Destin Man Honored By Memorial Trophy April 15, 1968

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Destin Man Honored By Memorial Trophy April 15, 1968 - tiSdPHV f - the ·'Leonard ^ati^rMltc^^^^...
tiSdPHV f - the ·'Leonard ^ati^rMltc^^^^ Miracle Strip Martin Trohpy" is placed on permanent display at the Destin Chamber of Commerce by (left to right) William L. Marler, Reddin Brunson and Johnson R. Cox. Thetrophy honors the late Hutchinson's accomplishments in promoting development of the Miracle Strip's sport fishing industry. (Hugh Yarber) . . ' - · i · ' ·. Destin Man Honored By Memorial Trophy By Hugh Yarber Daily News Bureau DESTIN--The late Leonard Patrick Hutchinson was honored here last week for his contributions to the development and promotion of the Miracle Strip's sport fishing industry. Hutchinson, former fishing editor of this paper, was remembered as the "Leonard Patrick Hutchinson Memorial Miracle Strip Marlin Trophy" was placed on permanent display in the Destin Chamber of Commerce. Air Show Highlights Doolittle Reunion A gigantic two-hour air show Will highlight the program for the 26th reunion of the famous Doolittle Tokyo Raiders In the .Playground area April 18-20. U.S. Navy' Blue Angels plus aerial demonstratios by three America's leading Individual flying performers will be scheduled. Eleven of the aerial demonstrations will be over the Gulf Meclxo off the Officers Open Mess Beachclub on Santa Rosa Island Saturday morning April The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders whom the show Is dedicated, will be the honored guets. Beginning the air show at 10 a.m., Saturday, will be Bob Hoover in his P-51 Mustang. Aviation enthusiasts will long remeber the outstanding record a;nd performance of the North American built fighter aircraft. '."Following at 10:20 will be a drastic change of aerial tempo Dick Schram, known nationally as the "Flying pfofessor" a'nd his versatile Cub aircraft. A comedy ballet in the air, flying professor act depicts the problems of an absent-minded professor who has learned all his flying from his own book suddenly finds himself in air, but without the valued textbook. Now beginning their 23d year. the world-famous Navy Blue Angels will take the spotlight 10:30. Precision teamwork INDEX 'Amusement 10 Classified 18-19 Comics 11 Crossword 11 Dear Abby 11 Editorials 4 Heloise 7 Obituaries 2 Sports 8-9 Women 6-7 and exacting coordination will be on display as the team performs intricate loops, rolls, and passes in tight twon four, and sixrplane formations. Trailing bright smoke from their supersonic F-ll-A Tiger Jets, the pilots of the diamond formation p e r f o r m routines with their planes separated a scant 36'inches. The precision flight maneuvers of Bill Fornof In his fabulous Grumann F-8-F Bearcat are next on the schedule at 11 a.m. The F-4-F Bearcat Is the l a s t of the propellor-driven fighters built in the. U.S. At one time It held the time-to-climb- record. From a standing' start to 10,000 feet in 92 seconds. Bringing'the show to its zenith will be the world-famous USAF Thunderblrds, known Interna- See SHOW, page 2 Two Injured In Accident A two-car accident on U.S. 98 near the Mary Esther cutoff Sunday night injured .two women. The driver of one car, Marcela Osburn, 38 of 5 Wright Pkwy. was taken to Fort Walton Beach Hospital, where she was treated and released. A passenger in the second vehicle, Mildred Slran, 58, of 322 Hollywood Blvd., was taken to the Eglln AFB Hospital where she was listed in critical condition. According to t h e Florida Highway Patrol, the accident .occured when the Osburn car made an illegal turn on U.S. 98 and was struck by a car driven by John Siran. Mrs. Osbum was charged with turning left into all coming traffic. Reddin Brunson, of Destin, chairman of the committee representing Hutchinson's many friends and fellow citizens here who contributed their time and money to establish the memorial, presided at the ceremony. Brunson said. "The man we honor here did more than anyone else to promote the sport fishing industry of Destin and the entire Miracle Strip. . "He was business manager of the Destin Fishing Rodeo for 12 years, wrote countless articles giving nationwide publicity to the promotion of area recrea- t i o n a 1 attractions especially fishing, and was the leading pioneer in establishing Destin's renowned ' billfishing reputation." "He was one of the originators of the Miracle Strip Marlin Tournament. He also was very active in the M i r a c l e Strip Council's annual Caravan promotional tours and accompanied each of the initial five tours until his death In May. 1966. "Upon the loss of our deeply mourned fellow citizen, a group of his friends decided to establish a suitable memorial. "A commiittee was formed to receive voluntary contributions to permit the establishment of a fitting prmanent tribute in his honor. "The committee decided that a trophy in "hutch's" name, -associated with the Marlin Tournament, would be most appropriate. The trophy was established to annually identify the individual who catches the largest Marlin along the Miracle Strip. "It is designed so that the name of each year's Miracle Strip sport fisherman who lands the largest Marlin, together with the name of the skipper of the boat upon which the fish is landed, will be inscribed upon a brass plate attached to the trophy. Hutchinson retired Ocgt. 31. 