. 8 adjoins fie aboye, and n easures 32 feet 3 Inches on Jefferson street by 61 ft eta inches in depth, between parallel lines. 'I he improvements on the above described lots are two large and well ouut in ree - story buck buildings, having stores below and arranged for dwelling above, and all known by the Nos 10 and : jenerson street. 8. Lot Nc s, adjoining the above dssoribed p operty, measures 30 feet front on Jefferson street, by 61 feet 3 inches deep on the line toward lot N o. 6 and 62 feet 6 inches on the ot ier dl vidins Une toward Chartres street, together with the donble two story brick house, known as Nc 16 Jefferson street. Rented by the mouth at the 1 ate of $60. a tiuH r lots OF GROUND, in the sauare bounded Uy Chartres, Old Levee, Hospital and luuraccs streets, cesignatea oy tne Nos 6,7.8, 9, 10, 1 1, 14 and 15. Lot No. 6 adjoins the nrooeitv f 01 Kiln g Uie corner ot Chartres and Hospital str eta, and measures 22 feet 6 inches front on inarms street, by 105 feet 9 inches and S lines Lu depth between parallel lines; together with the iru prove utents thereon, comprising a two - story brick dwelling. desUrnated by tue No. 298 Char tres street. Rented at Uie rate of C55 per month. 10. Lot Nc 7 measures 22 feet 6 inches front ou Chartres street, by 106 feet 9 Loon es aud 6 lines in depth between parallel lines; ad loins No. s. and has a two - story brick dwelling, known as Nc 300 l l.artres street, for its improvements, Ren tod st ihe rate of VjO ner month. 1 1, 1x1 1 xo. s measures Li ieet s mones rront on Chartres street, by 106 feet 9 leches aud 6 lines lu depth, between parallel lines. The lmpro vemen s fomprite a two - story brick dwelling, knowa a 3u - I'hanree street, rented at the rate of $60 per month. 12. Lot no. 9 measures 22 teet 6 inches front on Cbarties, by 10o feet 9 inch! s 8 lines deptn, between parallel lines. The lmtrovementa com Drise a two storv brick dweUlnsr. and desla - nansd Ly the No. 304 Chartres street, and leased to the 1st octoi er. 1H70. at tne rate 01 tvo per montn. 13. Lot No. 10 measures 22 feet 6 Inches front on r hn res street, by 106 feet 9 Inches 6 - lines in apptn, Dei ween parallel lines; together with the improvements thereon, comprising a two - story urns uwenung, ue - siguaieu. oy too no. aw cuar - trea sneer, rented at tne rate 01 e&o per montn. 14. Lot No. 11 measures 22 feet 6 inches front on Chanrea street, by too feet 9 inches 6 Hues iu depth between parallel Unes ; together with tne improvements thereon, ooranrisina: a two - slorv brick dwelling, designated by the No. 80s Chartres street, rented at the rate of per month 15. Lot Nc 14 measures 23 feet in lnohes front on cnaitres street bv 14T feet 2 inches 6 Une in drptb, between parallel lines ; together with the improvements thereon, comprising a two - story brick dwelling, designated bv the No. JM Char. tree street, and rented at the rate of IjO per month. 16. Lot No. IS measures 23 feet 10 lnohes and 2 lines front on Chartres st - eet by 147 feet 2 lnoh - e and 6 lines, between parallel Unes ; together with the improvements thereon, comprising a two - story brick dwelling, designated by the Mo 318 Chartres street, and leased at the rate of $660 per annum to December 81, 1870. Ihese dwellings are ail retired from thw street,. havlD a each an ornamental front mart rra. wi h wide double front galleries, containing to each cwening a neat parior ana ainingroom to each story brick rear buiMtnjgl attach) d