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24 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET FEBRUARY 3, 1899 SATURDAY, January 28. It is announced that an international tournament is being organised under the auspices of the Grand Cercle et Cercle des Echees of Paris, to be held during the Exhibition of 1900 at the rooms of the Cercle. The committee have subscribed 10,000fr. towards the prize fund, and make besides the liberal offer to admit as temporary members to their club all subscribers of lOOfr. The latter offer will swell' the funds considerably, the Grand Cercle, 16, Boulevard Mbntmartre, being one of the best social clubs in Paris. This fin de sihcle' tournament should prove not only the grandest of the century but .the greatest ever held. It cannot be said that the' French have been prompted to this step in a spirit of rivalry to the tournament which is being organised in this country, for they have held two tournaments before—during the Exhibition of 1867 and 1878—and both surpassed every previously held tournament in any country. The Anglo-American Cable Match for the Newnes Trophy, now held by Great Britain, will be played on March 10 and 11 at the Grand Hall, Hotel Cecil. not The League Match between Ludgate Circus and Brixton is cided, two unfinished games having to be adjudicated upon. The present >re, however, is ten to eight—in favour of Ludgate Circus. decided, two unfinished games having to be adjudicat ;r, is ten to eight—in favour of Ludgate " A match the other day between the City of London and the Athenaeum Clubs, twenty boards, was won by the City of London Club by fifteen games to five. The Hastings Chess Club have fixed their annual festival for the middle of March. •• < ' '"• • 1 The following two pretty games, played in the Championship Tournament of the* City of London Chess Club, have been sent to us by the Hon. Sec, upon request of Mr. Herbert Jacobs : ENGLISH OPENING. T. Gibbons. , .White. 1. PtoQB4 2. Kt to QB3 3. P to'Q4 4. Kt to:B3 5. PtoK3 6. B to Q3 7. Castles ' 8. P to Q5 9. B x P 10. Kt.toK5-'j 11. KtxQP 12. Q to Q5 ch 13. B x Kt 14. Q to.Qsq 15.. B to R3 16. Q to B2 17. P t<xB4 18. B to Q2 19. BtoQ7 20. B x Kt Herbert Jacobs. Black. P to KB4 ' Kt to'KB3 P to K3 P to QKt3 B to Kt2 B to K2 . .. Castles: , : PxP P X P Kt to B3 Kt x Kt K to R sq • Kt to R4 B to Q3 Q to K sq Q tb R4 QR to K sq Kt to B3 R to K2 BxB T. Gibbons. White. 21.. QR to K s.q 22.'QtoQ'sq 23. P to Kt3 24. PtoK4 :'• 25. R to B2 26. Q to B3 27. R(B2) to K2 28. KtoRsq '29. P to B5 Kt to Q5 [ ' Kt to B4 P to KKt4 Rto KB sq P to KR4 35. Qto'Kt3 36. R x R 37. K to R2 38.; R x R 39. Resigns 30. 31. 32. 33. 34.' Herbert' Jacobs. Black. R to K3 0 to R5 Q to R6 R to R3 R to K sq R(R3) to K3 B to B4 ch . B to Q5 Rto K4 R to KB sq QxP Q to B2 K 16 Kt sq ' Q to K2 RxP Qx Rch . R x Kt Q to B7 ch In these sort of close games it is better to develop the QB before P to K3, unless White intends to place the QB at Kt2, which Whitedid not intend in this instance, and Black should not have delayed the advance of the QP, as White forestalled him with 8. P to Q5. But White's 9. B x P was not the right continuation ; he should have played 9. P x P, as Black could not retake the QP,with either B or Kt without loss. Black, as a matter of course, had to give.back the pawn plus, immediately by playing 10...Kt to B3 (for had he moved '10... P to Q3j he would have lost the exchange with 11... B to K6), and remained' with the preferable. position, owing to White's undeveloped Queen's side, especially after White's unnecessary 12. Q to Q5 ch." From this' point Black commenced an ingenious counterattack, skilfully conducted right up to the end. White would have; done better with 16. Qto K2, followed by B to Q2 and QR to Q sq, whereas he allowed Black's Q to R4, threatening R to B6, and then R x B. The latter threat compelled White to 17. P to B4, when both the Centre arid the right wing became weakened; 'Black forced^alsoP to KKt3, and P to B5, and then fastened on to the weak KP. It required, however, minute handling, and this Mr."Jacobs accomplished with His well-known skill. It was a very pretty game. • • ; - ... r •. . , . BORD'S PIANOS.