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CARDINALS TAKE LEAD IN WORLD SERIES BY WINNING WEDNESDAY 5-1 ^ •.£''• '' ^C^&SJNfcX UU£<££i2/ fff^Jf^ '; THE WEATHER ./East Texas: Partly -.cloudy, colder in northwest part tonight.. Thursday cloudy, THERMOMETER READINGS 8 a. m.....-' 82 | 12 noon 88 9 a. m......: 83 | 1 p. m 89 10 a. m...i. 85 | 2 p. m ^90 11 a. m ',...87| 3 p m...,.-.,.-.,.-.. .90. H Homeof the telly Sun and Semi-WeeRly Marnfng light i?' FULL LEASED WIRE ASSOCIATED PRESS SERVICE r MARKETS AT « GLANOB NEW YORK. Oct. 7.— (AP)—Stocks, heavy; realizing realizing oiincolB early rise. Bonds, Btrong:; mila, utilltloB and Induatrinla nclvnnco. Curb, Irrctrular; reaction follows advance. Foreign Exchanges; Irrcffiilwr: Irrcffiilwr: sterling weak. Cotton, lower; hedge sell- in IT. pro-burnau liciiildalion, - Stifrar, easy; Cuban ••fcellinir. Coffee-, higher; sternly Brazilian marhetH. creased export buying* r^e coun- ady to CHICAGO—Wheat, cnsy; decreased export increimod Uuasinn olfcrinfir. Corn, easy; Inrsre Iry oUcrlnss, increased receipts. Cattle, atoi lower. Hogs, higher. VOL. XXXIIL, NO. 271 CORSICANA, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1931. —FOURTEEN PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS ® ® ® © ® TEXAS UNEMPLOYMENT MEET CALLED GOVERNOR STERLING CALLS CONFERENCE ON UNEMPLOYMENT MEAGER IMPROVEMENT IN SITUATION IS CAUSE OF EXECUTIVE ACTION AUSTIN, Oct. 7.— (#)— 'Governor R. S. Stirling today today issued a call for an unemployment unemployment conference in 'Austin, October 16 and 17. He sent letters to- 100 business business and industrial leaders announcing the meeting but said the session would be open to all citizens of Texas. "Unemployment Is still widespread widespread and presents a serious proMem 'as winter approaches," the. Governor said. "While Texas has not been so hard hit as other other sections, conditions in our state are far from satisfactory. There has been very meager seasonal seasonal improvement in business'and employment conditions and the trend is quite certain to be toward toward a more general state of forced idleness among our industrial industrial workers. Unless some definite definite common plan is worked out and given co-ordinate operation, chaotic conditions may ensue. The question of how best to cope with the situation is at once the concern concern of all our citizens, and none can escape responsibility. The present present situation in both the industrial industrial and agricultural interests In Texas constitutes a challenge to our highest conception of public duty." i The Governor held a conference several days ago with R. B. Gragg, ate labor commissioner, and J. * Lucey of Dallas, msmber of • president Hoover's unemployment commission. - The The Governor said at the meeting meeting he would appoint' a group to be designated as the ecommittee of one hundred to comprise the ^membership of the governor's committee committee for employment to act in an advisory capacity to the com- imlttee recently created by the legislature. _ Mississippi Passes Cotton Cut Measure JACKSON, Miss., Oct. The Mississippi house of representatives representatives passed the Roberts-Sillers Simmons Hitting .A U SI MMO-NS Al Simmons, American league champion slugger, sustained his record in the' fifth game of the world series in Philadelphia today today when he hammered out three hits in four trips to the plate. Boy High School Students Adopt Overall Uniform BENSONVH.LE, 111., Oct. 7.— (/P)— Two hundred and fifty boy students of the Bensonvlllo high school appeared for class room work yesterday attired In overalls. overalls. ^ "It's on account of the depression,' depression,' ' explained a leader of the back-to-ovcralls movement."' They save our pants.'' -One -One boy who arrived without overalls was relieved of his- trousers after a brief struggle and warned to adopt the new garb before coming back to school. Terrell Legion Post Condemned Pro Referendum \ TERRELL,' Oct. 7.—(ff)—American 7.—(ff)—American legion Post No. 162 passed a resolution' here last night condemning condemning the action of the national national body in calling for a referendum referendum on the liquor prohibition NATION'S LEADERS PAYING TRIBUTE AT BIERJF MORROW FUNERAL SETTING FOR STATESMAN AND FINANCIER AS SIMPLE AS HIMSELF ENGLEWOOOD, N. J., Oct. 7.