to each main house, having kltcbeu. servants' and ralierv rooms, cisterns, waterwotks, gas, and yard pa you. 17. A CERTAIN LOJ OF GROUND, In tbe secona uisinci 01 wis city, in tne square Denuded by Burtrundv. Ram cart, Br, Peter and Tun. louse streets, measuring 68 feet front on 'Burgundy street, by 127 feet 10 inches 6 lines in depth. between parallel iiuee; togeuier Wlta too lm - piovements thereon, comprising a double one siory unci uouse, aesignateu Dy the Woe. 171 ami 1.3 Burgundy street, rented at the rate of 9QU per mooiB. 18. THE THREE - STORY BRICK STORE, cu. , uu ueTee, uei ween manuevilie ana Mt - rlrnv streets, in the Third - District nf thi. n. in the square bounded by MandevtUe. Mariirnr. Leveo and Chartres streets. Tbe lot measures 21 feet, 8 inches, 6 Lines front on Levee street, by do ieet, u Lucuee, li unes aeep, Dciween paxsilol lines ; rented at the rate of 35 per monto. 19. T f"t.'RTATTM TRIOT tte T Wl .l - n - w , "111. WVU.IV, en the western bank of the Raw of St. Loots, Haniock county, State of MissisiippU and de - enbed as follows: Bounded north by iards belonging to G. C. Monet, wett by land olaL - ned kj Ue btira of JoHn H. Hepkinfieao - , by tbe Bay AUCTION SALES, By a E. Girardey &t' of Ft. Louis, and south by land owned by IB D. Lanata. measuring 27 teet trout on aaM B extend - ng beten parallel Unes running f08so lutet her with all and singula the appurteoAQoes, bemitiavenW and privileges thereunto Brans In or in any wise aunerUiBinav 20 ANOTHER TM.AOT OF LAND In lbs COlintV of H inmrk. ICiaa. tax tiu ai 01 uiw nay of "it. xAais, witmn too swrpof. . ate limits of tne town ot Bbieldsljoro, Biaaaaed and desenbed aw follows, to - wit r On tbe north by land e alined by Adolphe Boulanger, west by land claimed by hwirs ot J ohn H. Hooktas; south by tho land claimed by tho said Adoiphe houiafger. and oast by the Bay of Si titraln Said tract ot land measures U feet front on the Ba) ot St Louia, and sx - tandlng book betweea parallel Unes 70 degrees, west W arnnntn k - olng portion of band conveyed by J. B. Ladarte aod w Lie to iobb B.' Favro. sr togetiitr with aB mA? singular tbo appurtenances, privileges, ate, thei eunto belonging or in anywise appertaining Tbe Chattanooga, Mobile and New Orleans Railroad being in rapid course of oompl ttoo, will bring Uie Bay 01 Mb Louis wlthla two tows' l each of tbe city, and greatly oobanoe tho alno o' tbe above described property, situated tn one of tbe best improved .ectJons ol Shields bore Terms One - third caah, balance at one and two years' credit for notes specially secured by mortgage, on the propeity , bearing eight per cent, pei annum Inters - 1 fiuin the day ot sale until final payment, the mortgage to contain tbo five per cent, attorney's fee clause, blading the, pux - chaetrs to pay in Uie event that tbe notes given in prt pay ment sbou d nave to be sued upon; Uie lmprov entente to be kept Insured by tho pur - charera until the final pay stent of the notes, snd transfer the policies thereof to the veuuors or the holders of Uie notes. Acts ot sale together with tbe United States Internal revenue tramps attached, at tbe expanse of the purchasers, before Magner a Gotteonalkv notsnespuniie. mti2;ap2 td VALUABLE BATTURE PROPERTY, With the Right of Accretion, MRS. JOHN HARRISON ET AL. VS. MAU RICE N. BOWMAN, Curator, etc SUIT IN PARTITION. Second District Court for the Parish ot Osteons No. 82,792, BY C E. GIRARDEY A CO., AudtVmeers Nicholas