Diseases (Scrofula and Worms) - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 12-18-1862

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Diseases (Scrofula and Worms)  - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 12-18-1862 - S(6ftila; or King's Eril, it a coiutitutional...
S(6ftila; or King's Eril, it a coiutitutional disease, a corrwptieei of the blood, by-waien tau fluid btcWBtS'TWatea. weak;-and poor. Bemg'in thexirealatioB, if pervades tlie -whole body and laay'barst oat ' In disease on any part of it. No organ is free from its attacks, nor is there one which it may not destroy. The scrofulous taint is' varicwlr caused by mercurial disease, low bring, disordered disordered or unhealthy food, impwre air, fihh ond'filthr habits, the depressingjtices,- and, (1aboTe all.'brthe -venereai infection." Whatever Whatever be its oricin. it is hereditarr in the eon-' . stitution, descciMling" from poreaU to children 4 '..-.- .!.'. J x r" .V . luli t '. . i.'k.-,u .1 r tr:n .-. .r .uniu uk iiiuu nu iuiu n kuriouuh , uiwxu. will.visittheinianitie, of the Ikthers W their children.' Its effects commenee by denoaition from the lilrwv) ftf rnrrmit nr ulemtta matter, which, in. thehmg liver, and internal organs, b termed ttiri.1. in tfw. 1ni1. wrrllinm 1aA on1 the1 trrface,:enrptions or sores. "iaU foul corruption, corruption, which genders in, the blood, depresses, the energies of life, so that scrofulous constitutions' constitutions' not onlr suffer from scrofulous' "com plaints", But they hare ht less power to with- .siana.ine nuacu oi outer aiseases; consequently consequently ast r numbers, perish' br disorders"' ,Lvhich. although not' scrofulous in their nature, are still" rendered, fatal by this" taint 'in the sjrsterq. Most of the consumption which de-C cunates the human family has its origin directly 1 in this scrofulous contamination and many destructive 'diseases of the liver, Sidneys, brain,'' and, indeed, of all the .organs, arise from or, arc aggravated by the same cause. ' "' One quarter qfall our people are scrofulous ; their persons are invaded. M this lurking infection, infection, and their health,u,undermined, by it. To cleanse it from the system ire must renovate -i v j i - . ... 'j: ..i : me oioott uyan uierauTC lucuicuKr, uu iu;. -rs0.rote ..". .V .wpr " anu .-i; aucn a meamne wc,suppiy in ; tJCelfeBrittdma5nS WorfHsSp!efFic, 7a-' 3K M" VERMIFUGE -' . . . Tir ' - In ' I S'siPf OMS.QF. iWPBMS. . .. THE .countenance t,plc f0 . - '1 - J : I i-..j ...;,k vninnal flushes, or aimjcribed'spot on iwe'of IxJth'eheas;, tie . become dull: the pup u uire. I ' 3 -. V -i. rli lower ere- tzure stmicircrc runs along the tower eye "Ud; thsinosc U irnutcd,viwclana sotne- '.'tinjes bleeds; a swelling of ahe upper lip; OCCMtonil - headache, with hurammg - or S&!2SS t . ul. " .... Im-. vnnrinus.'Wlth -anauic, wnii.iiM - regular, t times costive; stool.tHmy ;inoi ltrcquently nneca wim dioou , - ?j 1.-I1.. ..-.,k;,l. i.nii - jtion'oc' grinding of "theF teeth; Mer rJabTeflwt1 nrllv "rrirallV- See . ..- r n a"-5' gvMvi.; ..,.-.., - iijtr" a " Whenever the above"svmptomJ art If vr-- louna 10 t j'mt UT ciom!!y difficvtlOit'- accompattft.'by1 cajionaiiy uiiuiuj-, .Lwvi, -.uf. hrrx(iugh'wughsoTbetimdfyaaWul . .:.... nn-ii ui A Umrhed sleetKWltn T 1 - r I f t a ":, t ( t v - ' I

Clipped from White Cloud Kansas Chief18 Dec 1862, ThuPage 4

White Cloud Kansas Chief (White Cloud, Kansas)18 Dec 1862, ThuPage 4
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  • Diseases (Scrofula and Worms) - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 12-18-1862

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