— (/P) —Dignitaries of the nation came to Englewood, a hushed and grief- bowed community, to pay a nation's nation's tribute at the bier of Dwight W, Morrow. The funeral s.etting was as simple simple and quiet as the man himself. There was little ostentation to show that a United States senator senator who in four short years had risen to the heights of statesmanship statesmanship was being 'burled. That was as he would have wished it. The service at the First Presbyterian Presbyterian church at 3 o'clock ^his afternoon was for the public, especially especially the Englewood neighbors among whom Dwight Whitney Morrow was a friend and champion champion for 26' years. Heading the list of national, foreign and diplomatic dignitaries were Calvin Coolidge and Vice President Gharles Curtis, the latter latter representing President Hoover. S-cretary of State Stimson repre- s-nted the diplomatic corps, in which Mr. Morrow served £O brilliantly brilliantly as ambassador to Mexico. Twenty-six United States senators arrived at Newark to attend the services for their colleague. Representative Representative Tilson of Connecticut headed the delegation from the lower house of congress. Flags fluttered everywhere at half, jnast..Englewood .schools and public buildings were -closed by proclamation of Mayor Kitchel, and all business and industry (Continued on page 5). GERMAN PRESIDENT ACCEPTSRESIGNATION CABINETWEDNESDAY CHANCELLOR BRUENING AUTHORIZED AUTHORIZED TO FORM NEW CABINET AT ONCE Hallahan and Martin Turn in Victory Over Athletics by 5 to 1 BY EDWARD J. NEIL Associated Press Sports Writer SHIBE PARK, PHILADELPHIA, PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7.—W—As the sensational Pepper Martin Martin blasted . three hits, one of them a home run, to drive in four runs and tie the world series record of 12 hits in one series, the St. Louis Cardinals, behind Wild Bill Hallahan's sturdy pitching, won the crucial fifth game of the current series, 5 to 1, today and started back to St. LouiS with a 3 to 2 lead in games. SHIBE PARK, PHILADELPHIA, PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7.— (IP)— The sun broke through the clouds over an hour before 'time for the fifth game of the World's series today and chased away the drizzle that had been falling on , the American league playing field 'most of the morning. Gabby Street shook up the St. Louis Cardinal batting order for the fifth game of the World's series, with the Athletics today, lifting the dynamic "Pepper" Martin, Martin, . sensational youngster ...who Is hitting .646 and stolen four bases, to fourth place in the batting, the. clean-up position, taking the place of Jim Bottomley, who was dropped into Martin's old \,plac6j sixth position. The veteran right-hander^ Waite Hoyt, who pitched in six previous World's series for the, was selected to twirl for the Athletics Athletics today against Southpaw Bill Hallahan of the -Cardinals in the fifth game. The line-ups: St. Louis,— Adams, third base; Watkins, right field; Frisch, second second base; Martin, center field; Hafey, left field; Bottomley, first base; Wilson, catcher; Gelbert, short stop; Hallahan, pitcher. Athletics—Bishop, second base; Haas, center field; Cochrane, catcher; Simmons, left field; Foxx, first base; Miller, right field; Box Score St. Louis— AB R H O A E Adams, 3b 1 0 1 0 0 0 High, 3b 4 1 0 2 3 0 Watkins, rf 3 1 0 3 0 0 Frisch, 2b 4 12610 Martin, of 41 3 0 0 0 Hafey, If 4 0 1 1 0 0 Bottomley, Ib „ 4 12710 Wilson, c 4 0 2 7 0 0 Gelbert, ss 4 0 1 1 2 0 Hallahan, p 4 00000 TOTALS „ ....... .36 5 12 27 7 0 Philadelphia— AB Bishop, 2b .........2 McNair, 2b 2 Haas, cf 2 Moore, If 2 Cochrane, c 4 Simmons, If-cf .,..4 Foxx, Ib S Miller, rf 4 Dykes, 3b 4 Williams, ss 4 Hoyt, p 2 Walberg, p , 0 Heving z ....- 1 Rommel, p 0 Boley zz 1 R H O 003 0 0 002 Oil 013 135 028 002 010 012 000 000 000 000 000 1 1 A E 2 U 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 TOTALS 35 1,^02712 0 z—Batted for Walberg "In 8th. zz —Batted for Romm.el in 9th. Score by innings— . St. ...Louis .100 -002 011—5 Philadelphia 000 000 100—1 Summary—Runs batted in—Martin in—Martin 4, Miller, Gelbert. Two base hits—Stoimons, Frisch. Home run —Martin. Stolen base—Watkins. Double plays—Gelbert, Bottomley and Wilson; Bishop a.nd Foxx. Left on base—St. Louis 5, Philadelphia Philadelphia 8. Base on balls—Off Walberg Walberg 1, (Watkins); Hallahan 1 (Foxx). Struck out—By Hoyt, (Hafey); Walberg 2, (Hallahan, High); Hallahan 4, (Haas, Williams, Williams, McNair, Boley). Hits—Off Hoyt 7 in six; Walberg 2 in 2; Rommel 3 in 1. Losing pitcher— Hoyt. Umpires—Klem (NL); Nallin Nallin (AL) first; Stark (NL) second; second; McGow'an (AL) third. Time —1:56. and High ran for Adams. Watkins Watkins up: Watkins filed out to MflYLE AND ALLEN ARRIVE IN TACOMA AFTERJONG TRIP FLYE'RS TELL~EXPERIENCES WHILE EN ROUTE FROM JAPAN TO AMERICA TAGOMA, Wash., Oct. 7.