Article - Causes of the Decay of National Health - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 5-26-1859

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Article - Causes of the Decay of National Health - White Cloud Kansas Chief - 5-26-1859 - Isffiil anli (bnrimts.i Causes bf the Decay of...
Isffiil anli (bnrimts.i Causes bf the Decay of National Health. Two things are generally conceded, viz: that tho American - women;- are not' as healthy as the Eoropesn ; and that the present generation, especially the women, are not as healthy and vigorous as former former ones. What are tho canses? Not onr cli mate, for that is the same as it was when ; the women of this country were as heal- j thy as the English, bcotch and Irish, and when both sties were aa vigorous as their ancestors or any other people. The chance, then, mnst be owing to changes in our domestic habits and modes of ed- ncation. Some of these will now be indicated. indicated. Nothing so certainly deteriorates and nndcrmines the body, as habitually breathing breathing impure air. : The open fire placet ia kitchens, parlors, bed-rooms and workshops, secured to our ancestors pure and cool air. But at the present day. close stoves and close sleeping-rooms, with no proper ventilation, are debilitating debilitating perhaps nine-tenths of the people, while children are crowded into schools heated with 6toves, and almost never properly ventilated. Four-fifths of all the food and drink taken, are thrown off throngh the lungs and skin. Every pair of lungs vitiates one pint of air at every expiration. That is eqnal to one hogshoad of air each hour for every pair of lungs. No room, then, ean be properly vonti-latod, vonti-latod, that does not receive from without at least one hogshead of air for every pair of lungs. This is always secured by open fire places, buf by a stove almost never. Thus it is that the greater part of this generation hare had every bodily tissue nourished by imperfected blood, thns inducing inducing a delicate or feeble constitution. A second cause of debility is the want of vigorous exercise, especial'y to the musclos of the arms and trunk. In former former days, the children worked with their parents in pure and cool air for several hours a day, and thus exercised the muscles muscles most important to health, especially to female health. Bnt in these days, school children, especially especially the youngest girls, have little I vigorous exercise. And where exercise i is demanded, a walk of a mile or two is ! deemed sufficient, while the exercise of! the mnscles most important to health. is entirely neglected. Thus both sexes, but especially that on which depends tho constitution constitution of tho children, are every year becoming more delicate and sickly. A third cause of national debility, is a change from a simple to a stimulating and luxurious diet. Stimulating food provokes an unnatural appetite. A great variety tempts to excess. Both combine to overload the organs of nutrition, anil the whole organism is strained and overworked overworked to throw off the excess. The more food we cat, nnd tho richer it is, tho more exerciso is needed. But, instead of this, tho people constantly are eating more and exercising less. Meat fs the most stimnlating food thore is, and there is no other nation on earth, whore all classes devonr such quantities of meat, tat, bnttcr, 6ngar, molasses, hot cakes, and hot tea and coffee. And no nation on earth havn such bad teeth, and every other indication of a debilitated constitution. constitution. A fourth cause of national ilcbilitv. is excess in stimulating the brain, unbalanced 'i by exercise and recreation. Fifty years) since, to read. Write and cipher, were all' that were expected out of a College conrse. No daily drilling in hot school-rooms in all manner of sciences, with evening lessons lessons at home. No Sunday lessons; no books for children at every tnrn, both Sundays and week days. There are fifty times as much intellectual stimulus of the brain in childhood, as ever was known in former generations. Then the cares. business and excitements of all kinds, for both men and women, have increased at an equal ratio. Everything is going on nigu Eicam-nressure. iow, tne more the brain is thus stimulated, the greater the need for pnre air, exercise, and seasons seasons for relaxation. But contrary to this. the more the brain is stimulated, the less pnre air and exercise are secured. And so the nervous system is exhausted, and the whole organism becomes delicate or diseased. To use tho words of a medical writer, "the constant exercise of tho brain takes np the chief strength of the system. and consumes it in feeling and thinking. Another cause of general debility, is the fashions of female dress. The stays ot our ancestors were trifles compared with the accumulated enormities that have been practiced on the female form during the last twenty years. The thin covering covering for the upper portion of the spine and vital organs in cold weather, the accu nidation of clothing on the lower por tion, the pressure of tight dresses around the waist, the pressure of whalebones in pointed waists, and the weight as well as the heal of the enormons mass of clothing resting on the hips all these combining with delicate constitutions, have prodnc- ed, sad are increasingly producing, tern nc resoits mat are out ntue known or understood. ! to in &

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White Cloud Kansas Chief (White Cloud, Kansas)26 May 1859, ThuPage 4
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