1952, from his position as Agent in Charge, Protective Research Section, United States Secret Service. · During World War II, on military leave from the Secret Service, he served more than four years In the Air Force, including a brief tour at Eglin AFB. After retiring, he moved from Washington, D.C. to Destin where he spent his remaining years at his beach home. Stotm Brews Over of Kennedy . J By H. L. SCHWARTZ m - Associated .'Press' Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -- Robert S. McNamara prompted a demand Sunday that he resign as he broke the nonpolitical tradition of: his World Bank presidency to promote presidential hopeful Robert.F.Kennedy. The demand came from Sen. Thriiston B.' Morton, RrKy., .after ^Kennedy campaign headquarters released the text of a television tape in which the former Y secretary of ... defense praised .Kennedy's role in the 1962 Cuban crisis. Although McNamara did not give Kehnedy an outright endorsement, he used such words as "energy, courage, compas : sion and wisdom" in describing the part .played by the New York Democratic senator, who then was attorney general under his Iate 4 broth«r .President John FT Kennedy" ~ " " * " "It was indiscreet at best for a public official dealing in delicate international finance in a period of grave dollar crisis to allow himself to be crassly used in a domestic political campaign," Morton said; Morton, prime mover in efforts to get New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller actively into the Republican racef accused Kennedy of "ruthless and tasteless use of personal friendship, at perhaps dreadful loss-to" McNamara. ' McNamara declined comment. Although no stranger to controversy during his eight innovative years as defense secretary, he has refused' public comment on domestic and international issues since stepping into the World Bank presidency two weeks ago. An aide has explained repeatedly that McNamara feels his position in world finance is to sensitive to permit comment, especially on-domestic affairs. The aide repeated this stand Sunday, but did not say how it squared with McNamara's television comments. There are no regulations barring McNamara from politics. But presidents of the bank trad- tionally have remained aloof and the names of such recent presidents as George Woods and Eugene Black are generally as obscure to the public as their political complexions. World Bank is the commonly used term for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development which finances de- velopment of smaller and poorer nations. More than 100 countries belong. The tape in question is one two featuring McNamara made' in -the past two weeks for the Indiana primary campaign. Kennedy's chief rival 'in the May election is Sen. Eugene McCarthy, D-Minn. McNamara said the smooth working together of various government agencies during the Cuban .missile crisis "was in large part a result of efforts Robert Kennedy." "It was he, acting with his brother's consent, who did so much to organize the effort, monitor the results and assure the completion of work on recommendations to the President were based," McNamara said. , He said also that Robert Kennedy deserves a major share mF~cfeairi6? t h e during the 1961 Berlin crisis. -· Morton, iir a statement, accused Kennedy of "cheap opportunism that is unfortunate in U.S. Senate and would be disastrous in the White House." said McNamara's ''departure from the World Bank, now necessary, is unfortunate." The Morton statement was major development as an Easter calm settled on the politic scene. ' In other developments: --Kennedy and McCarthy spent Easter .at home with families -- Kennedy at suburban MacLean, Va., and McCarthy Washington. Former Vice President Richard Nixon, the GOP frontrunn^r, was described as spending a "private day" but aides declined to reveal his See KENNEDY, page 2 DWI Charge In Car Crash Tony Maltezo of 16 Euchee Circle was charged with driving while intoxicated, following an accident early Sunday morning. According to F o r t Beach police a car driven by David E. Buckingham of 764 N. Beal Pkwy. had stopped for a light at Perry Blvd. and U.S. 98 when Maltezo's car struck him from behind. The Buckingham car was knocked 18 feet forward by the impact, causing an estimated $300 damage. Maltezo's car sustained $100 damage. SRD Approves Destin Bridge By MARILYN HALL The construction of a four- lane bridge at the Destin East Pass has r e p l a c e d the four- laning of State Road 98 from Destin to the Walton County line in the State Road Department five-year program according to SRD board member James Lee. No Charge Filed In Auto Mishap No charges were filed in a rear-end a c c i d e n t on Egln P a r k w a y hear Fort Walton Square late Saturday night. According to Patrolman John Fridley, Fort Walton Beach'Po- lice Department, a car driven by Ann Peterschelka of DeFuniak Springs was forced to stop suddently to avoid another accident, when a car driven by James D. Rathbum of Eglln AFB struck her from behind. · Patrolman FrtdUsy reported that an estimated $75 damage was sustained by the Peters- chelka car and $200 to the one driven by Rathbum. The $1 million project is scheduled for 1968-1969. Lee said the project should be let in November of this year. The estimated cost of construction of the new bridge is $300,000 higher than that of the four-laning of the stretch of Highway 98. Lee said t h a t cost of purchasing r i g h ways, approximately $375.000. was not included in tho construction estimate, so the two projects would actually be comparable in cost. Lee said that the- only other change in the five-year program in Oaloosa County decided upon at a road board meeting Friday was construction of more of Interstate 10 in Okaloosa County. He said the project should begin in May or June. -The SRD is working with Eglin AFB and the Bureau of Federal Roads to four-lane the Camp Pinchot Road. This is in the primary budget. Besides the four-laning of Beal Street, presently underway, there are plans in 19711972 for the four-laning of Racetrack Road at an estimated Of $900.000.

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