McIlrath, SF Chron, 23 Aug 1895, p. 5, col 5-6

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McIlrath, SF Chron, 23 Aug 1895, p. 5, col 5-6 - TOOTCtS KfTv JMlSl - w oi go S - r - - c - - 9...
TOOTCtS KfTv JMlSl - w oi go S - r - - c - - 9 S S 4 - - - - HIE liiiiii H RWN iMRATHSAft ENCOUNTER A ORCrij WITH A LCMXtlXiO v pARTY r i - - The Interbceanr Corirespoadent I BadiyiDIsi inreO Abouti tiiePietr tt Darwirif Mcllrath walked IntbaAho Occidental aHotetati an earlyhour Vesterr day morning wth his splendid seal - browh whiskers steeped in gore anda neatly ar ranged row of gashes - and bruises on his disordered countenance Mrjj Mcnfatha appearancerilo theif horrified nighterk was strikingly suggeatlveiif an encounter to VhiOi the war m China was hot aijr - CumstahcenHeiimmedIately sent for all the doctors In the neighborhood and lent Mr Mcllrath his own - assistance in geti ting him to his room Mr McBrath had Just escsiped from ah encounter with several several Olympic Clnbtmembersi and hasufr fered so seyerelyatthelr hands thatXho wants to engage a paid thug to pound them to - apiilp - 5i - Mr Mcllrath arrived from Chicago with bis wife a few weeks ago on bicycles He has started out On a tour of the world as whkC usnSiBhall becertlfiedtbiinby thecomattniooer of Internal Revenue by whom the - bounty shall be dlsbutsedrand no bounty ehallbe allowed or paid to any person - i as af or said on lanyquantity - of sugar Jess than - 590 pvunda - - - i lf MrMondrsonfl motion Drevaus It will - Uke thoquestion of the bounty pay - mentntlreiyut3BfMr Bowlegs bandaJ wmiC tne language oi me act seems id aiveolorfortte claim that the Becrtury otthe Treasufyshould Issue warrantsdl - rectlyori theeertincates of the Commissioner Commissioner of Internal Bevenuelt is pointed out that the language ia thisi approprta - ttorr is identical with that rot the original MeKinley bounty bin which language was not treated either bythe last or the present present r Administration astaktagthose disbursements disbursements out otthe bands of uieregni - lar accounting offlcera of the Government J5TILIi JhtfNXMGilS DEBTi The CorernmetjtJSxpeii - iiioref Ex - - - ewijtheyHeelptsii Washington - August ZL - rb ex - pfidittxreiTbLthe Government for he flrtt - twothlrdsibrtha present month exceeded exceeded therecelptsby ir003233 but ontv 15O0O0Temalns to be paid on aOcount of pensions andJthe - TreasuryofSclals estimate estimate that the deficit wUl be reduceddur - ing the next ten days to about 43000009 The lexcess of expenditurestover receipu laBtmonthwasfe47866 AjDisctlon Betvteen BritlshjanO r - - - AierlcfubJecf - - WASHlSaTOKkJAngust 2i Officials btheStata Departments whenasked lo - dayMi the etbrratlon by Grtaf Britalh that Hawaiis course toward British subjects subjects involved inthejast Insurrection was the the of at He the M 4 and and He of nabob so as of day In fall He for all CSaa l t Mini Mini MxHIKfe DARWIN McILRATII THE GLOBE - OIRDUXG BICVCU3T FEOM CHICAGO WHO WAS TERRIBLY BEATEH - WEDNESDAY XIOHT 1 the corresDondent of the Chicago Inter - Ocean and be has been spending his time in uan Francisco in malting acquaintances and In seeing the sights - of the citr Mr Mcllrath was Introduced in the Olympic Club and on Wednesday evening he was Invited to attend a banquet at the Poodle Dog restaurant by a number of the club ratjmbcrs who have organised themselves into an association which Mr Mcllrath declares sinful In its purposes The ban quet passea on witnout mciaenianu wiui much merriment and after it was all over the Olympians went slumming Mr Mc Ilrath was invited to gtt along and he said that he would Now he is sorry that he spoke At some place in the wanderings of the gay Olympians where bad liquor Is sold a spirit of discontent moved some of the patty They wanted to add a little episode to the evenings adventure by blacking the eyes of the Inter - Ocean eorrpondetit At least this is the way Mr Mcllrath tells it He says he waa engaged in a friendly and gentlemanly discussion with some of the members when one of them without provocation insulted him The friendly discussion seems