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 - 24 : TH£ WESTMINSTER BUDGET 3CfiaRUAkV 10; 1899...
24 : TH£ WESTMINSTER BUDGET 3CfiaRUAkV 10; 1899 SATURDAY, February 4. At a meeting of the Selection Committee, held.on Wednesday at the British Chess Club, Sir George Newnes in the chair, the following team was chosen to play jn the forthcoming match by cable against America : Atkins, Bellihgham, Blackburne, Burn, Jackson, Jacobs, Lawrence, Locock,'•.Mills,, and Wainwright. Reserves : Trenchard, Walker (Dundee), and Ward. We have received the following letter from Mr. Lasker, who gives his explanation about the incident of his non-appearance at Mr. Chapman's, mentioned in the Westminster Budget of January 27 : To the EDITOR of THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET. SIR,—In the Westminster Budget of January 27, unddr the heading "Our Chess Column," I notice some statements which do not correspond to (with) facts. Of my engagement at Manchester for Thursday, January 12, I had given notice to Mr. Hoffer, who arranged the chess meeting at Donhead House. If the Westminster Budget states the contrary this is a mistake. In fact, the chess meeting at the North Manchester Chess Club had long been arranged before the arrangements for the chess meeting at Donhead had come to a close, and this was the reason why I could not promise to arrive before Friday, January; 13. I left Manchester on Wednesday, but had to break the journey at Bristol, where I stayed the night. Mr. Hofter had told lne that. Mr. Chapman was living at'' Salisbury, and given no further ^particulars. But I found when arriving at Salisbury that Mr. Chapman's name was not Jcnown there, nor contained in the Directory. Only after many inquiries did I find out that a gentleman of this name was living sixteen miles away from Salisbury, at Donhead. •I doubted Whether, that could be the correct address, and sent a telegram to inquire if it was correct or not. I waited more than two hours for reply, which, however, did not arrive, and then left for London. There I found a telegram which had arrived on Thursday morning, giving the correct address of Mr. Chapman and directions how to travel there. I replied in a letter in which I stated the facts substantially .as they are stated above. I have neither before nor afterwards received other telegrams ( or any letters or communications of any kind from Mr. Chapman, as is erroneously stated in your esteemed periodical, which speaks of letters and telegrams. I should be obliged to you if, you would publish this statement, and have the honour to remain •,your obedient servant, EMANUEL LASKER '. Ilotelder Kaiserhof, Berlin, W., (Chess Champion of the World). January 25. " The statement in the Westminster Budget is not a mistake, but perfectly correct, as Mr. Lasker's own letter will prove : \ '.' , [Translatedfrom German.] 24, Montague-street, Russell-square, W.C., 22 XII., 1898. • r Dear II.,—Only yesterday returned from Manchester. Shall, therefore, arrive at ^Salisbury on January 11. Best thanks for the trouble you have taken. Greeting and compliments of the season, - LASKER. It should be mentioned that this was areply to a letter sent to Mr. Lasker .informing him that Mr. Chapman would not postpone the meeting for two •days, but agreed that Mr. Lasker should arrive on the 11th. No further communications were received from Mr. Lasker, nor did he receive any, the matter being considered settled. Mr. Lasker must have forgotten the circumstances, for Manchester was not mentioned at all, but Scotland. The only mistake that occurred in our statement is " letters arid telegrams." Letters should have been singular but telegrams in plural, as there were at least two. .'•/'•.'