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 - 0 THANKSGIVING Once again Thanksgiving has...
0 THANKSGIVING Once again Thanksgiving has rolled around-and once again; despite some unfavorable- conditions, our country in general finds much for to' be thankful. There are always silver linings to every The big cloud on our own horizon at present of unemployment. Much has been doiie to alleviate the distress, much is being done, and much will be done. Every city and community is doing- its share to greater or lesser degree; and those who are putting their shoulders to the wheel giving themselves cause for which to be thankful that they can help when help is Olean, as a community, has done a splendid service in providing a fund whereby a considerable number of men can be put to work immediately municipal improvements. Plans for the future are now being worked out by city officials whereby is hoped other and more "regular" projects may be put in hand. Those, however, are for the future. They can not come quickly enough to immediate relief. The scheme that has-been adopt- .ed by city officials in conjunction with a large group of representative citizens has been the of putting a considerable number of men at NOW, and has afforded a great lessening of stress in their homes. This, surely, is something which those who have contributed can look upon with gratification and thankfulness. * * * * So far as the future is concerned, one can forward to it with the calm conviction that these United States constitute the greatest nation on face of the globe. There is nothing that is right and proper that its citizens cannot successfully accomplish if they put their hearts and souls energies into the task. That knowledge, too, is something for which we should be thankful. This beloved country of ours has been through lean times before--and has emerged smiling, confident 'and prosperous. It will do so again. Unmistakable signs are visible that the change already is in progress. And it should not be forgotten that the majority of our people are gainfully employed in enjoyment of regular incomes. The vast in the consumption of gasoline tells a very significant story. It is a time for complete confidence, unbounded optimism--and thankfulness. ' With this thought in mind, we express the that all our readers will spend a happy and Thanksgiving. 0- THANKSGIVING FARE Mention already has been made of the silver linings to industrial clouds. One of them is the undoubted fact that tiiries are not as propitious as they might be, great mass of the public enjoys a bigger purchasing power of the dollar. In other words, prices are lower. For instance, food prices for Thanksgiving year are much lower than they were last year. Turkeys and many of the "fixings" are plentiful, . the prices reflecting the general downward trend due to economic conditions. The drought which did not suit many people has helped the turkey producers, since turkeys thrive in dry weather. Vegetables are plentiful and ' of excellent. quality. Potatoes, apples, onions, cabbage and 'celery are a third or more lower than they last year. Butter is ten per cent.' lower, and eggs show a decided reduction, approximately twenty- five per cent, below last year's prices. Fresh fruits, such as grapefruit, oranges and grapes, show the greatest drop. Retail merchandise of all descriptions, in fact, is selling at prices considerably below those of twelve months ago, It is, as we have ventured suggest before, an excellent time to buy; for

Clipped from
  1. Times Herald,
  2. 26 Nov 1930, Wed,
  3. Page 20

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