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 - - - * f * 1 ' * HP 1 _ FRIDAY'S PLAY r • i....
- - * f * 1 ' * HP 1 _ FRIDAY'S PLAY r • i. From the nature -t that the'fight would be a severe one was clear at the crowds of s and predilections for the their two countries No sooner were the doors opened than surge in, to the tastes masters the groups took up boards upon which, the adjourned so it turned out. from the previous day were placed ready for Blackburne had recourse to the steady 1 1 Starting from Board No. 1 uncompromising Giuoco Piano, Q Rooks afterwards, Blackburne had to fight with two At three commenced. the sealed moves were given out play gainst the hands of such a skilful end-game player as It was expected that the match might be drawn. We had >t an even game on the first board, this game being in the hat- He was. however, more than equal to the and of Blackburne. who the adjournment he sealed a fine move which should bring him Atkins was one of the finest end-game players living, to draw, Lawrence and Jackson looked pawn 1 4 * x* may be considered doubtful, but we trusted Mills and Trench ard safe say it. On Boards 2 and 4 both Atkins and Jackson defended the Ruy Lopez with the King's Eianchetto, and both got cramped positions make good these losses, as well as Wainwright. In the m improve their position, and in F ' 4 pid succession an lead consequence, and had a hard time of it all througl they had a heavy task before them next day Lawrence • .• i held his own against his formidable end opponent Barry at Board 3 who beat Tinsley in the first cable match. Mills on Board 5 kept the lead all through against Hymes, and his game, and Locock accepted day, adjournment we had not won a g and am » game other hand • r Trehchard their opponents were left fighting, Mills having his opponent at his mercy. At the seven o'clock only Blackburne, Bel- drawn On the with a draw. Blackburne and their utmost 4 i i-. 4 not accept a victories from draw ' offered Jacobs onBoard 6 had still an even draw which was proposed by his opponent close upon midnight him, and Blackburne ventured upon a subtle manoeuvre was not without risk, and he was rewarded with victory, Locock had a J ment order at the first adj avoid unnece the game, and had a mauvais quart d'heure of Under these unenviable circumstances com missed more) it the struck his colours with the graceful message Kindest and all; hope to meet you at London supreme moment, the right continuation, which would have left him still a tangible advantage, and he had finally to be satisfied with a draw. . ; .. / v : - , •, The following is the game ; Blackburne's victory was received with deafening loss of the match was forgotten in the success of the" favourite. Apparently imperturbable at the chess board, he was visibly moved, by this spontaneous expression of \ m . • t - • i ^ "i the game between Blackburne and Pillsbury on j i Two KNIGHTS' DEFENCE I RUY LOPEZ. (1 C. D. Locock. White. 1. P to K4 2. Ktto KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. Castles 5. P to Q4 6. Bx Kt 7. P x 8. Kt 9. Kt 10. 11.. Kt x-Kt P. Johnston Black. P to K4 \ r h 12^ 13. 14. 15. Q to Kt4 Kt to K4 Q t to QB3 Kt to B3 Kt x P Kt to Q3 KtPx B Kt to Kt2 Kt to B4 B to K2 Ktto K3 QPxKt Castles K to R sq Q to K sq P to KB4' PxP * t Rto Q3 16. PxP e. p. + 1 • 1 • 1 I The best continuation C. D. Locock. White. • 17. Kt to Kt3 18. BtoKt2ch 19. Bx B ch . 20. Q to R4 21. QR to Q sq 22. ^R to Q8 23. R x R ch 24. Q to Q4 ch 25. Q x P 26. QxB 27. Q x P(B3) 28. RtoQ2 29. K to B sq 30. K to K sq 31. Q x P ch Draw P. Tohnsto ' Black. P to KB4 B to B3 RxB R to B sq Q to Kt3 B to Kt2 RxR K x Kt P to B5 P x Kt Q to R4 QxP ch Qto R8 cl PxP K to R sq H 1 . J. H. Blackburne, H.N. Pillsbury. Black. L 1 J. H. Blaqkburne- P to Q3 B to K3 White 1. P to K4 . 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4 4. 5. 6. P x B . 7. Kt to B3 + 8. Castles 9. B to Kt3 10. RPxKt 11. 12. Qto I p x P 13. PtoR3 14. P to K4 , r t ' 15. 16. 17. 18. Qto K3 Kt to KKt5 Q to Kt3 R to B2 ; Q x P ch, K toR sq 29 game d 1 Mr. Locock under st * ^ -m - * L in the text, as he saw w and. ingenious hould have been 28 19. OR White had the better Q to K R x R circumstances selected the variation and •HI T Stonewall to repel a 20. 21; 22. Kt to Q sq 23. RxR 24. KKt to B3 25. Ktto B3 26. PxP Pto K4 Kt to QB3 Ktto B3 Bto B4 B x B •. 1 Castles P to Q3 Kt to QR4 Kt x B Kt to Kt5 P to B4 « Bx P Kt to R3 B to K3 P to R3 B to B2 P to B3 Q. to K2 B to Kt3 RxR R to KB sq R to B3 P x R Kt toB2 Pto KB4 37. 38. 39. 40. it. 42; White Q to B3 P to B4 QP x P Q to B4 QxQ K to B4 H.--N. Pillsbury. Black. Q to K3 P to K5 Q to K4 ch p-xKP Q 06 cb 43. Kx P i Kt to Q5 Kt to B4 11 T - \-i I -4 'I K3 45. K to B5 46. ,P to Kt5 \1. PxP 48. P to Kt6 49. 50. 51.' K to Kt5 52. K to R5 53. KtbKt5 54. KtoKt4 55. >K to R5 56. 57. Kt to R5 ch 58. K to B6 59. Ktto B4 60. * - t l — — h 4 \ I Nos. 9 and 10 stood safe 4 14 27. >P to.KKt4 28. Kt to K4 29. Kt to Kt3 BxP B.to3 sq P to R3 61. K-ro • 62. K to R6 r ,1 ' . t4 / - 63. PxKt. 64. K to Kt5 65. - K to B4 66. Ktto 67; Kt to - . " f \ - number of spectator .it is -***4 ^ • r 1 A 4 h ' f J TobaccbAis 30. KtoKt2 31. P to B3 32: Ktto..R4. 33,- KKt to-^ B5 34. 1' + ' " 1 _ h - \ xB - B X Kt; \ • 36 TOBACCONISTS COMMENGINC-IUustrated ^ Guide (259 pages), 34 Outfitting Cortpany, l^/Euston : road, London. , I^rge^^^ fitted up. Estimates fire* reputation of over half a cehtuiy^ MauaKcr, F r . . " " r H h j j L _ T J -.f t . J ^ J r r . K L F 1 r > 1 r. _ P • r , r 70* K to B2 ^ _^ I t •L : . .^n- */,- F ' T - 1 • f - + HI - T L 14 F H j 4 h r J " P ^ F ^1" -4- 4" -+• V . 1. Kt x P K to B2 Kt to Q6 PxP K to Kt2 Kt to K8 Kt to B6 Ktto Q5ch Kt to 136 ch Kt to Q5 Kt to 156 ch. Ktto'Q 5 Kt x P Kt to Q5 , KtoBsq Kt to B6 Kt to R7 Kt to Ki5 ch Kt to K4 Kt to B2 ch KxP K to K3 P to R5 ,K to'QS K to BS . K to Kt2 K to K5 K to K" Resigns h r h -4 •i . ri J

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 17 Mar 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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