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Christmas Tree - Fenstermacher - O. A CITY CHRISTMAS TREE IS POPULAR NEGK0...
O. A CITY CHRISTMAS TREE IS POPULAR NEGK0 CONFESSES -THAT HE POISONED I HUSBAND AND WIFE ill his .Salli.- r.t^,.;s. cauo la. that h widow at lie negro Ve.-li it ulled di'la.. ' Dec. ID.—Terry > appl eheinied ill Clii- and who then confessed .Mrs.' Klla Wlice'.ocU. of a wealthy white merchant Hand, this i itti'ily, by placing tirds'on in her food, confessei*, today, tie- comity aulboiatiies say, to ' the death nf his widow. ' Ifiggs told the aulliorilies. it. is asserted,.' that he placed poison in a drink he mixed for Wlx'elock. lie said he was )>a)d $2f>0 to slay .Mrs. \Vheeloek. by a person person who was benelielarj surance carried by tin was' employed in the bold as a servant. of 5-1,000 111 woman. woman. I'Jggs Whcelock hou-se- Send Presents To tho An the arc al- the the the one AUTO OWNER BEAT THIS DAMAGE SUIT W. D. Egolf and H. C. Fenstermacher Who Did Such Excellent Work . Last Year Head the Committee Committee On Arrangements Shriners Donate Hall- Churches and Elks To Help •An iiistant and • enthusiastic • re, sponsc has been made to the 'mayor V suggestion that Sluskogee have a city t.'hrisimas tree in Spaulding park, l-'rom all parts of the. tity and from dozens, of people vyjio arc i nthttseil over the l>laii, tvi'ctdionc ' cabs • nave ci.nie to the mayor's, .office or to the TiincH-Dciiiocral voliiiileerinV; support and -assistance lt> the plan, • \V. D. FKOIC was one of the first to 'glVo tljo plaii an enthusiastic in­ dorsement, o "l think it is ;t splendid idea and will do everything that I can to help make it asuccess,*' raid Mr. Egolt. "It's the best way of all." C. 11. J'*enslerinaclier will help with the city's Christinas .tree. AVhen Now York last year held ah but aooi Christmas true . celebratloji uniformed uniformed Coy Scouts were 'among tho ablest assistants • in helping to care for tho crowods and in contributing generally V* the success of the tree. The Boy : Scouts will he asked to help- with, Muskogee's eity tree. This morning definite plans for tha—i tree- were begun with, tho appointment appointment by Mayor .Miller of W. D., Egolf. and C- H, Fonsterniacher iii general . charge of the committee of •arrangements. The 'other committed; names have, not yet been announced. That downtrodden automobile owners owners sometimes are, able to escape from the tolls of the law was proven yesterday yesterday when a superior court jury rendered rendered a verdict in favor of W. N. chiimed fhat "°£^U ^5°ZZ\ ^or ^^r ^^Tr^ ">' macmne KnocKoo ""n , organizations and from' the womehfo clubs will be asked to 'serve and to 1>< lp muko tile Plan a success. ; '•; ' Thli) morning Rev. »Dr. J.. iJ^^f«| •3 'hompson called Mayor Miller's or-f**™ when O'lfourk's off his bicycle while he was riding on East Uroadway in November, 1912. According to the defendant, however, however, Davis was responsible for tho accident in that he, suddenly turned his wheel as the automobile wa'8 bearing bearing down on him from behind. Davis,, sail) he was 'going straight ahead when struck and that ft was not his fault if lie fried to get'out of the way. Attor-" ncys Gibson and-Thurman represented O 'Xiouxk-- MI. to by tho will one. expecting her hero a. Bho on ea<!n. the it- a part the Most Of the Muskogee Business Men Agree To serve Without Pay As a Patriotic Duty For the first time in the history of-! l " u , cu Sluskogee county and probably lor the first time in Oklahoma, a jury was secured this morning whose members agreed to serve without pay. After explaining to an open venire cf about forty men that the county court 's funds could not be drawn on wftn- oul draining the amount set- ustae tor lhe. salaries of the judges and court attaches, Superior Court Judge'Sic- Cain asked all those who would be willing io serve without exacting ' tb,»' customary fee to stand. All. but a.j bare half dozen jumped to their fcet^ and within a few moment* the wheels of justh e continued on their daily | *'' flee and proffered assistance. ln.