—(IP)— Safe in Tacoma after a flight from Skngway, Alaska, Don Moyle and Cecil Allen told tkday of their experiences while flying over the Bering Sea In an attempt j;0 make a non-stop dash from Japan to America. The California aviators arrived here last night, just a month after after leaving Camushiro Beach Japan. Japan. Moyle said they struck a storm and headwind the first night Ifejit which cut their flying speed lift, around 30 miles an hour. "We flew on through that night and the next day, expecting any minutes to be our last. Funny ,thoughts strike a man at a time like that. I wasn't afraid to die, but—there was a girl down south, my fiancee, and my folks, and I knew how they would worry.'' Moyle said they sighted an island island in the Aleutian chain when they had gasoline left for only about nine hours flying and he landed the plane In a creek valley. valley. "We were there five days,'' he said. "There was • no food, and we were getting weaker all the time. Finally wo made a sling'J shot out of some rubber bands! with a pair of pliers for the crotch, and shot two sea gulls. Cecil Cecil found some mussels when the tide was out, and we had ,a feast and "got back "enough strength to get our motor going.'' They headed for Miano Pilgino, Siberia, and landed by a salmon cannery. The Russians gave them food and clothing. "The only thing wo could get for fuel,'' Moyle said, "was some sorl of stuff they used for thinning paint on the salmon cans, so we loaded upon that and managed to get the motor started.'' 'They flew later to Nome. Bad weather delayed their trip from Alaska to the United States. WIZARD OF ORlNGE NOTICEABLY WEAKER Hit Home Run PEPPER. MARTIN "Pepper" Martin, youthful center fielder for the Cardinals, kept up his sensational hitting in Wednesday's Wednesday's game, getting two singles singles and a home run to tie the world series record of twelve hits. Hoover Program Of Six Points In Nation's Relief (By The Associated Press) 1. Creation , of a ImU-bllllon dollar private credit agency to handle credits imaceptablo to the reserve hartlcs. , 2. Liquidation of some of the frozen assets of Insolvent banks. 3. Appointment of regional bankers committee!) to aid generally generally In credit expansion. 4. Liberalization of thn rules to permit reserve banks to handle handle a wider variety of securities. 5. If necessary, creation of a government crodit agency similar, similar, to the old war-time finance corporation. .0. Strengthening of the resources resources of the federal land banhs to further accommodate the farmer. * Seek Ship-to-Shore Flyers After Crash MAITLAND, N. S., Oct. 7.— (IP) —Canadian authorities, aided by planes and boats chartered by the North German Lloyd Line, searched SIX-POINT PROGRAM PLANNED BY HOOVER AS ECONOMIC CURE it_ NATION'S LATENT BUYING POWER BE SENT" INTO COMMERCIAL CHANNELS , WASHINGTON, Oct. 7, (R*) —A momentous six-pointi program for marshalling the nation's latent buying power power into commercial channels today was laid before the' American people with the unified indorsement of Pres-i ident Hoover and political captains. captains. < It Included llberallzaton of tha government's own rediscount restrictions restrictions to permit acceptance pf certain classes of industrial' securities securities now ineligible; creation 6t a $500,000,000 corporation by private private bankers to handle the frozen paper of Insolvent banks and supply supply some cash soon to hard-pressf- ed depositors, and expansion, ot the federal land bank system to provide more adequate credit accommodations accommodations for agriculture, Placed before a colorful bl-par- tisan conference of congressional leaders last night at the white house, the administration's domestic domestic plan won their support In principle. principle. While congressional action! will be required eventually, to carry carry the program to completion.^no special session is- contemplated. v i The president failed, however, to gain sanctlon_Jor.hlmvto discusp with Premier Laval of France, on. the latter's visit to Washington, this month, extension beyond next June- of the inter-governmental debt moratorium. In one of the flurries of opposition which gave the chief executive an Insight Into congressional floor debate, he waa told that any discussions of this kind with the French pr«mlei> would be on his own responsibility. responsibility. ~ • i Full support of the people for the program was asked by Mr, Hoover. , In making public after midnight the proposals which had brought the democratic and republican, leaders hurrying from all parts ot the country, ho said "foolish alarm'' was delaying the return, of better times. Apprehension Unjustified. ' "The prolongation of. the depression

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