— 25 per cent. Discount for Cash, or 14si -6d. per Month (second-hind, 10s 6d. per Month), on'the Three Years' Hire System. Lists iree of C. STILES and CO., 40 and 42, Southampton-row. London, W.C. Pianos exchanged. Herbert Jacobr. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. PtoQ3 5. Kt to Kt5 6. PxP 7. Castles 8. KttoB3 9. Kt to K5 10. PxKt 11. PtoB4 12. B to K3 13. PxB 14. B to B4 .. 15. K to R sq 16. R x Kt 17. BtoKt3 18. B xQ Two KNIGHTS DEFENCE. '. V T. Physick. Herbert Jacobs. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 P to Q3 P to Q4 Kt to R4 P to KR3 P to K6 Kt x B B to Q3 Q to K2 B x Kt Kt to Kt5 Qto B4ch Kt to B7 ch QxR B to Kt5 Bx Q White. 19. Ktto R3 20. Ktto Kt5 • 21. P to KR3 22. Kt to B3 23. B to Kt3 24. RtaKsq 25. P to K6 ch 26. KttoKt5 27. R to Q sq 28. R to Q4 29. P to Q6 30. PxR 31. RtoQ8ch 32. P x P 33. BxP 34. B to B4 35. R to Q7 mate T. Physick. Black. B to Kt5 K to Q2 B to R4 KR toKsq Bto Kt3 Pto KB4 K to B sq Rto K2 B to R4 P to R3 PxKt K to Kt sq Kto R2 PtoKb P to QKt3 P tb K7 4...P to Q3 shuts in the KB and allows 5. Kt to Kt5, therefore 4. ..B to B4 is preferable if a steady defence is the object, otherwise P to Q4 may be played. There is no necessity for White to continue with the violent Kt to Kt5 ; he might quietly develop his pieces, although he gets a fair enough game in the variation selected, if he had continued with 7. Q to K2. His 9. Kt to K5 is not the best move either (he could have played Q to K sq), nor is 14. B to B4, which loses the Exchange. 14 B to Q4 would have saved it. Having the Exchange, Black commences to play weakly with 17...B to Kt5. He could have withdrawn 17...Q to Kt3, or even Q to K6, and the Queens being exchanged, White gets a telling attack, Black's weak move being 17...B to Kt5 instead of B to R4, and 22...KR to K sq instead of QR to K sq. And then the beautiful final combination commenced (after Black got his QR shut in) with 26. Kt to Kt5, White's 29. P to Q6 being particularly pretty and forcing as well. Although Black might have made a better defence he should have lost the game eventually nevertheless. PROBLEM No. 143. By Dr. Torres. '' .,* • • . / BLACK. . . •• WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM No. 142. ,1. R to K4, Any move,; 2. Q, or R to K5 dis ch mates. Mr. Finlayson writes : ~" ~~ " , To m y & re at regret, I see from the Budget that I must inadvertently nave sent you the wrong diagram of mv problem (No. 139). I had jotted StlonT" versions ,°t the idea, and the one you publish admits of other Mr. Schwann writes : "I must apologise for not managing after all to avoid. the_ full effects of Q to.Q4 in my Problem (No. 141). Would you tneretore be so good as to mention that a Black Pawn at QKt3 is necessary to prevent a second solution." . . . •/ fl a w rarely,^ if ever, escapes the scrutiny of our solvers, notably keen critics being Sir Walter .Phillimore, Mr. C..A. Butler, of Chiswick, Dr. J. K. Spender, of Bath, and Philip J. Fernari. -—X—- THE BANK OF ENGLAND'S ROYAL CLIENTS. Much ado is being made by several papers in Vienna over a stipppsed quarrel between the Treasury officials in-London and the administrators of the will of the late Empress of Austria. It appears that the administrators desire to take possession of the iortune : left by her Majesty, and amounting to over £4,000,000, now .deposited with the Bank of England in order to pay the legacies as directed. . The Treasury officials, however, demand payment of the death duties and intend to enforce the demand. 1 his seems to be regarded in Vienna as a breach of international courtesy, and is contrasted with the course adopted at the death of the late Czar, whose bequests, it is said, remained exempt from taxation, lhe Deutsches Volksblatt says this kind of thing will deprive the Bank of England of its best clients

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 03 Feb 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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