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-t 24 THE WESTMFNSTER' "BUDGET J ANGARA' 20, 189§ a • This game was played at Mr. Horace head House, man's chess party, at Don F 41 1 n - - -"k • IRREGULAR KING'S KNIGHT'S OPENING. Wilmot. Atkins who was Burn's SATURDAY , January 14. The meeting at the Craigside Hydro, Llandudno, concluded on Tuesday, or more correctly speaking on Monday, when Atkins lost his game with rous rival till then was thrown back, and his chances of keeping level with Burn, almost, if not quite, out of the question. He also had an adjourned game, with Jones,' and this ending, in a draw put him back to second place t absolutely, so that there was no need to finish his adjourned game with Burn, as the result could'not affect Mr.Burn, who thus retains the Cup which he won last year. J. H. Blackburne, C. D. Locock. White. , 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. Pto B4 4. KttoB3 5. P toQ3 6. B to K3 7. P x B 8. Q to Q2 9. Castles 10. PxP 11. P to KR3 12. B to K2 13. QRtoBsq 14. B to Q sq 15. Kt x Kt 16. Kt to K2 17. Kt to B4 18. R to B2 19. 20. 21. R x R 22. B to K2 KR to B sq Ktx B L. Hoffer, H. W. Tre Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 B to B4 P to Q3 V to B4 B x B Kt to R3 Castles P to B5 RxP R to B sq Kt to Q5 Kt to' B2 B to K3 P x Kt P to B4 Q to K2 KttoK4 R to B2 R x R Q x Kt r P to QKt3 T. H. Blackburne A G. D; Locock. White. 23. P to QKt4 24. R x Rch 25. Q to B4 ch 26. Q x Q ch 27. PtoKt5 28. K to Q2 29. K to K sq 30. P x P ch 31. K to B2 32. P to Kt3ch *• 1 . 33. K to K sq 34. K to Q2. 35. B to B sq 36. P x Pch 37. B to Kt2. ch. 38. B to K4 39. K to K2 40. B to R7 41. B to Kt8 42. A 43. P to QR4 K to B3 44. 3 to Kt3 Hoffer, H. W. Trenchard. Black. R to KB sq K x R Q to B3 PxQ KtoKt2 K to Kt3 P to B4 KxP K to B5 KtoKt4 K to B3 K to K3 P to Q4 K x P K to K3 P to KR3 Kt to B2 K to B3 Kt to K sq K to K4 Drawn The following was the final score A. Burn, H. E. Atkins, first, with 9 points. second, G. E. H. Bellingham,Ythird, G."A. Schott, J fourth, 6 6 1J L J J J 3. P to B4 was played to get the second players " out of the books," but to a certain extent the White allies got out of the books themselves ; for after 14...B to K3, and 15, Kt x Kt Black had the advantage. White remaining with a weak QP; which was being attacked with Kt at ;K4, and this Knight could not be dislodged. With that in view, Black forced exchanges of Rooks after consolidating their Queen's side position with 22...P to QKt3. But having had the intention of exchanging the last remaining pieces, they made the weak 40.;. K to B3 in order to play 41... Kto Kt2 in answer The second class tournament was won by Mr. Clissold first, and to white's 41. B to Kt8. Having, however, discovered at the eleventh Mr. Parry second. Another interesting chess meeting was held during the week at Mr. Horace Chapman's country seat, Donhead House?, Salisbury. Present wefe : j. H. Blackburne, L. Hoffer, CD. Locock, and H. W. Trenchard. Mr. Lasker, who had to fulfil previously arranged engagements for simultaneous play at Glasgow and Edinburgh, promised to arrive at Donhead on Wednesday, but had not. put in an appearance by the appointed time, for reasons unknown at present. Pending Mr. Lasker's arrival some interesting consultation games were played. On Monday : Blackburne and Locock against HofSfer and Trenchard, resulting in a draw. On Tuesday :Locock and Trenchard against Blackburne and Chapman, won by the latter. On Wednesday : Hoffer and Trenchard against Blackburne ^nd Chapman, also dtawii; and on th6 same day ; Blackburne and Chapman against Hoffer and Locock, won by. the former. The last was a very interesting game, having been adjourned till Thursday after lasting six hours, in favour Hoffer and Locock. On Thursday morning, however, they lost a .winning hour (by a curious coincidence this was &bout the time then) that the intended manoeuvre would lose, they had to change tactics, White having improved their position in the meantime. A draw was therefore proposed by Black, and accepted by White, the game having lasted b% hours. PROBLEM NO . 