-ani|^J way possible. • , . '•' ' * *'I am heartily in favor of the plan /*5s^ •.aid Dr.'Thompson and want to bellU 1 urn willing to do anything In my power to help make it ai success. Vive mo sonietbiiuj- to do. . : I want' i'f work for It." ' . J- Dr. Thompson will be asked serve on tho committee. ,4*? "It is a beautiful idea and tui fdeat,r* way, 1 Ciink, ot holding a ChrisUna«. "'' celebration^" said Mrs. W. C. Jack£ga son. "J v.-iil do anything that I can io help." The Shriners at a meeting - held.,Tuesday held.,Tuesday night donated the use Conventioi) Hall for tho Christmas'^ I tree, so that if Christmas evo is •tddJ:|f ! disagreeable to permit , the ceiebiTB.»->'<] j tion to be held out of ? doors tnisf«| j Christmas tree can be erected in Coh'^jJ , ventiol 'Hall .and the program car-»^f* tried out there. ' '...;,. • It hits been suggested that a pro j giam of Clirltmas carols will adit: to the enjoyment of • the - treifeq- ur.d several Muskogee singers JtoVft^ volunteered to assist with the music; One class of ' boys in the Sunday; . school if Bethany PresbyterlttnK^ church volunteered 'this ihornIi>^V:|, through their teacher to help in-ai>3t^| way ooHsible anil are enthusiuSi, v over the plan. " ' " r The cedar trees at Spaulding pat*'" 5 ,-iro too closely grouped to be used; for the Christmas tree., f.'ommlsslon- cr Patterson suggested "this morning grind. Even ihost- wlio. refused '.<» stand later told the court that they would be clad to serve aflei llie rush of the l.i'.li'day Kcijiioii. Most of those, etiosett with eiiin of affairs'and. Judge Slc- Ciiin «aid he was parileOfurly gratified gratified dial their public spirit was ot .'.'»h proportions thai th'-y would s'-i aside their work for 'a few weeks for the benefit', of the county.. ( The action of these public spirited . i itizi nr." said th(( judge, -'will save Ulie county the haxdliatiou of closing WORLD! [tl M, ^^n^^X.; ^^n^^X.; li-oiiti-d <'kni'i!gee coin ty recently tne that "Uncle Bill" Herring, of the street department be nominated %ii%M take' a wagon and men and bring In a huge.cedar tree for the. occasion. If anyone living near Muskbgeo has a I >ig cedar tree, to donate for the clly*s ('hristnuiM tree and will telephone tho »M city hnli or the Times-Democrat tlw' offer will be gratefully accepted. >[ The phins for the Christmas tree are crystallising. rapidly. It vis thought that the celebration will tn- i elude :i lingo Christmas tree, npprop- j riately decorated' and placed in utt: open space, in- Spaulding p.-trk' whtiv • everyone will have a'.chance to se« 'and There will he a pro? ,g/ani of Chrl«tma;< songs and carol* land-a ''hrtslmas treat for the' chil- j dreii. 'The mayor's Fourth of July. treat given the children at Spaulding ,j ' judges did acturhy adjourti louri and I fcrk was one. of the indet successful <-<'ei, th" mis and el' ctrlelty was mm- j '-'-'I'-'brtttlons ever h<ld here and it fs j'd on. If I had had to do the same' expected that the Christmas free Will I ildng I doii'l know where the ljii«i- j i»<;6f the court v/'ould have ended I"- far 'more of a success than the mid-summer event. .

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  2. 10 Dec 1913, Wed,
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