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 - ALL ABOARi ForMullen's Big Picnic. Bounteous...
ALL ABOARi ForMullen's Big Picnic. Bounteous Provisions Are-3Iade For Children and Women. Popular Eighth Ward CouncU-! man Will Give Away Loads of Candy, Ice' Cream, Milk and Lemonade Big Force" of . Committees To Assist. Th.t great annual event, the Eighth Ward family picnic to which so many thousands look forward each year-with eager Interest,, takes place, at , Coney Island on Wedneaday, June 24. All - ar- tangements have been perfected and the usual monster crowds are expectedl' The first .boat, the Island Queen, will leave ; the loot of Broadway at 8 a. ra..' harp, . and a boat will follow every hour there-: after during the day until all the people are hauled to and from Coney Island. TherV will; be given away- free; 3Mt v gallons ; of ice . cream, 20.000 - sticks of candy, 20 barrels ;of. lemonade, and l.VO gallons . pt fresh swWe.t ?milk. -' The milk la donated by? Andrew" J. Reliant commix-sion merchant, of 50 'Wainut street ; "' The following named gentlemen will be In charge of. the various amusement devices, and will look after the wdfar of the women and children on the grounds" ana ai tne boat landings, from the start until the finish of the picnic: Boats- on Landing Eugene Sheridan in , charge. John B. Jennings, James Connelly, Ian Dwyer, Robert Reardon. Louis A rata, Ed Levi.. Joseph Cline, Walter Heiiisheimer, John O'Hara.-John Cotter John Evans. Chas." S. Ludewig, John Dixon. John Long, Peter BIggio. - ' . Ice Cream Thomas - McNamara In ' charge. H. L. Conway. John Reynolds, Pat McKenna. John Welsh. Chas Seifert. John SpiUe, Ed Doherty, Albert Munson Reduced 40 Ponnds! Mrs. A. Laval-. sends two photographs Showing her before and after, a weight reduction of 40 lbs. She writes that she can now go tip and down stairS without puffing like a steam engine, , that she thinks- nothing of taking a rapid walk of several mOes, that she can do her work so much quicker, tier health Is greatly im proved, . complexion clear' and ' she feels like a different per son. ISxb. Laval learned about a safe, pleasant, reliable method of fat reduction - ' which so often succeeds when all else fails.' Any man or woman who wants important Information about reducing weight should write to Dr. H. C Bradford, 20 East 22d SL, " 128 Z. 'ew York, N. Y T'r the free book, free proof treatment and big collection of ' voluntary testimonials that will be sent in plain wrapper.-Those who have tried la vain to ret thin arc-likely to be- surprised and ..delighted Xsf -' aoceptinc this free offer. ; i I Andy Harding. John Hatpin. John.Mee-han. Peter Long, Geo. Brown. Dan Dwyer, John McLaughlin, Jen -Glover. Chas. Kroger. Andy Hesaion, John Corcoran, Thos. Hoaty. Louis Carraro. Milk Charles McKernan n charge: Michael Hogan. Andy Colli na. K. Geh-Hnger. Addison Week. Charles Reule. Joseph Carey. Thomas Wheatley. James McCarthy. , Ben Ott. Michael CarroU. Micheal Harford. T. RJce,' Albert Masten. Joseph Kelly, Ed O. Mallcy, George Lind. John Welsh,, Jr. , Lemonade Charles A. - Zech in charge; Henry Kampe. Gujj Reule. Dan Conners, William Kelly, James Stewart, - Martin Madden. Thomas Flamming. Harry Con- Ion. Michael Giblin. Harry Prey, Haf ry Becker, John O'Hara, Louis Arata. YH Mam Tierney. Charles Conners, ' Fratvjc Murphy, H. Mundell. Joveph Cella.. Dan Doherty, John Ahrens. W.lliam ; Lyons. Walter Heinaheimer. I Water Carriers Michael Ska hill. Jchn Nicholson, Alex Costella. Dan el Hirsch. James Daley. John Daley, Frank Sigfried. The Ball Grounds. Ball Grounds James Connelly In charge: John' Follard. D. J.