to have arown out of the fact that four or nve members of the crowd took up a collection for refresh - - ments and then went Into ran adjoining room and spent the money among themselves themselves At any rate there was a dlscusion and It arrew less friendly as It became more con vincing Mr Mcllrath says that one gen - i iieman wno isnot a gentleman peiteq mm with fruit and then lnvltedhim to fight As the - Inter Ocean correspondent is erip - pled In one arm he did not accept the invitation invitation The obstreperous Olympian did not allow the formality of an acceptance to interfere with his fun however and forthwith dlcarded his - oaL Mr Mcllrath Mcllrath was keeping one eye on this person and his other eye on another member of the comnanv whom he susDected - nf evil designs when he declares some one struck him in the back of the head - with tne nanaie oi a cane he same to the floor turn ws susycuis mat as ne aia so some one kicked him in the face with his patent leathers When Mr Mcllrath regained consciousness consciousness the place was deserted He made his way to tHe street summoned somebody somebody and was directed to his hotel where he la now confined to his bed with his face in a sling In addition to a severe gash in the hack of - his head the patient Is suffering from a - severe wound in his left eyewhlch still bleeds at intervals His face is badly bruised and swollen and his ribs on his left side are sore from the kicks whfoh were administered to him while he lay on tne noor unconscious t Mr Mcllrath says he feels like Rotnjr after his persecutors with i a loaded revolver revolver and would do so but for his contract contract with the - Inter - Ocean He - promisespromises promisespromises tobreak even - with the Olympians by seeing them thrashed by some paid thugs before he leaves town V prdperi would affect in any way the claims of the United States made on behalf behalf of certalnVeltiiens inyolvedin the same affair said that as the United States and Great Britain were not working - in conjunction the action or Great liritaln could not bind the United States The rases of - persons claiming United Stages fall on the question whether or not each Individual had a fairtriaL - THE POIIT noYAt tonvJTiCK - - rTT Ats Intimation That It Is Jfot Alt That Jtkhotild Be WASHINGTON August 22 - rnofficlai information received at the NavyJDepart - ment indicates that - the Port Royal dry - d6ck la not yet afl that It should beTand possiDiy if an attempt were made to dock a blgship like the Indiana brother first - class battle ship there might be a great deal of trouble The weak point of the dockls - atthe entraneeand whether It Is due to the soft condition of the soil around the entrance onwme defect In the building building of the dock will not be made plain until ofter the official report of the board which was present at the time the trial was made SANTA VVAS DOPED MOItE - CROOKED Jf ESS 15 BALD - AViyV STABLE Jockey Murihjr - Jtakcs Charsea Which the Californlan Means tonvitlirate f - - - Special Special Dispatch to tbe Chronicle i i SAiaTOGANiY3t Augusta - There promises to beanotber big shake - unln E J Baldwins stable lp a few days and it wuit hot lj - rjrpTlsl ng to learn that the ockeyClub has a case on its hands The causeriottheitroublalwaaJthemlserable perfonnancabfjReyelSanU Anita in - t he Bpencer handicap in which he was dlsr gracefully beaten byj Sir Excess and Sara - gossari - - v - - IsaacfirtirTih - rotii ilio Alr - an ii ii he whofirstwcnC to llriBaldwln arid told him that - he thought thejhorse had been ttinit - Baidwinwa3 bf the same opinion and between - them - tbey startedalltUe7lnves ligation which was uitJtXusafara3 d be learned The Callfornlamilllonalrewenl tohi traicer Samv Hilflreth for an explaha - uw - iucuwer loiununme reason tne colt - had tierforme - rwtrlwikhMn MlTTTilTB W Wtf - CUwIt wT J

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 23 Aug 1895, Fri,
  3. Page 5

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  • McIlrath, SF Chron, 23 Aug 1895, p. 5, col 5-6

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