J. Hoey, Auctioneer - Offloe Nc rT Axchange Place SATURDAY, April a, U70, at 12 o'clock, M., at the Herohanta' nd Anettoueets' xchanire, on Kovai. between Canal and Custom. bouse streets, by virtue ut an order of the Hon' orsble the Second Llstrict t onrt for the pariah of Orleans, rendered in the abve en tided matter on 291 h March, 1899. and signed ad Aprs, Uts, wlU be sold at public auction TWO ChlBTAiN LOTS OK mBTTOITB OF GROUND, situated on the batture of tbo First l istrict of this city, together with tho right ot accretion thereunto b loosing, la the ssuaro bounded by Front, Water, ferpalohore and Henderson streets. Said lots or portions ot gronndl adjoin each other, and, oommenomg at tbo distance of 89 feet 11 lnohes and S Unes from tbo corner of Front and Hende sow St. eets, measure each 22 fet 6 lnohes sit lines front en Front street, and running through the square a depth of 300 feet, have each k front of V feet 5 Lnebes and 6 lines on Water street. Terms of sale one - third oasns the remainder at one and two years' credit. In notes of tbo our - chaser, subdivided to suit the interests involved. ana bearing interest 01 eignt per oent. per annum from date of sale until filial payment, se cured by special mortgage and vendor's Ilea 00 ti e property sold, witu tne penal clause 01 nvo per cent, attorneys zees u event ox journal Welti and to inforoo payment of 'he notes or any of them, and purchasers farther to assume pay. ment over and above the priow ot adjodtoanosv of all taxes on said property tor tho year ISO), snd up to Uie day of sale Acts of sale and United States stamps ok tbav expense of the purchaser before P. CL UuvelUer, q , notary puouc An 1 at the same tjms and place, to effset A oet - Uement ot other interwats, will be sold on the san e terms and conditions ' ' THREE CERTAIN PORTIONS OB LOTS OF GROUND in the asms square a 4 and adjoin ins uie above uescnoea pro perry, ana nsvinr a like light of accretion and measuring together Si feet II inches and 1 line frost on Front eaoot. 82 ieet. 10 inches and 6 linns fronton ater street. bv mo feet in deDth and trout oa Terowtoboro sirtet, and forming the corners ot rerpsichore, Front sna water streets, sua wttn tne nrst mentioned property, forming together a total of 127 feet 10 inches ands lines oa Front street, 127 test 10 inches snd 2 Unes on Water street by ano fees on Terpsichore street, the whole In scoot. lance witn plat 01 survey oy J. a. a nsmeoourt, depnty oity surveyor, dated New Orleans, F ternary 28, 1870, mh27 aoltd BANK, RAILROAD, BT. CHARLES HOTEL ODD FELLOWS' HALL STOCK 3, And INSURANCE SCRIP. For Account of the Succession ot too late Samp - tor Turner. Second DLetiiet Court for the Parish of Oriesas, Nc 29,835. BY OL K. GIRARDEY A CO. N. J. Hoey, Auctioneer - Othue Nc 17 Exchange Place SATl BDAY. April 16, 1870 , it 12 o'clock, M will be sold at pubUc auction, at Uis Merehsnts Aad Ant ti on eers' Exchange, 00 Royal street, betweea Canal and Customhouse streets, by aod in pur - tuanoe of an ordir bom tbe Hon Louis Do - vigneaud. Judge of tho Second ni triot Court for tbe parish of Orleans dated March 28, 1870, and rtDdered in tbe above enUtled matter, tbo follow in described stocks, etc. belouglng to tho estate of the late Bumpter Turutr, dope seed, to Wltr - STOCKS 280 sbares Opelousas and Great Western Raj. road mock. 26 ahai es Odd Fellows' Hall Stock. 7 .. Bank ot Am - rlca Stocs. 30 .. Cltlrens' Bank Stock. 