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FTJLI. LEASED WIRE SERVICE Support MOBERLY, In Plea for Man Who Kidnaped Her TO I 26. and sales made today PLEA HEARD BY PARK Governor Has No Idea When He Will Act On Girl's Request PLEADS FOR HER OWN PEACE OF M I N 26. --P--Miss Mary McElroy plead- be hanged May 10 for kidnapin Senator i " e r about two years ago. The \ n(:ar] y "two"years ago' I Bought of sending him to his ' ° 3 a " cl "°' made ^mliX^d*TM *"*"* °* Sending Kidnaper to His Doom a 'Nightmare' ceive Preying on Her in JEFFERSON CITY. Mo., April L. the Virtually all legal avenues of I =" j kidnaped her for ,?30,000 ransom SEED DISTRIBUTED FOR 610 GARDENS the by cent a 2 j been j pityi A T I -p D ,.c.,vnc. r-v, e | U /feiSOHS OB names or! quired to Plant Vege- Senate,! tahlpsi for Own TTco or j TM-Dles tor UWn Use you Wednesday Bar. reconsideration a rate decided i escaping the gallows had been Miss McElroy was accompanied! closcd to M oGee when the 26- to Jefferson City bv her father i vear - ol d daughter of H. F. McEl- H. F. McElroy. city manager of i Toy .' cit ' meager of Kansas City, Kansas City. ul photo , .».:·--! -.-- ~ =- .--,_-.,, visited the Governor--in behalf, she said, of both kidnaper and victim. "In pleading for Walter McGee's life, I am pleading for my | own peace of mind," said the tall ! brunette in her formal appeal to j the executive. She was accompanied here by her father, Park Reserves Decision After the McElroy s had spent tain of work to President in Secretary 4 INSPECTORS TO SUPERVISE PLOTS 30 minutes in his private ofice, | to them Governor Park said: "I did not indicate added that ho had "no idea" when j aded that he had "no idea" when | he would act on Miss McElroy's plea. The governor Randolph lief rolls, welfare office All able-bodied now of the come persons on relict, where possible must plant a subsistence garden j if they are to continue receiving ! relief, the relief officials appeared deeply, worried as she and her father left ent the governor's office at noon. The ( take McElroys did not comment on | re ii c f rolls state. Four garden inspectors ... here! their audience with the governor. j A "Nightmare" ; That is the removal have i Miss M cElroy previously had j persons I been nam e d r.o supervise and check ! expressed sympathy for the men I i n «, them jobs, con-1 on s - arcjcos , n lhc counl .y. These | convicted on her testimony a n d 1 " - for morning of , Mr. supervisors win make regular vis- ; hari disclosed the thought of send-| j ]c expected tu-" co the 6 U- gardens bcm- in ? IcGcc to his doom was a , cipalities ^lant^ co r.'£, e sure that aW seeds.; 'n^-htmare preying on h e r , nave been used and that the gar- i ml _ ud - i Tonight's White House confer- den tracts cared for. -* C*l i i * ·*· vj.ijp.ii *· J f » A i l . l , l _ A - i - V U O ^ ^U i-lO. are being;., properly She expressed the belief that ence wil) illcmde 1 no "rnll tnvi-.ji /-.+* t-K.-i I'iiif u « ~ Knn-n | the "full force of the law has been Garden supervisors named arc i emphasized' 1 and that McGec's the , Clyde Howell and S. J. Duffield, j casc would serve as a warning to | both for Moberly, Aubrey Kirby others. the for Higbee and Lloyd Boles foi have HuntsvUle. Should the inspectors I find that seed distributed has not been planted, or that gardens are not being properly cared for, the by local welfare office reserves the From her own standpoint, the girl said if the sentence were carried out, McGee "would even have this advantage; he would not have to think about his execution afterwards." Frank the j right to remove those owners from McGee, the first person in the reUef rol,, . i United States to £ given the Ickes, board; rural business to our onions, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, | beets, two kinds of beans, lima j t.eaiw, peas, two kinds of corn, spinach, swi.=s chard. Later sweet the the ! 'dual gardens planted last year I produced a ;argc quantity of food j , tle |P ccl holtd ^own local reUci '"-"*" i , Seeds distributed for relief gar- | death penalty for kidnaping, is dens include lettuce, radishes. I jail in Kansas City under sentence ' t o be hanged May 10. Division No. 2 of the State Supreme Court refused a rehearing of his appeal yesterday. potato and tomato plants will b available. No community garden is being following letter to" the g'overnor- Her Letter to Governor Miss McElroy presented the attempted here this year. Last "I am asking your clemency for year a tract of 30 acres was "·-'* -- -- planted, but because of the drought it was a failure. About 400 indi- it was- stated. I is- Verdict | j up| Walter sentenced to hang- on May 10. This is the first request I have made as the victim in this case. I mention my role as victim only because, technically, I believe, I am the only one whose right it is to ask for clemency. So far, publicly at least,.! have tried to fill the purely mechanical part of a state's witness. "Walter McGee's trial was primarily important as a test case. The State of Missouri was trying to prove the possibility of giving 1 000 the dcath sentence for kidnaping. ·n. . Tr . ' Tlle sentence was passed by the Damages tO Kansas City ) (Continued On Page Four) ment projects. The announcement must number names "As is of 33-YEAR COURT BATTLE Man Finally Affirmed forming' the

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