..": . Mr. Chapman sent a letter with full directions to Mr. Lasker's town address, followed by a telegram, and a telegram to Salisbury, in reply to Mr. Lasker's inquiry. All that Mr. Lasker had to do was to send a wire from Scotland, or Manchester, stating that he would arrive on Thursday night, instead of on Wednesday morning, as agreed. This simple act of courtesy had been omitted, hence the misunderstanding, as. Mr. Lasker's . whereabouts were not known at Tisbury. Further, a telegram having been sent by Mr. Lasker, he should have waited the' reply. Did he know {hat Mr. Chapman would be at home to receive it? As a matter of fact the telegram did arrive an hour or so late, it having had to be forwarded over four miles from the station ; but a reply was immediately despatched. Instead of returning to town, Mr. Lasker, it was thought, would stay at Salisbury "overnight, and at any of the hotels" lie could have obtained full particulars. At the County. Hotel Mr. Chapman and a number of chess players were staying during the Salisbury meeting in the .autumn, and the Crown Hotel, two steps further, is the headquarters of the •Salisbury Chess Club. . ..-.••, , .-. Moreover, the matter would riot have been mentioned at all if a contemporary had not; published a statement which laid the blame upon Mr. Chapman, and knowing'the facts, we thought it our duty to exonerate Mr. Chapman. Otherwise t is no concern,.of anybody whether Mr. Lasker keeps an engagement or not, arid we beg Mr. Lasker to believe that we shohld be very sqrryif h^ivere to think that,.our v remarks were made in to him, an unfriendly spirit. . • North London won & League match against the Spread Eagle Chess Club-on Thursday evening by 15 games to 7. The following ptetty game was played on Tuesday in the Championship Tournament of the City of London Chess Club : RUY LOPEZ. r. F. Lawrence. White, ll P to K4 % Kt to KB3 3; B to Kt5 .4. Castles 5. P to Q4 6. Kt x P 7. B x Kt 3. Kt to QB3 9. P to Kt3 10. B to Kt2 11. Q toQ3 12. QR to Q sq C. J. Wdon. Black. P to K4 • Kt to QB3 Kt to'vB3' PtoQ3 P x P B to Q2 P x B QR to Kt sq B to K2 Castles Kt't'o K sq B to B3 T. F. Lawrence. White. 13. P to m 14. Qx B 15. R to Q3 • 16. Q to Q5'ch ,17. QR5 18. P to B5 . 19. QtoR4 20. Kt toK2 : 21. Kt to B4 22. RtoKt3 23. Kt to Kt6 24. Q x Pch C. J. Woon. ; Black. B x Kt ch P to B3 P.toQB4 k to Rsq Q to.K2 Q toB2 P to B3 Kt to B2 K to Kt sq P to Q4 R to 105 Resigns 8...R to QKt sq could be dispensed with, as Black loses a move with it, because White wduld continue anyhow 9. QKt3 and B to Kt2. 8... B to K2 and Castles rnight therefor'e be played at once with a move in hand, compared with the play in the text. 11...Kt to K sq, with the intention of 12. B to B3, might be looked over, if he had riot parted with this useful Bishopori the next move: But 11. Rto K sq, followed by B to B sq, would be a better defence. 15...P-"to QB4 is again weak, as he drives the Queen into a more attacking position. He should have tried to rerildve Q and B from the masked attack of White's Q arid R instead. Later on the ?ame could not be saved, and although Mr. Lawrence had it all his own way, he deserves 'credit for the elegant way in which he finished the game. PROBLEM NO. 144. By C. W., of Sunbury. .1-. v :•••':"'. BLACK. WHITE. White to play arid mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 143. 1. R to B7, Any move ; 2. Q, R, or Kt mates. IMPERIAL APPLAUSE. The German Emperor is nothing if not original. • But now and then his originality takes the form which might-be said to partake of the nature of a a reversion, to species." It came out rather dramatically the other day when an East Prussian poet, who writes in dialect, was honoured by a comrrand to read some of his verse to the Emperor. As is usual on such occasions, the poet was instructed beforehand, and,by a high Court official, concerning the etiquette, &c, of the audience, and, in a burst of confidence, Count Eulenberg said to the poet, u If the Emperor slaps his thigh with his.right hand, you may take that, as a sign that his Majesty is pleased." Before the rirst poem was recited, slap-bang! the Imperial hand came down in the hoped-for manner, and the poet went away beaming. Have we not all read of the primitive man who relieved his feelings of joy and overflowing in exactly the same manner, with this; difierence only; that the. prehistoric; one .vas minus the garb of civilisation ?' Otherwise the 'dumb show was exactly the same. .,

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 10 Feb 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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