10 .. St Charles Hotel Stock. 20 .. Louisiana Teh u an tepee Stock. 20 .. Pontobartraiii Bail oad Stock. 1 .. Gas Light Oompaay. INbC R A 1 EjbCRI P. Bun Mutual Certificate, 158, No. 1988, 9Mtk low, rnu. 177S, oa 1869, Nc 1290, 1860. Nc 1297, 1860, NC 968, 18SL, Nc 1276, 1861, Nc 1294, 770. ia KO. as. ML Homo leas, ma. ssv 1 11 tercet on the above stock and serin has been paid np to March 22, 1870, terms casn in u. a. Treasury Notes, sps wa SHERIFF SALES. SPLENDID THREE STORY BRICK DWELZr ING HOUSE, IN THE FIRST riSTRICT, AT AUCTION. BY THX SHERIFF. MARTHA JOHN8ON vs. SUCCESSION OF . B. BOBBINS. Second District Court for the Parish, of Orleans, NC 38,53. BY VTBTUEOF AND IN OBKD1ENCE TO an order of sale, rendered February 14, 187s, . by Uie honorable tbe Second District Court tor the Parish ot Orleans, in the matter sf the succession of the Late Blanca Robblaa, Nc X77So( the docket of said court; aaid order being predicated upon tbe deliberations of a family meeting, duly held before A. E. Bleuvenu, notary pubnc, in mis city, on tno iitu 01 r euruary, mt), ana also pursuant to an order of date March 10, 1870. to me uirectea oy tne nonorspie tno xnstnek Court aforesaid, in tho above eutiUed ease, I will proceed to seU St pubiio auction, at the Merchants' and auc Jon eera' Exchange, oa Royal sti eet, between Canal snd Customhouse streets. in uie bmdq insum ui uiia oity, on w a,ix ss DAY, April XX 1870, at It 0'doCk, M, the foUow - ng a esc ri beo property, to wit A CERTAIN LOT OB PORTIOlf OT GROUND, together with all ho bmldtnga - iiiereon, ana au too rtgnts, ways, serviMaos - thereunto belonging, situate In tbo First District of this city, in the square No MO, boTLndeoV by Union, Dry ad ee, (late Pnlllppa) Perdido and Baronne litre, ts. measuring, tn Amerteas) ra tan ure,88 feet 1 Inch front oa Union sttewt, by 90a. f e - 1 9 inches in depth, betweea equal linos: together with the use of sn alley, common to it and the aciotnlDg k. 4 feet vide and 44 feet tat lengtn, taken irom, too siae toward BajroBBsv street, of. the original lot: acquired by tbo do - ceased from T. B. Lee, by an act passed before Walter H, Fetors, late a notary nubile u this city, on the 26th of May, 1862. Tbe DnUdiort and Improvements comprise a splendid three story - brick dwelling house, newly liuilt. No 68 Uniost. stiett, out - houses, etc , gas throughout tbo whole bouse, waterworks, etc Plan will bo oa. exldbitioB seme days previous to tho sale Terms and conditions - Owbslf cash, and tho balance at a credit of twelve months fur a not secured by mortgage, and vendor's privilege, bearing interest at the tato of eight per oent. per annum from date UU paid. The buildl aga to bo insured to their full value, and toe policy of to - troranoo transferred to tbe vendors until tbe fall sndfnal payment of said note; and In case of suit the purchaser of said property to pay alt lawyer's feee - at the rate ot ns - per cent, on tbo amount claimed. The pure baser having thw privilege to pay the whole price of adjudioaUoa cash, THOMAS L. MAXWELL. Sheriff of tho pariah ot Orleans. mhia no spi8 - . ALABAMA LIMB FOB 8ALEI AM OOfj otanUy receiving AlstiaTns Lime, which 1 offer for sals tn lota to srUt tho pitrchssert at tto lowest market prioa. This lame Is superior to all other Lime that io sold here, ana tor eoraietng aard - fuiishtii: aaA soxar iuakiM rar saperiof For sale by BAM'L JAM ISON, Jlf - tt MCkaeiototrNft

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