141. By E. B. Schwann. it I 4 -v * 4 position by falling into a clever trap. On afternoon another consultation game was commenced between Blackburne and Chapman against Locock and Trenchard. The following game was played in the tournament of the Craigside Hydro : QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED. A. Burn. White. 1. P to Q4 2. PtoQB4 3. PxP 4. Kt to QB3 5. Pto K3 6. Kt to B3 7. B to K2 r , r 8. Castles 9. Bto Q2 10. Q to B2 11. QR to Q sq 12. P to KR3 13. PtoK4 14. PxB 15. Kt x P 16. KR toKsq G. A. Schott. Black. P to Q4 Kt to KB3 QxP Q to QR4 P to B3 B to Kt5 QKt to Q2 P to K3 Q to Kt3 B to Q3 Qto B2 P to KR4 P to K4 RP x P Kt x Kt Castles QR • F A. Burh. White. r 17. B to K3 18. P x Kt .' 19. P to B4 20. B to Kt4 ch 21. 22. K to B sq. K to K2 23. RxR 24. K x Kt : 25. K to B3 26. R to Q sq 27. Q to Q2 28. QxRch 29. R x Q ch 30. KtoKt4 31. Kt to K2" G. A. Schott. Black. R to R7 QR to R sq P to Kt6 Kt xB R to R8 ch' R x R ch g Kt x B Q to Kt3 ch B to Kt sq Q to B2 R to Q sq OxQ K x R K to K4 Resigns 1 - 1 1 WHITE. 'I F 1 White to play and mate in three moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 140. 1. Q to Kt6 r Any move^'% Kt dis. ch mates; A good deal having been said and written about this game, we have taken the trouble (and pleasure) of examining, it .thoroughly^ and come to the conclusion that the supposed originality of 2...Kt to B3 was simply a mistake, and that Mr. Schott was compelled to make the best of it after- watchine:him:. : from'-a'carriage window i . "SIRKARKA HQOKUM<" ; The Outlook has a igobd story from India. Scene, a railway station on the main line of the East Indian Railway.' A train from Delhi stops ; a tester is going round with his hammer striking the wheels. To him an officer of Roval Engineers who has been / wards. This he did in a highly creditable manner, displaying an amount of ingenuity which deserved to be crowned with success. Mr. Burn did not make the most of his opportunities. First of all lie should not have accepted " Why do youbeatthe wheels:lilce that ?-'' Answer: " Sirkarka hookum. ^ It is the- order of the the offer of a piece with 14. P x B, but simply played 14. PxP, followed by authority. 15. Kt to KKt5, with the better game. The interesting part of the game commences here, and it will be found that BlaCk could^ have won game had he played 15...Bx Kt White coold not capture the because of 16...Q x P winning, and if 16. P to KKt3, then 16...B x QP with a pawn ahead and a powerful attack. Black played very skilfully afterwards and maintained the attack, and he could have still kept it up with better chances of success with 21...B x P ; 22. P B, : Q x P. As pitied White got his King safely to B3, and clearing off pieces he •had ah easily won game. Taking it altogether, however, the game is of unusual interest. But what is the use of so striking the wheels r i E. O. : Answer : " Khodar jani. Hum i-sa thees burrs- si Kurthani, Sirkarka hookum. rf , 4 - knows ! I have been 1 - i> this for years j it is the order of the authority.") 'S • PJANOS.—25 per cent. Discount for Gash, or 14s. 63. per Month (second-hWn^, 10a. M/per Month) on the^ Three gears' Hire System. Lists treeTof GV STILES and CO. 40 and 42/Southampton-row, Loiidon.'W.C. Pianos exchanged; - 4 W

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 20 Jan 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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