Managerial Revolution Name Calling 1943

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Managerial Revolution Name Calling 1943 - a a a a it is Name Calling Won't Help By DAVID...
a a a a it is Name Calling Won't Help By DAVID LAWRENCE WASHINGTON,, July 27—Vice- President Wallace who began the name calling in the 1940 campaign by labelling opponents as "appeas- ers'Vhas now introduced introduced a new epithet, "American "American Fascists." Possibly in preparation preparation for the 1944 campaign. He says: "There are powerful groups who hope to take advantage advantage of the President's President's concen- war effort to de- Totalitarianism is fundamentally a government of men rather than of laws and for ten years that has central theme of New But it would be miscall miscall the New Dealers jeen the Dealism. aken to fascists or communists though among them are some with'fascis- :ic or communistic philosophy in their attitudes toward individual iberty. Name calling is not likely to produce either national unity or understanding. What is more important important is to examine the under- tration on is of I stroy everything he has accomplished accomplished on the domestic front over the last ten years. Some people call these powerful groups 'isolationists,' 'isolationists,' others call them 'reactionaries' 'reactionaries' and still others, seeing them following in European footsteps, call them 'American Fascists'." Mr. Wallace has unwittingly encouraged encouraged the use of definitions of present day philosophies of government government in America. The testimony testimony of Professor Burnham who wrote the widely read book "The Managerial Revolution" is pertinent. pertinent. He says that the New Deal more closely resembles both Fascism Fascism and Communism than it does liberalism or any other truly American American philosophy of government .*.**• As a matter of fact New Dealism has adopted the philosophy of the totalitarian states in brushing aside a written constitution and inventing inventing a system of its own. Today administrative bureaus write regulations regulations that have no derivation from the'statutes passed by Congress. Congress. The Supreme Court is dominated dominated by hand ; picked judges who concur in that philosophy by upholding upholding continuously the right oi administrative bureaus to write law and even supply words which Congress itself, omitted from the statutes^ It was Hitler who ordered -his decide cases on the basis of "prevailing" sentiment" am there are many New Dealers, including including the President himself, who feel that when an election is wot the justices of the.Supreme Courl should ignore minority rights provided for in a'written constitution constitution and must merely follow the election returns as if it were a legislative legislative body. lying philosophies >merglng today and which are it will be found that no single classification embracing the opponents of the President justifies a generaliza- ion. . • '•:'..•". There are many, like the writer, who feel that the President's foreign foreign policy in the last ten years has been wise .and'that the broad strategy leading up to the ,outr break of war and since then ha« been vindicated by events. But this does not mean that one wants to see destroyed everything the President President has accomplished on the domestic domestic front over the last ten years. On the contrary, the social security laws, collective bargaining, bargaining, regulation of investment finance, finance, minimum wage laws anc the .prohibition of child labor are truly liberal in their objectives though in actual administration of these laws there has been caprice and arbitrary action to which the New Deal judges in courts of review review have been blind. There are some "American Fascists"—a Fascists"—a small minority who are more to be pitied than scorned men who even before Hitler came on the scene practiced intolerance and fostered religious bigotry, both in employment and other human relationships. These men are. dl minishing in number as the war brings into view' the equality o: sacrifice on the fields of battle of all Americans irrespective of religion religion or creed. The effort to pin all the .President's opponents in a single group however/ and call them "Fascists" will fail just a. did Mr. Wallace's cry of "appeas ers." This method will be recog nized - as Mr. Roosevelt himself once said as the refuge, of -.those who cannot win the. debate by sheer weight of reasoned argumen but.must resort to name calling Mr. Wallace .-is. too:, broad-giiagec and tolerant an individual' himsel to continue to rely on-such tactics pay of n he ng lie are Jie Jr., day ter for to to '

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  1. The Daily Telegram,
  2. 27 Jul 1943, Tue,
  3. Page 4

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  • Managerial Revolution Name Calling 1943

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