- Carroll. Ed Holland. Joseph Cline. Ed Beigel. Fred Schales. Louis Rinkenbrger. Charles W. Hunsche, F. C. Schneider, John Connelly. P. J. Muldoon. Patrick Bain. John M. Mullen, Ed Mitchell. Alex Patterson. Frank Duttenhoefer. William Fahrcn-bruck,- Thomas Kane. Dip the Dips, Wiiliam Farrell in charge: Charles Druck. John Long. Robert Cieary, Frank Huesman. Sam Hirst, John Cos-grave, William Flynn, Charles Howden. Robert Reardon. Harry Geers. George Duncan, riick Kane. Pete Daunt, Frank Keating, Sam Redrow. N Circle Swing John Connelly, Sr., in charge: J03. Greve, John Flattyy, Joe Cuneo. John Berger. Jas. Carrigan. Martin McGurn. Oscar Zolg. Flying Dutchman-James Gustin in charge: Adam Cook, - Louis Miller. C. Bradford. John Huber, Wm. Conlon.' Robert Minor, Chas. Lind, T. Donahue. Harry Maloney. Wm. Conners. Cha. Mile, -John Evans, M. Smith,-T. Rice, Wm. Clopper. Thos. Oldham, John Sweitzer. Roller Coaster John Colter in charge: Ed. Levi. Alfred Joskins. John -Dixon. Harold Seifert. Sam Brown, Mosey George, Wm. Cieary, John P. Jennings. Circle Swings Frolic Peter BIggio in charge: Fred Stewart, Arch Ireland, Ed. Mathews. John Gehrins. Chas. O'Connell. Chas. Jackson, Ed. O'Brien. The Electric Auto. Electrie . Auto Chas. S.. Ludewig in charge: Jps. McXally. Theo. . Anders, ban Bauer.5 Chris Donahue. Jesse McDonald. Vaudeville Show Jas. J. ; Casey ' in charge: Mike Dacey. Robert Uricho, C. E. Martin. .' - Moving Picture Show Jaa. McLaughlin in charge: Frank Duttenhoefer, TVed Morsch. Jos. Relchert. Miniature Railroad Wm. E. Schindler In charge: Harry Weaver, Chas. W. Ire land. Orville K. Jones, James Cotter. :, Back Gate Vic Hill in charge of west gate, Myles Roach, in charge of east gate. Frank Woods. .Councilman Michael Mullen, who orlg Inated and 'has successfully , conducted these outings , for the past ten or more years, will be Chairman of the General Committee In Charge, with Edward Hart, Treasurer;. Chas. A. Zech. Secretary William Fairell. Vice Chairman, and the fol lowing members: D. J. Carroll. John P. Jennings,- Chas. Ludwls, ' Eugene -;Sherl dan. Henry Kampe, H. L. Conway' Sam uel Brown, OInton Cowen, Wm. Fenton, William Zech. Thos. McNamara,- Patrick Bain, , Jr.,. John. Cotter, Martin O'Hara. John Kenney,- John Welsh, Dr.- Louis Schwab. John ' Henry, George Klsker, Chas. Mile, Albert - Munson. Sol , Gilsey James Connelly Walter Heinshelmer, Jo- jfepn tiarngan. Patrick Bain. Sr..-A." J. Boeckfnan. Michael McCarthy, Charles Naegelin, 'Louis Pfelffr, Chas. P. 'McKernan. - Patrick McKtnna.' : , ' ' ; . Doctors on Grounds. Dr. Joseph W. Hall, Dr. S. S. Marvin, Dr.' Henry J. Cook. Dr. L. P. Linnls and Dr. Stuart B. Hagen. Lost children will be brought to the clubhouse to the attendant in charge. . The . officials in charge of, the athletic events are to be John Reardon, - Master of Ceremonies; John Mullen, Assistant" Maaterof Ceremonies. . i' .- . ' '. Starting Judge g-Qhaa. . A. '.Zech and D. J. Carroll. : ;' . ; -i ,: ..." ' -. ' : ;'Judges. at . Fjnish Thos. King, Thoa. Hosty and FVed Schneller. -; . -;

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 14 Jun 1914, Sun,
  3. Page 12

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